Red Post Collection: Ask Riot, Battle Academia Merch, Kindred Story, and more!

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Tonight's red post collection includes the latest edition of Ask Riot, a TFT Mid-Patch update that went out on March 24th, a new Kindred story on the Universe, new Battle Academia Merch now available, and more!

Ask Riot: Is ARAM really random?

A new edition of Ask Riot is out and includes ARAM discussion, how your shop works, and Bilgewater botany.
"Welcome to Ask Riot 

This week, it’s flowers, Your Shop, and ARAM. 
Also, please send us all your questions! Each question helps feed a hungry poro.


Does "Your Shop" randomize what skin you get when you press the button, or is it predetermined? 

The skins in Your Shop are specially picked for you long before you hit that button! We actually dive into the details behind how your offers are selected and personalized in the Tech Blog article Stocking Your Shop with Data Science—check it out if you’d like to know more.
Riot Aryeila, Senior Editor 

What are the flowers like in Bilgewater? If any grow there.    
Bilgewater itself is just one (large and grimy!) city, nestled away in the Serpent Isles. Since the population of paylangi outsiders is crammed in pretty tightly in their wooden shanties, there’s not much room for plants and wildlife—but wild tropical blooms definitely sprout up wherever they can, especially among the ruins of the older Buhru architecture. I imagine you might see particularly colorful lily or lotus flowers, as well as far less pleasant specimens like flytraps, or worse... 
But Bilgewater is a thriving port, and you can usually buy pretty much anything you want, if you have enough coin. I’m not going to actually use the words “black market florist,” but I bet you could find someone in Bilgewater who could hook you up with whatever you’re looking for, even if it takes weeks or months to arrive. Roses from Noxus? Dried spirit blossoms from Ionia? Hop vines from Demacia? All this and more can be yours, for the right price. 
But such things are generally considered pretty frivolous to the average citizen, and it’s probably only the wealthiest ship captains who could ever hope to maintain anything as ostentatious as a garden, in their private residences high, high up above the quays, wharves, and carving bays.
Riot Scathlocke, Narrative Editorial Director


Hello Riot, I have a question regarding the ARAM. Is Champ Select totally random? How do you make sure both teams don't get the same champion, even as people reroll? 
The logic for ARAM’s Champ Select is in a service we call TeamBuilder. The TeamBuilder server knows what champ every player has rolled, what’s on the bench, etc., for both teams. TeamBuilder prevents any player from rolling a champion that someone else has rolled. 
The League client’s Champ Select UI obediently gives you the champion that TeamBuilder tells it to give you. And when you click “Reroll,” the client tells TeamBuilder that you requested a reroll. TeamBuilder determines what champ you rolled, and tells the client, which displays it to you. 
In other words, the whole Champ Select process is server-authoritative. TeamBuilder is in charge. And every roll, reroll, trade, bench swap, and lock-in is transactional. That means it is impossible for two players to, say, reroll the same champion at the same time; TeamBuilder will carefully process one reroll, then the other. 
As for whether it is “totally random,” that depends on what you mean. Everytime you roll or reroll, the champion you get is randomly drawn from the set of available champions that you could roll at that moment, but that set is not random. In set-math terminology, it is: 
((A ∪ C ∪ O) \ R) \ D 
Where A is the set of 65 always-free-to-play ARAM champs, C is the current free-to-play rotation of champs, O is the set of champs you own, R is the set of champs that have been rolled by players on both teams so far, and D is the (hopefully empty) set of disabled champs. In simpler terms… You will always receive a random champion that isn’t already on a team or bench.


The initial 10 rolls follow this process too; at the start of Champ Select, TeamBuilder simply does this once for each player, to determine everyone’s initial champion.


Notably, champs that appeared in previous games, or even queue-dodged champ selects, have no effect on any of this whatsoever. That means it is entirely possible to get a streak of the same champ in different games, or a streak of champs you really like, or a streak of champs you really don’t like. When that happens, it can feel like it is not random, even though it is
So, when your mouse hovers hesitantly above the reroll button, all I can say is, “Good luck!”
Riot Mojibake, Senior Software Engineer"

TFT 3/24 Mid-Patch Update 

The official 11.6 TFT patch notes have been updated with a mid-patch update that went out on March 24th including a few balance changes for Mages, Kayle, Neeko, and Tristana:

"Mid-Patch Updates

Balance Changes March 24th 
Because this is the patch Worlds events will be played on we are taking extra care to make more minor adjustments. We’re reducing the power of starred-up Tristana and Kayle carries as well as the Mage trait, that have all been performing a smidgen too well. The Neeko buff gives her favorite composition, Vanguard-Mystics, a small buff after our Vanguard nerf last patch.
  • Tristana Rapid Fire on hit magic damage: 30/60/90 ⇒ 40/60/80
  • Neeko Blooming Burst Damage: 200/300/400 ⇒ 250/350/450
  • Kayle Divine Ascension wave bonus damage: 100/150/400 ⇒ 100/140/350
  • Mage Bonus Spell Power: 80/105/135% ⇒ 80/105/130% 
Bugfix March 24th
  • Fixed a bug where Veigar’s spell would fail to finish casting if he was stunned mid-cast"

Kindred Story - Finishing Soates

A new story featuring Kindred is now up on the universe! Check out an except from Matt Dunn's Finishing Soates below or head on over to the universe for the full short story!

Finishing Soates
By Matt Dunn
"Tarnold knew the performance was doomed when all his playwright’s tricks were exhausted. His players were lost to performance jitters. Perhaps the text was to blame, or the superstitions surrounding the performance of a dead scribe’s unfinished work, but each mummer had succumbed to one form of unprofessionalism or another.

Artlo, who played a character known only as the Philosopher, wouldn’t stop dying. Each time he pantomimed his last breath in the company of that kindred pair of macabre spirits known as the Lamb and the Wolf, he prolonged his death rattles to the point of absurdity. This time, Nenni had laughed so hard her Lamb’s mask fell off her face. It landed on the ground with a loud crack.

Emile removed his Wolf’s mask. Its sharp, jagged edges were chafing his jowls to pulp. He winced in pain—Tarnold knew he was about to ask for the poultice again."...


  • Here's Riot Jag with a tentative Sona changelist coming in a future patch:
"Hey all, the Summoner's Rift Team's Medium-Scope Champion pod - the crew that most recently looked at Samira, Akali, and Xin Zhao - is taking a look at Sona over the next few patches. 
Preaseason's itemization changes have not been great to Sona. At the same time, she is (1/5) 
supposed to feel rewarded to play with allies, but her current mana restore mechanics are more framed as punishments for not doing that. 
This is a preview of what we're testing (as always, no guarantee this ships): (2/5)
-Mana Refund mechanics removed on Q/W/E and mana costs lowered.
-Removed Ultimate Passive (Basic Ability Cooldown Reduction) (3/5)
-Additional Character Passive :: Resonance - When Sona’s basic abilities help allies or hurt enemies, she stacks permanent Ability Haste for her those abilities, up to a cap. When capped, she will also gain bonus AP. (4/5) 
What we’re hoping for here is to buff Sona and cement her hyperscaling fantasy in a way that doesn’t solely rely on needing lane farm. 

Pass thoughts along to @riot_captain (preferably constructive ones)!(5/5)
  • Here's Scruffy with a tentative preview of 11.7's balance changes:
"11.7 Preview with tentative changes:

A few things may still change but most of the directions are here. Yorick was overdue for some of this work for sure."

Other Games

Wild Rift

  • /dev diary: Patch 2.2 Preview with a ton of info including upcoming champions (Galio, Kha'Zix, Rammus, Renekton, Rengar), unique skin line Stargazer, and more!

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