Red Post Collection: TFT Galaxies Mid-Set Update, Universe Update - Ambition's Embrace, & more

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Today's red post collection includes details on the TFT Galaxies mid-set update, including a new Ranked act, champions & traits, Little Legends, and more, as well as an update to the short story Ambition's Embrace, & more!
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Teamfight Tactics Galaxies Mid-Set Update 

Here's the TFT team with details on the upcoming mid-set update - "How we're approaching the Galaxies Ranked season, a new pass, champions, mobile, and more about the future of TFT."
"TL;DR for those not much into reading—Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies is getting a Mid-Set Update around early June. It will include: 
  • A new Ranked act including a reset
  • Ranked rewards from the Launch Set, Rise of the Elements, and Galaxies' first act.
  • A bunch of new champions and traits and the removal of a few champions and traits.
  • A whole new pass, complete with an arena, Booms, eggs, and emotes
  • Three new species of Little Legends bundled into one adorable egg.
  • Mobile performance upgrades.
  • A whole new mobile store. 
Welcome Captains, 
Let's talk about the second half of Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies. We're shifting the set length and structure to strike a better balance in keeping the game fresh without constantly shifting the meta on you. The Galaxies set will end up being about six months long with one large mid-set update. We want to keep it interesting without changing too fast. We're still experimenting here, so you may see different timeframes for sets in the future. 
The short of it is that around patch 10.12 (that's early June for IRL calendar folks) we'll be adding a bunch of new champions and a couple new traits—and removing a few as well. In addition, we'll be delivering on long-awaited Ranked rewards from the first two sets, starting a new Ranked act, and offering a new pass. We'll be sharing a whole lot more over the next month, but for now let's dive into the highlights. 
One of the goals for increasing set length is to give you more time to enjoy the set’s content and mechanics. However, we also felt that it would be important to break that extended time up into two Ranked acts, as the mid-set roster changes are large enough to show a whole new level of mastery. Your rank will also be reset at this time, but at a softer rate than the transitions between sets. Most players will start the next act 1 tier below where they ended the previous act. (For example, Gold 3 to Silver 3.) All Master+ players will go to Diamond 4. 
For those of you who will be working down to the hour climbing the ladder and want to know the exact timing, the first act will end when the servers go down for the update to patch 10.12 and the second will start when they come back up. 
Ranked Rewards 
For those of you who placed Gold or higher in the launch set and Rise of the Elements, your Victorious Little Legends will be coming in patch 10.12. In the future, you'll earn an emote based on your rank each act. Additionally, if you get Gold or higher in both Galaxies acts, you’ll also be awarded the Galaxies Victorious Little Legends at the end of the set. 
Work in progress subject to change.
Galaxies Pass II 
We heard loud and clear that you loved the ability to make progress in TFT, even when you're on a tragic loss streak. So, along with the new Ranked act, there will also be a whole new free Galaxies Pass and a new purchasable Pass+. They'll be available for 1295 RP soon after the launch of patch 10.12. 
The new Galaxies Pass will include exclusive:
  • Arena
  • Emotes
  • Booms
  • Little Legends 
In addition to the pass, you'll also find a new Little Legends egg with three new species. We're not sharing much today, but we'll leave you with this sneak peek: 
Let’s also take a second to talk about TFT Mobile. 
We saw over 10 million of you hop onto your phones in the first month, and we’re excited to see you taking TFT with you wherever you go. A lot of our team now plays almost exclusively on our phones, and we’re eager to keep expanding and improving the experience. 
When we were developing TFT Mobile we decided that giving you the capability to play TFT anywhere was more important than shipping the game with all the features on TFT PC. One of the major things we’re currently working on is adding more of these features, like better settings, chat, store, and an in-game codex. In 10.12 we’re starting by adding the store, because we like making cool cosmetics for you to buy that will, frankly, help fund much of our continued mobile development. 
We're also looking at improving TFT's performance so you’ll have a smoother experience on most phones. We’re trying to fix things like big FPS drops during creep rounds and reduced performance during late-game team fights when players have full team comps. We’re also making improvements to things like input fidelity, to reduce the chance that you accidentally put items on a champion or sell that unit you meant to put on your bench. Overall, we want TFT Mobile to share an even playing field with PC players, and we think we need to improve the performance to really get there. 
Lastly, we want to put in a quick note about tablets. We’ve heard from many of you that it would be awesome if TFT worked natively on tablets. This is something we’ll get to in the future, but for now we really want to focus on improving the quality of the TFT experience on mobile phones first. Once we feel like the experience on mobile is great, we’ll get the game ready to go on tablet."

Universe Update - Ambition's Embrace

With the end of the Galaxies event and the Duty vs. Ambition contest, a winner has been announced! Ambition and Dark Cosmic Lux were the winner, and the short story Ambition's Embrace has been updated with a dark ending...
"Bound by darkness. 
Cruel smile, stretching wide. Sharp teeth, spanning systems
Oblivion given form, coalesced as the dark Harbinger of annihilation. 
Immense in power. His own gravity draws me closer, chains of dark matter enveloping me, cradling me in stillness. 
Ambition’s embrace. 
Yet behind him, an even greater force looms. 
Its ceaseless pull tugs at every particle in my being. I resist, struggling against its call, straining against Thresh’s grasp, calling upon the light. Yet every surge of radiance that wells up within me disappears into the endless maw of darkness, diverted into its ever hungering grasp. 
The Dark Star."

[Read the full story on the Universe!] 

Riot Xenogenic commented:
"With all of the data in, we have announced that Lux has chosen the path of Ambition! 
In the final tally, Ambition players averaged just a single game more during the event than Duty players - that is how close it was!"
He continued:
"(In prior weeks, Duty had been ahead by a fraction of a game - incredibly close contest)"

On the border upgrades, he noted:
"The Dark Cosmic Lux borders should be upgraded in patch 10.11 (May 28th)"


  • Episode 8 of the Riot Report aired earlier this week on Twitch featuring host Riv and guests discussing various topics across Runeterra - including the LoR launch and TFT Galaxies Championship:
  • Cactopus jumped on Twitter to share a clip from from the above Riot Report: Episode 8 and highlight an ongoing player discussion about toxicity in-game and how that's being approached:
[1] "Appreciate Riv for chiming in on this. The folks on the dev team all saw @Voyboy's video and, frankly, we think the issue he's raising here is important enough to merit a longer conversation—not just "we hear you" and then silence."
[2] "@RiotMeddler is gonna kick off that conversation with his Friday "Quick Gameplay Thoughts" post and then we'll take it from there."
"Patch 10.10 preview with some tentative changes. Should have some more updates later in the week with directions we're testing for bot and mid lane."
  • Riot Scruffy also tweeted some tentative numbers in testing for bottom changes:
[1] Testing our first iteration of bot changes with both offense and defense. We're not going the direct XP route to keep the power focused on the carry instead of both carry and sup. 
-Zeal +3% Attack speed
-RFC, PD, Shiv, Hurricane +5% Attack speed
-ADC Base Health +30; per lvl +5 
[2] It's a first set of changes, so expect things may change and we will do a tuning pass if the direction is good. These aren't going into 10.10 so we can take time iterating. Mid changes aren't in yet, focusing on Bot first.
  • Riot Beardilocks noted some changes for Cassiopeia VFX coming to the PBE soon and is aimed for 10.11 release - check out the video preview below!

[2] "W and E remain unchanged on all skins. I also updated the "turn to stone" effect, it should sort better with other character effects in the game now." 
[3] "No, 10.11"

Other Games

  • Legends of Runeterra:
"From a celestial dragon who forged the very stars to a literal tree (actually, there are two trees), League of Legends has a wide range of champions. And when it came to bringing them to Legends of Runeterra, we had a lot to work with: four (or more) abilities, a backstory, in-game dialogue, art, player feedback... You get it. Sometimes we had a little too much. We’ve faced all that (and more) throughout development, and we want to talk about it. So here’s how we adapted a few of Set 1’s champs from League to LoR." 
    • Riot Umbrage noted Patch 1.1 would have some launch clean-up:
"Love to see players enjoying Rising Tides! Patch 1.1 drops next week, and focuses on bugs and post-launch clean-up. We'll resume monthly balance patches starting 1.2, which will also include a TON of text clarity updates - Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming!"


  • The Blue Essence shop is available from now until May 13th!

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