Red Post Collection: Patch 10.24 & TFT Bugfixes, Vladimir Story: Alone, New Merch, & More

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[Added K/DA I'LL SHOW YOU Concept video!]

Tonight's red post collection includes 10.24 hotfix bugfixes and a TFT bugfix that went out, a new Vladimir story on the Universe, the Allstar 2020 lineup, new Prime Gaming LoL loot, new merch and sales, and more!
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Table of Contents

K/DA - I’LL SHOW YOU Concept Video

The last concept video for the K/DA album is now out! Check out the video for I'LL SHOW YOU - "K/DA - I’LL SHOW YOU ft. TWICE, Bekuh BOOM, Annika Wells (Official Concept Video - Starring Ahri)"
"Listen to Ahri’s emotional ode to her journey of perseverance and the true meaning of following your heart. K/DA presents the official concept video for “I’LL SHOW YOU.”"


Patch 10.24 Hotfix Bugfixes

The 10.24 patch notes have been updated with a handful of bugfixes that went out on 11/24:
"11/24/2020 Bugfixes
Dr. Mundo
  • BUGFIX Fixed a bug causing Mundo's Passive - Adrenaline Rush's health regeneration to not work
  • BUGFIX Elise's Spider Q - Venomous Bite now properly deals damage again. Elise has been re-enabled.
  • BUGFIX Gragas' Q - Barrel Roll no longer deals max damage even when uncharged"

Riot Scruffy noted another hotfix for Amumu going out today (11/25): 

"Amumu still looking like a big outlier after the patch, overperforming other tanks (and everyone else). We have a hotfix nerf coming today:  
-Mana per lvl 60 >>> 40 
-E base damage 75-175 >>> 75-155 
-R stun duration 2 >>> 1.5-2s"

The TFT 10.24 patch notes were also updated with a bugfix that went out on 11/24:

"Ashe Bugfix November 24
  • Fixed a bug where Ashe was triggering on-attack effects too many times during Hunter’s Focus."

Universe Update

A new story is now on the Universe featuring Vladimir! Check out "Alone" by Ian St. Martin:
"Lyvia had nearly found sleep when the light appeared. 
The first night in the orphanage carried strange emotions for her, unfamiliar yet close to a past that she had once held. Life had taken trust from Lyvia, like it had taken everything else, but habits of survival waned here, their edges dulled by the safety of a roof overhead. Her cot, though narrow and thin, was still far removed from the cold cobblestones of the capital. Sleep beckoned, warm and enveloping, tenderly lowering her eyelids with the promise of true rest. 
Then the door opened."...

[Continue reading over on the Universe!]

New Merch and Sale

New merch is now available in the Riot Games merch store plus A huge sale is also live for big savings including 50+ items on sale, additional 16% discounts when ordering 4 products+ (some exclusions apply). Check out this FAQ for specifics. 

From the Riot Games FB:

Full details on the 2020 Merch Fest promotion can be found in this FAQ


  • With the upcoming holiday in the US, Riot Porosite noted that we'll see the next PBE deploy next week!
"Alright PBE is back open! Barring emergencies, there won't be another PBE deploy until next week. For those in the US, have a good Thanksgiving! For everyone else, well I won't judge you for eating lots of food anyway. Food comas for everyone!"
  • Riot Scruffy tweeted upcoming changes coming for the chat box:
"Some polish coming for the new chat box next patch 
-Making it wider 
-Better default positioning 
Thanks for the feedback, the engine team is listening and responding."

  • CestDommage also noted a pin feature coming for the in-game shop:

  • KateyKhaos noted that a teased Nautilus skin would not be released this year:
"Apologies - We realize we teased a Nautilus skin coming in 2020, but unfortunately, that is no longer the case, and he won't be receiving a skin this year. He's still eligible for a skin, though!"

Bellisimoh also noted that it would release in 2021:

"Nautilus’ next release will be in the second patch of 2021."


  • The  K/DA twitter has shared numerous tweets and images lately:
[1] "The beauty in a journey's beginning is oh so sweet. If only I could tell you just how sweet it will be.
[2] "Time to time, I think about my younger self. I think of how hard she fought for her dreams, in spite of everything, but also how alone she felt. I think about how she always wanted a role model.
Now she has four.
[3] "I get a lot of you telling me I inspire you, and while it makes me blush ear to ear, I'd be remiss if I never told you that you inspire me right back. None of this would exist without you.
I will eternally be humbled and grateful for that love.
  • The latest Prime Gaming LoL loot is now available! Get a free Mystery Skin shard, and look for another on December 3rd!
  • The League Partner Program is being extended into more Riot Games, including TF and Legends of Runeterra! Check out all the details on this page, and look for more application details in 2021!

Other Games

Legends of Runeterra
"Patch 1.15 introduces a new Champion-centric Lab, an update to round timers, and the debut of Player Profiles to help track your collection! A brand new icy Board and Guardian are also making their arrival, which make the perfect complement to any Frostbite deck.
Looking forward to Patch 1.16, we're also making some improvements to our patching systems to reduce the amount of time you spend checking for updates. Patch 1.16 will have an additional one-time 200mb download, but after that, patches should complete significantly more quickly than before.
As you probably noticed, these notes are arriving a day earlier than usual, and the patch itself will as well. Patch 1.15 will be playable at ~11 AM PT, 11/24.


  • The recent Cosmic skins FAQ notes that the Essence Emporium will be activating on November 30th!

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