Red Post Collection: QGT: January 16, League Partner Monthly Grand Prix, & more

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Today's red post collection includes Riot Scruffy's first quick gameplay thoughts of the year, including details on an upcoming Rammus update, monthly League Partner tournaments, as well as details on this weekend's Clash tournament, new Prime Gaming loot, and more!
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Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 15th 

Check out Riot Scruffy's quick gameplay thoughts for January 15th - "Small Rammus Update." 

These posts will often contain talk about future work we're doing, or planning to do, that isn't yet guaranteed to ship. The work or goals could change depending on what we discover, and projects mentioned may get delayed or even stopped. That said, I believe it’s important to share as much as we can even if plans may change. 
Small Rammus Update Coming Soon 
If you watched Wild Rift's section of Season 2021 Opening Day, you saw their plans for bringing Rammus to their game through a freshened up take on this classic champion from the early days of LoL. The Wild Rift and League PC teams share the same core design values so we approach projects like champion updates together so that we can craft the best champions for each game’s needs. With Rammus in particular we collaborated to upgrade the parts of his gameplay that had aged the most while keeping his iconic speedy core intact. 
Generally we want LoL PC and Wild Rift to be as similar as possible, but in the end, we'd rather have differences between League PC and Wild Rift than force one game to use the other's design where it doesn't make sense. Looking at Rammus’s biggest areas for improvement on PC, we put together a small list of changes to keep his core play pattern intact but upgrade some of the spells (like R) that are most under delivering. 
  • Increase gameplay options for Rammus. Give a historically linear character more choices and interactions beyond just running at someone and taunting. Broadening gameplay should also help Rammus out in higher MMRs.
  • Giving Rammus players a distinctive high-point that properly reflects his high-speed fantasy.
  • Aim is to be power-neutral, with the understanding that these new tools probably buff him a bit at high MMR.
  • Improve clarity and satisfaction on both VFX and SFX
(New R)

(New R combo's with Q) 

  • Puncturing Taunt (E)
    • Taunt duration is increased by 250% on monsters.
    • Cooldown :: 12/11.5/11/105/10 >>> 12 at all ranks
    • Taunt Duration :: 1.25-2.25 >>> 1-2 seconds
    • (Trimming some power here to account for his powerful new ultimate)
  • Soaring Slam (R)
    • Rammus leaps into the air and slams down at a target location, dealing magic damage and Slowing enemies for 1 second.
    • If Soaring Slam is cast while Rammus is in Powerball, enemies near the center are also Knocked Up and take Powerball's collision damage, ending Powerball's effect.
    • Rammus also generates 3 additional aftershocks at the target location, each one dealing a small amount of magic damage and refreshing the initial slow.
    • Soaring Slam deals 200% damage to turrets.
    • Soaring Slam's range increased based on Rammus' Move Speed.
    • Cooldown :: 100/80/60 >>> 120/100/80 seconds
We haven’t forgotten about the Tahm Kench small update that we teased a few months back. He’s still in our plans, just taking longer because there is more involved art and sound work to do to make him polished and ship worthy. Thanks for the patience on that one, we’ll update again when it's coming to live. 
Thanks again for playing League with us. Stay safe out there."

League Partner Monthly Grand Prix

Here's Riot Swimbananas with details on monthly LPP tournaments - "Once a month, we are partnering with Battlefy to host an LPP exclusive tournament for our NA and OCE partners."

"As part of the recent League Partner Program Patch, the program is rolling out the Riot Grand Prix! Once a month, we are partnering with Battlefy to host an LPP exclusive tournament for our NA and OCE partners. 
Partners can combine forces and take each other on in this for fun, scrim style, tournament. To celebrate all the games in the program, the tournament rotates every month through the games. December we started with Legends of Runeterra. January is League of Legends. February is Teamfight Tactics. Then, in march we are back to Legends of Runeterra, and so on and so forth. 
In order to register, all participants must be a current member of the NA/OCE League Partner Program. They can play across any game ,even if they are new to that title. Each participant is required to stream during the event. That way, viewers can catch all the action on their favorite streamer’s channel. 
To make things a bit more interesting, Riot is giving out cash prizes for each game. 
Legends of Runeterra/Teamfight Tactics Prizes
  • 1st place: $1,000
  • 2nd place: $500
  • 3rd place: $250
League of Legends Prizes
  • 1st place team: $5,000
  • 2nd place team: $2,500
  • 3rd place team: $1,000
Want to learn how to tune in? Or, are you a college club looking to take inspiration and host your own tournament? Check out the Battlefy Landing page here!"



  • The LoL twitter noted details on eligibility for this weekend's Clash tournament:
"To all Clash contenders: If you haven't placed in ranked for Season 2021 before this weekend's Shadow Isles Cup, we'll use your 2020 rank for eligibility instead! (You'll need to have had a rank in 2020, though.) 
Check the Clash FAQ page for more info"
  • Here's a look at bugfixes that went out this week:
1/8/2021 Seraphine and Ornn Bugfixes 
  • PASSIVE - LIVING FORGE BUGFIX Fixed a bug where Ornn's Syzygy's passive would have no cooldown
  • Q - HIGH NOTE BUGFIX Seraphine can now properly stack Tear of the Goddess and Seraph's Embrace mana charges with this ability 
1/7/2021 Udyr Bugfix

  • SUMMONER SPELL BUGFIX Fixed a bug where the Summoner Spell in Udyr's D-slot would go on a 2 second cooldown every time he uses an ability"
  • Riot Rovient tweeted, looking for opinions on Eternals:
[1] Eternals owners: having looked through the data for all Series 1, some are rare enough that they only tick up even once every 2-3 games on average. How do you feel about those types of Eternals? Really satisfying when you get one? Or so infrequent you forget they exist? 
[2] Some examples: double kills during a Samira Ult. Multi-fear with fiddle ult. Nami ult knocks up 3 champions. Kills with Diana ult. 
[3] If I decided certain eternals are just too rare to be considered good stats (eg: Samira's double kills during ult averages 1 per 5 games), would you mind if the criteria was tuned? Would make a far better Eternal going forward, but your progress so far will have less meaning. 
[4] It would also mean the milestones for that eternal would be adjusted, too. Possible tuning could be: Jhin - max damage grenade hits on champs >>> grenades that hit a champion on the 4th bounce, for example. 
[5] Some changes would be too much of a criteria change to be considered the same Eternal. Those would have to be retired and swapped, which is a whole other conversation (so very unlikely to happen). For example, Kills with Diana ult >>> multi champion hits with ult"
  • While these skins aren't yet on the PBE, splash art for upcoming Lunar Beasts skins were previewed on social media! [1 / 2]
Lunar Beast Annie

Lunar Beast Aphelios

Lunar Beast Alistar

Lunar Beast Fiora

Lunar Beast Jarvan IV
"Patch Preview 11.2 with all tentative changes 
A few additions, and not 100% locked down but we're getting close."

Other Games

Legends of Runeterra
"We’re kicking off the year with the release of Patch 2.0.0, which introduces our first-ever Co-Op vs. AI experience. A new Guardian is also available in the store - it seems to have followed Zoe through one of her portals… 
As mentioned during Season Start 2021, there’s a lot of exciting things coming to Legends of Runeterra in the coming weeks and months. Look forward to the upcoming Champion Expansion release of Aphelios, more information about the mysterious new Region of Shurima, and much more!"

Wild Rift

"Our first patch of 2021 is here with some exciting changes, including a band(le) of new champions! We’re introducing some of Bandle City’s finest to the Rift: Corki, Kennen, Tristana, Lulu, and of course, Teemo. You can follow them on their adventures during our newest event, Yordle Expedition. We’ve also added some handy features like the Party Finder, a new latency indicator, and a slew of other gameplay improvements. 
Finally, get ready to kick off the first official ranked season of Wild Rift and climb to Gold for a brand new reward: Glorious Tryndamere. 
Say hello to the new year and Patch 2.0!"

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