PBE Preview: Marauder and Warden

Posted on at 10:26 AM by Aznbeat
A new PBE preview of splash arts are now on Riot social media! Check out the splashes for Marauder Kalista and Kled, and Warden Quinn & Gragas, as well as a turnaround shot for Marauder Xin Zhao! 
Continue reading for a first look!

Check out the four splash arts:

Marauder Kalista

Marauder Kled

Warden Quinn

Warden Gragas


Riot KateyKhaos also provided turnaround shots for each skin, including Marauder Xin Zhao:

Bellisimoh commented on Reddit and noted these skins were priced at 1350 RP:
"Correct these are all 1350s. There are some lines like Warden and Marauder that we think deserve a fair shake at the Epic tier."
Look for more on these skins in the 11.1 PBE cycle!

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