Damwon Gaming Worlds Skins Splash

Posted on at 6:16 AM by Aznbeat
New art showing off the Worlds 2020 winning team skins has been previewed during a recent LCK broadcast! Check out the Damwon Gaming World Championship skins, including Twisted Fate, Leona, Jhin, Nidalee, and Kennen!
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Here's the clip from the LCK twitch:

And the full art:

UPDATE: LoL Esports has also tweeted the new art, noting the final splash is coming next week!
[1] "The @DWGKIA World Champion skins are hitting the Rift soon 🌩️ @LCK_Global #LCK"
[2] "...this is just a first peek - final splash coming next week"

Over on reddit, Bellissimoh noted:
"Heard everyone’s feedback last year. This year you’ll be able to get each champions individual chroma through individual champion skin bundles."

UPDATE 4/6: Final splash tweeted!

Look for these skins coming in a future PBE update!

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