Red Post Collection: TFT Dev Drop: Galaxies Mid-Set Update, Galaxies II Pass, & more

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Today's red post collection includes details on the TFT: Galaxies mid-set update and the Galaxies II pass, Season 2020 Honor 5 chromas, and more!
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TFT Dev Drop: Galaxies Mid-Set Update

Check out all the details on the TFT mid-set update, including new champion, traits, and tons of changes - "Astros, Battlecasts, and more are entering the Galactic fight. Learn more about what's next for TFT."
  • All Valkyries and Voids are out
  • Sona, Kassadin, and Lux are also out
  • New Champions: Zed, Vayne, Riven, and Janna
  • New Traits: Astros and Battlecast (with their own champions)
  • Total of 14 new Champions
  • A whole spaceship load of smaller changes to current Items, Champions, and Systems 
We’re trying something new. Instead of gradually adding new champions to the Galaxies set like we did in Rise of the Elements and the launch set, we’re putting all new gameplay elements into a single mid-set update. This way you’ll get to enjoy the set for a bit longer while still facing exciting new challenges and goals. We hope you’ll have a lot of fun experiencing your favorite Galaxies champs in new ways. 
We also don’t want to add too much bloat to the roster—If there are too many different champions, many builds will become too risky to pursue.o, to add some fresh faces to the mix, we’ll be removing a few champions and traits as well. That’s where we’ll start: out with the old, and in with the new. 
Who’s leaving? 
Everything in Teamfight Tactics is connected—but to varying degrees. When we looked for champions to remove, we wanted to identify the ones whose roles overlapped with those of incoming champs, but whose traits were self-contained enough that they could be removed without upsetting the entire meta. So, who did we end up taking out? 
  • Void - The gate to the Void is closing, which means that for the rest of your Galactic journey, you can no longer ignore your enemies’ defenses! This, of course, means the following champs are gone:
    • Kha’Zix
    • Cho’Gath
    • Vel’Koz
  • Valkyrie - These mighty ladies have made their legend. If you’re like most players, you’ve marshalled their power to get a win or ground your teeth as they laid waste to your team. The departure of these champions leaves some pretty big boots to fill—who will step up to take their place?
    • Kai’Sa
    • Kayle
    • Miss Fortune
  • Sona - Sona’s CC cleanse left little room for counterplay, so she’s been removed to make room for some new Rebels and Mystics. Soraka will have to stand on her own as healer of the galaxy.
  • Kassadin - Kassadin was one of the unsung heroes of Galaxies. Mana-Reaver was a powerful—if undervalued—trait, and Celestial was a nice bonus to splash into many comps. Plus, he was the first champion to wield an AoE disarm spell! But he too must return to the Void, and keep watch over its horrors.
  • Lux - The game’s incoming champions land pretty heavily in the 3-cost tier, and it was proving hard to introduce so many 3-cost units without removing one. Lux, as a 2-piece partner with Xerath in two separate traits, will be returning to her homeworld. 
New Champions to Existing Traits 
We’re also adding a few champions to round out existing traits, and to make certain team comps more interesting to run. This includes adding a new Cybernetic so you don’t have to rely on hitting a Legendary to get the gold badge, a new Blademaster who can use AP items, and a new Rebel who doesn’t have to stick with the group! Let’s take a look: 
  • Tier 3
  • Cybernetic Sniper
  • Final Hour: Vayne focuses for 10 seconds, tumbling away from her target immediately, and every third attack thereafter. Vayne is invisible while tumbling and her first attack after each tumble deals 180/200/240% of her Attack Damage.
  • Vayne gives Cybernetic the options it needs to get to 6 without needing to luck into Ekko. She also serves as a powerful Tier 3 carry who usually doesn’t need a defensive item because her spell drops aggro. She should serve as a powerful AD carry, especially with Cybernetic and Sniper active. 
  • Tier 2
  • Rebel Infiltrator
  • Contempt for the Weak (Passive): Every third attack Zed deals 20/40/80 bonus magic damage and steals 25/40/80% of the target’s current Attack Damage.
  • Zed brings some unique capabilities to the Rebel lineup. As an Infiltrator he can jump away from a Rebel clump and offer a way for them to spread out. In addition, he serves as a great anti-carry who can steal away all of that carefully-stacked AD—Great for getting in those pesky Snipers’ faces. 
  • Tier 4
  • Chrono Blademaster
  • Energy Slash: Riven dashes and shields herself for 300/450/900, then slashes forward dealing 100/150/450 magic damage. Every third cast, Riven leaps into the air and launches a wave of energy that deals 400/600/1800 magic damage.
  • Blademasters have all been pretty similar, and have required similar items (crit and attack speed), but that’s about to change. Riven loves AP items that give her a bigger shield and help her deal massive damage—if she can get a third cast off. She even uses Luden’s well, and can boost your Chrono builds with Twisted Fate and Sorcerer. 
New Traits and Even More New Champions 
With that out of the way, we’re introducing three new traits, and a total of ELEVEN more champions! Here they are: 
Battlecast - (2/4/6)
  • Trait: Battlecast champions, upon dealing or taking 10 instances of damage, trigger a bonus effect based on their current health. If they’re above half health, they deal 75/150/225 magic damage to the nearest enemy. If they’re below half health, they heal for 75/150/225 instead.
  • Champions:
    • Illaoi: Tier 1 Brawler
    • Nocturne: Tier 2 Infiltrator
    • Kog’Maw: Tier 2 Blaster
    • Cassiopeia: Tier 3 Mystic
    • Viktor: Tier 4 Sorcerer
    • Urgot: Tier 5 Protector
  • How they work:
    • Battlecasts are strong champions who start to heal after taking a beating. This added toughness, in addition to their ability to deal extra damage, allows them to dish it out just as well as they can take it depending on the situation. At a 2/4/6 split, theirs is a flexible trait that can fit into many different comps. Several Battlecasts also have unique capabilities: Kog’Maw and Viktor do percentage health damage, Cassiopeia wrecks shields, and Urgot can obliterate LITERALLY ANYTHING!
  • Here's a Battlecast starter comp to try out: Urgot, Cassiopeia, Lulu, Xin Zhao, Kog’Maw, Illaoi, Ezreal, Blitzcrank. This gives you 4 Battlecast, 2 Protector, 2 Celestial, 2 Blaster, 2 Chrono, 2 Brawler, and 2 Mystic.
  • How it works: Illaoi, Blitzcrank, and Xin Zhao stand tall on the front line while Urgot chews through the enemy team one by one, decimating almost anything the enemy can throw at you.
Astro - (3)
  • Trait: Reduce your Astro champs’ mana costs by 30.
  • Champions:
    • Nautilus: Tier 2 Vanguard
    • Bard: Tier 3 Mystic
    • Gnar: Tier 4 Brawler
    • Teemo: Tier 4 Sniper
  • Astro champs are much more… out there (they’re astronauts), and each one brings something different to the battlefield. Nautilus stuns the enemy’s front line, Gnar returns from the launch set with his giant team shove, and Teemo places powerful shroo—uh, satellites on the board that can do tons(!) of magic damage. Perhaps the most "out there" of the bunch is Bard. He's relatively weak in a straight-up fight, but he has a unique and powerful ability that creates, you guessed it, meeps! They can be sold for 1 XP each, allowing you to level up just a little bit quicker than your opponents.
  • Here's an Astro comp to try out: Nautilus, Wukong, Gnar, Teemo, Caitlyn, Ashe, Jhin, and Karma. You can also add Lulu at level nine (if you get there). That’ll give you 4 Sniper, 3 Astro, 2 Vanguard, 2 Chrono, and 2 Dark Star—plus Mystic and Celestial at level nine.
  • How it works: This team’s strong utility and crowd control will tie up the enemy team while your Snipers chunk them down. Watch out for shrooms!
Paragon - (1)
  • Trait: Your team’s basic attacks are converted to magic damage.
  • Champion:
    • Janna: Tier 5 Star Guardian
  • Janna comes to the aid of her fellow Star Guardians as a new Legendary champion, wielding a powerful spell that knocks enemies up and boosts allies' attack speed. Using Janna’s unique trait, you can convert your team to do mostly magic damage, which can be useful if you’re struggling against Vanguards. Of course, you'll need to watch out for Mystics and their team-wide magic resistance. Either way, Janna can table-flip your matchups just by being on the board. 
Other Changes 
Of course, that’s not all. With this update, we’re making a few other changes to existing champions, traits, and items. There are too many to list in full detail, but here are some of the highlights: 
  • Traits
    • Chrono: Buffed 4 and 6, and also added an 8-piece bonus!
    • Dark Star: Now has breakpoints at 2/4/6/8 instead of 3/6/9 and now buffs Dark Star champions off ANY ally’s death, not just other Dark Stars.
    • Mech Pilot: The mech and pilots are all getting a lot of buffs… but now when the mech dies, the pilots come out quite damaged.
    • Sniper: Now has breakpoints at 2/4.
    • Vanguard: Now has breakpoints at 2/4/6.
  • Champions
    • Ezreal: Now much more utility-focused and able to cast much sooner, but deals less damage.
    • Syndra: If she kills her target, extra orbs move on to the next target! Never waste an orb again!
    • Jhin: Attack speed now scales with star level, so this Dark Star killer’s 3-star form is even scarier.
    • Aurelion Sol: Fighter ships now drain enemies’ mana.
    • Ekko: Casts sooner, and attacks a number of times instead of every enemy once (so, if the enemy team has only a few champions left, he’ll hit them multiple times!). He also slows the attacks of enemies he hits.
  • Items
    • Infinity Edge: Now sets the holder’s critical strike chance to 100% (also does less bonus damage).
    • Rapidfire Cannon: Now, in addition to the extra range, your attacks can’t miss… again!
    • Seraph’s Embrace
      • Replaced by an Summoner's Rift classic: Blue Buff!
        • After each spellcast, the holder’s mana is set to 20.
    • Demolitionist’s Charge: Join the Battlecast lineup! Replaced with Battlecast Armor. Grants the wearer the Battlecast trait… obviously.
  • Galaxies
    • No new galaxies in 10.12, but we’re removing the Lilac Nebula (the first galaxy we shipped).
    • Starting in 10.13, we’ll be adding and removing one galaxy each patch for the remainder of the Galaxies set.
  • Other
    • Tier 3 champ pool expanded from 16 copies to 18 copies of each.
    • Champions now sell back for their full value! (Example: 2-star copies of 3-cost champs will sell for 9 gold instead of 5).
    • Neeko’s Help ALWAYS works now. If there’s nothing left in the pool, Neeko will create a temporary extra champion… just for you. 
And that’s not even everything! Take a look when it all comes to PBE in the next few days, and let us know what you think. All of it is subject to (and will) change based on PBE results, but we hope you enjoy this new galactic adventure. We can’t wait for you to play this version of Galaxies and see the new teams and combos you discover. See you out there… way, way out there!"

Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies II Pass and More 

Along with the TFT: Galaxies mid-patch update, a new Galaxies pass will be released - "The Galaxies mid-set update brings a whole new Pass, Pass+, arenas, Little Legends, and more."
  • New Pass and Pass+ with new emotes, Little Legends, arenas, and booms.
  • More experience for those that play consistently, but not all the time.
  • New Immortal Creatures Little Legends.
  • Starts on patch 10.12
The Galaxies mid-set update is on its way, along with a new Pass, Pass+ and Little Legends. Let's talk about what's coming to the game and, most importantly, how you can get a Star Guardian Silverwing to annoy your friends in style. 
How do I even? 
The Galaxies II Pass is free and starts soon after the launch of patch 10.12. You don't need to do anything other than play TFT to get the free Pass rewards. 
The Galaxies II Pass+ will also be available for purchase (1295 RP, $9.99 on Mobile) at this time and will include additional and exclusive Little Legends, arenas, and booms. Progress on the Galaxies II Pass and Pass+ starts June 10th, 2020 at 11:00AM PT. When you buy the pass you will instantly receive all the rewards for the levels you've already earned. So, if you're not sure how much TFT you're going to play throughout the rest of the set, you can wait to buy the Pass until you know what rewards you’ll get. 
You’ll continue to earn rewards by gaining XP and completing TFT missions. We found that most of you either played a ton of TFT and finished the pass with quite a bit of time to spare, or played consistently but not often enough to get to the end of the pass. So, we're creating a weekly mission that gives you 400 XP for playing a single game. We expect that this change will help players advance another 4-5 levels throughout the course of the pass, but increase the number of games required to complete the pass for those that play a ton of TFT. 
What's in this thing? 
The Galaxies II Pass will include new emotes, Little Legends eggs, and the totally sick Dreadnova Arena. We recommend this one to help you achieve the perfect aesthetic when hard-forcing Space Pirates.
In addition to all the stuff in the free Pass, the Galaxies II Pass+ will include exclusive Little Legends, arenas, and booms—not to mention additional Little Legends Eggs. The pass also includes this rad Spaceship Arena, so if you didn't land on any of the Odyssey Arenas but really want to achieve that whole spacefaring vibe, this one might be for you.
Booms are available only through the Pass+, and this time around we’ve added a few champion-inspired effects, like this one:
The Galaxies II Pass+ also comes with an exclusive Star Guardian Sprite at purchase. 
Oh, you can also pick up an old (new?) friend along the way.
The last day to earn progress on the TFT Galaxies II Pass+ is September 14th, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. PT. Get your games in before then if you wanna flex on your friends with all the latest Galaxies loot. 
And of course, no Teamfight Tactics event would be complete without new Little Legends. 
Three new Immortal Creatures are entering the Galaxy: 
Across Runeterra, parents read their children bedtime fables of great evils defeated by divine creatures. While some have claimed to encounter these creatures in the flesh, none have truly known what they are... until now. These mythic creatures have resurfaced in the wild, answering a mysterious call from higher forces to protect the innocent. 
Lightcharger :
The embodiment of wispy firelight, the Lightcharger can be seen soaring across the skies of Targon as dusk turns to night. It bathes in the sun’s most radiant glow, galloping nobly from east to west and protecting the world from the eternal darkness. 
The Bellswayer is a proud, celestial creature native to the Greenfang Mountains whose beautiful chimes from their bell inspires and compels other sprites to follow and serve. Though they startle easily, bellswayers are just as quick to resume a composed and regal posture. 
This mischievous prankster from the Glade enjoys playing tricks on hapless mortals who have the misfortune of stumbling upon them. Sweet one moment and deadly the next, Nixie’s pranks take on a life of their own. 
When does this all start? Patch 10.12"

Season 2020 Honor 5 Chromas

Here's details on the Season 2020 Honor reward chromas - "New chromas for Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick arrive in patch 10.11!"
"Each season, we add new chromas for the Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick Honor skins to keep the rewards coming for League's most sportsmanlike players who reach Honor 5 season after season. 
When you open your Honor 5 capsule this season, you'll receive one Honor 5 token that can be redeemed for Medieval Twitch, Grey Warwick, one of their new 2020 chromas, or one of the 2019 chromas. You have to own Medieval Twitch or Grey Warwick before you can unlock one of their chromas, but you don't have to own them both. Honor 5 capsules also contain a random emote or ward skin. 
Didn't we get two tokens last year? 
We debuted Honor chromas in 2019. Our originally-announced plan was to automatically grant both chromas to Honor 5 players, but we shifted in development to grant a token so you wouldn't have to unlock both skins before unlocking chromas. Since we had already promised both chromas, we gave away two tokens as a one-time adjustment to honor our word and announced that in future years, Honor 5 capsules would only contain one token. 
Fight honorably, and we'll see you on the Rift!"


"Today we are introducing our latest digital product for League of Legends Esports, Summoner’s Rift Arena Banners. SR Arena Banners will allow our leagues around the world to customize how Summoner’s Rift appears to viewers during official matches. 
Starting with the Summer Split, fans watching official League of Legends esports broadcasts will start to see more esports branding directly on the Rift. In the future, you can expect to see leagues begin to experiment with unique approaches that will more deeply integrate our partners to engage local and regional fan bases. 
This is the first digital product we’re announcing ahead of the Summer Split that’s designed to build a richer viewing experience around esports. Our aspiration is to create an environment that exudes the energy found in traditional sports, and we’ll continue to work towards that goal. While these banners will be visible to those watching online, pros will continue to see the standard Summoner’s Rift model while playing their official matches. This will ensure that a new visual model won’t impact their ability to practice and compete on an identical Rift. 
We see this as an important next step to help our leagues and teams reach their next stage of growth. Summoner’s Rift Arena Banners, along with products like Pro View and Watch Missions, allow us to build experiences that integrate with the core League of Legends game to give players and viewers more ways to engage with the sport. You can look forward to additional products ahead of the Summer Split that will continue to build the digital experience for fans watching at home!"

Other Games

"Patch 1.2 features our first balance changes since the debut of Rising Tides, as well as a bunch of card clarity updates. Also, for a limited-time you can permanently unlock an exclusive Rainbow Poro Guardian and accompanying emote for FREE—just head to the store and “purchase” the bundle for 0 Coins. 
As a reminder, starting with this patch we’re adjusting how we patch LoR to make sure everyone gets to play on new versions as simultaneously as possible, regardless of platform or location. The short version is we’ll continue to “patch” every other Tuesday ~10 AM PT, but you usually won’t see changes until about 24 hours later. Full details here."


  • The FPX skins are now in the store and will be available until June 11th!

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