Spirit Blossom Teemo & Kindred Teasers

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More new teasers are now on Riot social media! Short videos for Spirit Blossom Teemo and Kindred were shown off on the LoL Instagram!
Continue reading for a closer look!

Spirit Blossom Kindred Teaser

"There's this locket... and it's missing. Can you help me find it?"

Spirit Blossom Teemo Teaser

"I need you to steal one more tiny little thing for me..."

These videos were posted on the LoL Instagram story!


The LoL Poland twitter provided high quality images:

As noted in the in-client Spirit Blossom hub, look for more on July 22nd!

In case you missed the previous social media teasers in this style, check out:

 You can also find in-game previews of Spirit Blossom Lillia, Teemo, Thresh, Vayne, and Yasuo in our 10.15 PBE coverage!

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