Red Post Collection: 3/18 Mid-Patch Updates, Small Prestige 2021 Update, & More

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Today's red post collection includes Scruffy's quick gameplay thoughts, some mid-patch updates from 3/18, an new article on Prestige skins for 2021, including a look at more upcoming skins, new Logitech x K/DA merch, updates from other Riot games, and more!
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Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 19

Here's Riot Scruffy's quick gameplay thoughts for March 19 - "Split Pushing Goals.":
"Split Pushing Goals 
Something we’ve been talking about a lot internally is finding ways to enhance the “split push” strategic play and improve its gameplay while we’re at it. Historically split pushing has been both an exciting strategic option that added variety to the overall endgame, but it’s also been sometimes a frustrating and uninteractive strategy that grinds down a losing team without opportunity for them to respond. 
What do we think contributes to healthy split pushing gameplay?
  • Split push allows a solo player to exert pressure - Creating a strategy that allows a team that is generally behind but has a strong solo player to avoid a likely losing 5v5 is a good outlet for skillful comebacks.
  • Attrition is a meaningful element - We wouldn’t want a single duel to decide the outcome of the game for all 10 players, so healthy split pushing is an attrition game. Successful trades or duels gain resources and advantage over time, which can eventually lead to a strong position to win the game.
  • Split pushing enhances strategic play for both teams - The dynamic of 1-4 or 1-3-1 leads to a large amount of different opportunities for map rotations, vision control, and fight sizes. When this is present, we see more diverse champion meta and more skills to master for everyone.
  • An avenue for top lane impact in the late game - Top lane as a position has historically had issues translating early success to a meaningful impact on the team’s late game chances of winning. We think that split push can offer the common fighter and skirmisher picks that you see in top lane a better opportunity to push objectives when they normally struggle in 5v5 fights.

What things would we like to avoid?
  • Pushing without a champion present - We don’t like to support strategies that create objective pressure without champion conflict. Almost all of the skill expression and interest in League’s gameplay comes from the back and forth conflict of champions in various scenarios. So we generally want to ensure that the path to winning involves as much of the best gameplay that we can offer.
  • Pushing without risk or counterplay (usually death) - The biggest cause of uninteractive and frustrating split push is when the solo pusher is too safe. Rotating or all-inning for a kill is an important counter strategy that we want to preserve. In the past we’ve seen this caused by champions with overly strong escape tools, ability to damage the tower from too far away, and vision tools being significantly too available so approaching rotations are always seen.
  • Split pushers have too many strengths without necessary weaknesses - Different champions that split push will have different strengths that they can bring like incredible tower threat (Nasus), strong escapes (Camille), dueling power (Fiora), or global mobility (Shen). When champs operate with too many of these strengths and not enough weakness it can create an unhealthy state where there is no usable counter strategy.
  • Avoiding fights too easily - When a split push is happening, the pressure is on for the defending team to effectively rotate to the pusher or force a successful 4v4 fight. When the pushing team is too effective at disengaging it creates an unhealthy stalemate where slow pressure is applied forever without any action.
We don’t have any solid plans or promises to make yet, but we’re in early exploration on ways to enable split pushing (in the ways we think are good for the game). 
Thanks again for playing with us."

Mid-Patch Updates

A small handful of mid-patch updates went out overnight! Check out the full details from the 11.6 Patch Notes:
"3/18/2021 Xin Zhao Balance Changes and Liandry's Anguish and Control Ward Bugfixes 
Control Wards 
  • FOG OF WAR BUGFIX Fixed a bug where a Ward disabled by a Control Ward would appear to reveal the Fog of War around it
Liandry's Anguish
  • BONUS MAGIC DAMAGE BUGFIX Fixed a bug where Liandry's Anguish's bonus magic damage amplification would apply to monsters and minions
Xin Zhao 
These changes were included in the original patch deploy, but left off of the original Patch 11.6 Notes! 
  • E - AUDACIOUS CHARGE COOLDOWN 12 seconds ⇒ 11 seconds
  • E - AUDACIOUS CHARGE CAST RANGE Increased to 1100 on Challenged targets
  • R - CRESCENT GUARD DURATION 3 seconds (extended by basic attacks and abilities) ⇒ 5 seconds"


Small Prestige 2021 Update

Here's Riot KenAdamsNSA with a more details on Prestige in 2021 - "More champs getting Prestige skins before the rare & exclusive content overhaul." 
"Last November, we announced that we'll be overhauling rare and exclusive content systems, including Prestige, in 2021. Unfortunately, we won't be able to meet our originally announced timeline, but are still aiming to land this update later in the year. That means your Prestige Points will be usable on even more skins, so we've expanded the list of champions receiving one: 
2021 Event Prestige Skins
  • Lunar Beast Fiora
  • Space Groove Lulu (releasing in patch 11.7)
  • Sylas
  • Pantheon
2021 Prestige Point Skins
  • Battle Academia Leona (releasing in patch 11.6)
  • Conqueror Jax
  • Zed (for a previously released skin)
If our timeline changes further, we'll let you know. Otherwise, we'll be back again in a few months to share the full rundown of the rare and exclusive content update!


  • Squad5 noted a Sylas bugfix coming in 11.7:
"I had a few people message me about this - fixed the bug with Sylas R taking away his passive stacks, unfortunately I didn't fix it in time to get it into 11.6 but it will be in the next patch.  
Was a bit of a pain to figure out."
  • Check out this Battle Academia animated trailer from the LoL BR youtube:
  • The latest Prime Gaming loot is now available, with another mystery shard coming March 29th!
  • Missing K/DA? Grab these Logitech x K/DA gaming gear to fill that void! Check out the full collection on the Logitech website!

Other Games

Wild Rift
"With an eye to the heavens, the final major balance and content patch of 2.1 is here. Explore the majesty and might of Targon through three of its most iconic champions: Leona, Diana and Pantheon. Explore their stories in the Path of Ascension event, and pick up some fun rewards along the way. Finally, we’re taking a swing at a couple of powerful midlaners, and nerfing backdoor victories now we’re starting to see organized competitive teams make frequent use of that strategy. 
One more thing: we’re keeping an eye on Katarina’s initial low winrate, but we want to make sure players are adapting to her playstyle and controls before making any changes. Enjoy patch 2.1b!"

Legends of Runeterra
"The Shuriman desert is vast, and we’re making sure we’re prepared for the long trek through it. To that end, Patch 2.4.0 is focused exclusively on bug fixes and miscellaneous quality of life improvements."

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