PBE Preview: Ruined & Shan Hai Scrolls Skins

Posted on at 8:20 AM by Aznbeat
New PBE previews are now on Riot social media! They show off skins Ruined skins Draven, Karma, and Shyvana as well as Shan Hai Scrolls skins Cho'Gath, Jhin, Nautilus, and Neeko!
Continue reading for a first look!



Riot KateyKhaos provided turnaround shots for each new skin!

She added:
None of the skins are legendary, no icons or borders. There should be chromas, though!

Riot Hylia also added:
"Karma's PBE preview is a bit bugged; when her Mantra isn't active the shattered statuary in her mantle of decorum floats in three separate pieces behind her, and lock into place and awaken when she activates her ultimate."

Look for more on these skins when they hit the PBE in the 11.2 PBE cycle!

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