Pulsefire 2020 Event - New Skins, Chromas, & More

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"The timeline was already this broken when I found it. I swear." - The Pulsefire 2020 event is live, running from now until June 15th! Grab new skins, chroma, complete new missions and earn rewards before time runs out!
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Pulsefire Skins Teaser & Event Trailer

A skins teaser was released on Riot social media - Pulsefire 2020: Systems Online | Official Skins Teaser:

A new event trailer was released for Pulsefire 2020 Pulsefire 2020 | Official Event Trailer:

Universe Update - Pulsefire Story

A new story set in the Pulsefire universe is now available! Check out Out of Time by Michael Yichao!
Twin energy blasts explode above me, sparks cascading down. I sprint further up the road. Behind me, the chrono-enforcer’s footsteps echo off the narrow walls. Fast. Relentless. Hate to admit it, but this guy’s definitely faster than me… 
Good thing I have a few tricks up my sleeves."

[Read the full story on the Universe!]

Pulsefire 2020 Event: Learn More

The Pulsefire 2020 event is live! Check out the support site article for all the details on new skins & chromas, missions, rewards, loot and more:
"Dystopian futures? Chrono-enforcing temporal police?! And they said time travel was supposed to be easy! When the going gets tough, the tough suit up with cybernetic enhancements and a penchant for technological know-how. Are you going to protect the delicate machinations of time and space... or shake things up a bit? Pulsefire 2020 is ready to leave its mark on League of Legends. 
Pulsefire makes its debut on May 14th, 2020 at 13:00 PM (PT), ending on June 15th, 2020 at 23:59 PM (PT). While new missions will no longer be available after the 15th, don't worry. You'll have until June 30th, 2020 13:00 PM (PT) to spend all those timely Tokens. 
Pulsefire Passes 
Pulsefire will be coming with not one, but two different ways to make the most of the event. First, there's the Pulsefire Pass for 1650 RP. It comes with 200 Pulsefire Tokens and 4 Pulsefire Orbs. 
If that's not enough, we're also offering a Pulsefire Pass Bundle for 2650 RP. Aside from all the items mentioned above, this Bundle also includes Pulsefire Lucian. The Purifier will be hunting down Chrono Fugitives, complete with a special icon and border! 
You can purchase both the Event Pass and the Bundle throughout the duration of the event. 
Before you get going on your time-traveling, adventures, remember there's no double-dipping in the timeline. Buying a Pass doesn't mean you get extra tokens and orbs if you buy the Bundle! 
Thanks to some Chrono-ingenuity, time is on your side... at least until the event ends! You'll have access to a variety of missions, both with the Pulsefire Pass and without, so there's no shortage of temporal tasks for you to complete. Just be sure not to make any paradoxes while you're at it, okay? 
These missions become accessible with the Pulsefire Pass. Remember, you'll need to complete each Milestone before moving onto the next! 
Wondering how to score points in towards your Weekly Wins? Everytime you win in Summoner's Rift, ARAM, or Pick URF, you'll earn 5 points. Don't worry, though! Even if you're on the losing team one match, you'll still earn 2 points, so really it's a win-win!

Orb missions are unlike the other Pulsefire Missions in that they aren't linked to any of the other missions. Just simply play 30 matchmade games and reap the sweet rewards.

Content Costs
From Rememberancers enforcing temporal law to the Chrono Fugitives using Pulsefire tech to traipse through time, and every Chrono wielder in between, a new event means new skins. Take a look below for content costs: 
  • Pulsefire Lucian - 1350 RP
  • Pulsefire Ekko- 1350 RP
  • Pulsefire Fiora- 1350 RP
  • Pulsefire Pantheon - 1350 RP
*The Astronaut Skins will be preparing for lift off until May 28th, 2020 at 13:00 (PT), after which they’ll be available in the store so you can explore the cosmos. 
  • Astronaut Bard - 1350 RP
  • Astronaut Gnar - 1350 RP
  • Astronaut Poppy - 1350 RP  
Each of the Chromas coming out for this release cost 290 RP each, but note that some can only be found as part of one of the bundles listed below:
  • Pulsefire Ekko (Pearl, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, Emerald, [Bundle Only] - Ruby)
  • Pulsefire Fiora (Sapphire, Citrine, Obsidian, Pearl, Amethyst, Turquoise, [Bundle Only] - Ruby)
  • Pulsefire Pantheon (Amethyst, Aquamarine, Obsidian, Pearl, Citirine, Emerald, [Bundle Only] - Ruby) 
  • 2020 Pulsefire Ward - Bundle Exclusive (see below)
Border Sets are a way to get all the aesthetic perks for your favorite champ.
  • Pulsefire Lucian Border Set - Skin, Ward Skin, & Border Icon
    • With Champion - 2660 RP
    • Without Champion - 2220 RP
  • Pulsefire Ekko Border Set - Skin, Ward Skin, & Border Icon
    • With Champion - 2707 RP
    • Without Champion - 2220 RP
  • Pulsefire Pantheon Border Set - Skin, Ward Skin, & Border Icon
    • With Champion - 2615 RP
    • Without Champion - 2220 RP
  • Pulsefire Fiora Border Set - Skin, Ward Skin, & Border Icon
    • With Champion - 2660 RP
    • Without Champion - 2220 RP
  • Pulsefire 2020 Mega Bundle - Includes all of the above.
    • With Champions - 9682 RP
    • Without Champions - 7920 RP
You'll also get a discount depending on if you own any (but not all) of the champions in the Mega Bundle, so don't worry if the amount looks a little different. 
  • Outta Time! - Mission Reward
  • Rise! - Mission Reward
  • (Animated) I see... - Mission Reward 
It’s hard keeping all your time-travelling treasures in order, but here’s a handy breakdown. One Orb contains 1 random Skin Shard and a 4% chance to drop a Pulsefire Grab Bag. What’s in the Grab Bag you ask? Well, that’d be telling… Just kidding! One Pulsefire Grab Bag has one Shard from each tier (520 RP, 750 RP, 975 RP, 1350 RP, 1820 RP) and will see both your Gemstone and Mythic Skin permanent drop rates multiplied by 1.5. Get ahold of some loot in the Store: 
  • 1 Pulsefire Orb + 16 Pulsefire Tokens - 250 RP
  • 10 Pulsefire Orbs + 1 Bonus Orb + 160 Pulsefire Tokens - 2500 RP
  • 25 Pulsefire Orbs + 1 Pulsefire Grab Bag + 400 Pulsefire Tokens - 6250 RP 
Event Shop 
  • Pulsefire 2020 Event Prestige Points Icon + 100 PP - 2200 Tokens
  • Pulsefire Lucian Prestige Edition + Icon & Border - 2000 Tokens
  • Pulsefire Caitlyn (Chrono) Chroma + Icon Bundle - 300 Tokens
  • Pulsefire Riven (Chrono) Chroma + Icon Bundle - 300 Tokens
  • Pulsefire Twisted Fate (Chrono) Chroma + Icon Bundle - 300 Tokens
  • Pulsefire Shen (Chrono) Chroma + Icon Bundle - 300 Tokens
  • Pulsefire Ekko (Chrono) Chroma + Icon Bundle - 300 Tokens
  • Pulsefire Lucian Icon + Border - 250 Tokens
  • Pulsefire Fiora Icon + Border - 250 Tokens
  • Pulsefire Pantheon Icon + Border - 250 Tokens 
Please note that just like the skins, these star studded bundles will be coming to the Event Shop on May 28th, 2020 at 13:00 (PT)
  • Astronaut Gnar (Chrono) Chroma + Icon Bundle - 300 Tokens
  • Astronaut Poppy (Chrono) Chroma + Icon Bundle - 300 Tokens
  • Astronaut Bard (Chrono) Chroma + Icon Bundle - 300 Tokens
  • Astronaut Teemo (Chrono) Chroma + Icon Bundle - 300 Tokens
  • Astronautilus (Chrono) Chroma + Icon Bundle - 300 Tokens
  • Astronaut Gnar Icon + Border - 250 Tokens
  • Astronaut Poppy Icon + Border - 250 Tokens
  • Astronaut Bard Icon + Border - 250 Tokens 
  • Mystery Emote - 40 Tokens
  • Random Champion Shard - 50 Tokens
  • 3 Keys - 180 Tokens
  • 1 Key - 60 Tokens
  • 1 Key Fragment - 20 Tokens
  • 100 Blue Essence - 10 Tokens
  • 10 Blue Essence - 1 Token 
Pick URF
Is this the best timeline? It's gotta be one of them considering Pick URF is back once again. Glory awaits from May 14th, 2020 at 13:00 PM (PT) to June 5th, 2020 at 23:59 PM (PT)."

Champion Skins

Five new skins are now available:

Pulsefire Ekko

1350 RP
"A time fugitive who built his Pulsefire suit from scratch, Ekko improved on the Remembrancers' technology, crafting a modified Chronobreak device that allows him to make short temporal jumps, create time breaks within a singular timeline, and to collapse them all into a single, anomaly-free singularity."

Pulsefire Fiora

1350 RP
"Fiora joined the Chrono-Enforcers at a young age under the tutelage of her father. When a conflict with a temporal fugitive left him disgraced, her future was thrown into doubt, but Fiora endured. Now, despite having reclaimed her family's reputation, and forged herself into an utter paragon of the Chrono-Enforcers, recent revelations have cast her into doubt once more, but this time about the Remembrancer's true purpose..."

Pulsefire Lucian

1350 RP
"A dedicated chrono-enforcer, Lucian joined the Remembrancers when he lost his wife, Senna, in an errant Praetorian attack. Now, he searches for her while bringing justice to the reckless time travelers who would cavalierly tear holes in space-time."

Pulsefire Lucian Prestige Edition

"Through his work in bringing their opponents to justice, Lucian earned the personal attention and gratitude of Thresh, leader of the Remembrancers. Armed with special modifications to his Pulsefire suit, Lucian embarks on his relentless pursuit across timelines. Through it all, however, he can't shake the feeling that this upgrade isn't all it seems..."

Pulsefire Pantheon

1350 RP
"The sole survivor from a timeline devoured by Praetorians, Pantheon refused to succumb when the marauders ran him through and left him for dead. He now dons the Pulsefire suit to hunt down those who would dare risk creating the anomalies that unleash the robotic hordes upon time and space."


New sets of chroma are now available for 290 RP each or bundled with the exclusive Ruby chroma, with the exception of the Chrono chromas, which are available in the Event shop:

Pulsefire Pantheon
[8 Chromas]

Pulsefire Fiora
[8 Chromas]

Pulsefire Ekko
[7 Chromas]

Pulsefire "Chrono" Chromas
Pulsefire Twisted Fate, Caitlyn, Riven, Shen

New Summoner Icons

Tons of new summoner icons will be available during the event through bundles or in the Event shop:

Pulsefire Lucian Prestige Edition Icon, 2020 Pulsefire Icon, Pulsefire Fiora Icon

Pulsefire Lucian Icon, Pulsefire Ekko Icon, Pulsefire Pantheon Icon

Pulsefire Core Icon, Pulsefire 2020 Event Prestige Points Icon, Pulsefire Pantheon Chroma Icon

Pulsefire Fiora Chroma Icon, Pulsefire Ekko Chroma Icon, Pulsefire Caitlyn Chroma Icon

Pulsefire Riven Chroma Icon, Pulsefire Twisted Fate Chroma Icon, Pulsefire Shen Chroma Icon

New Emotes

Three new emotes are available as mission rewards during the event:

Animated I See..., Rise!
Outta Time!

Ward Skin

A new ward skin is available as part of Border set bundles:

2020 Pulsefire Ward

Pick URF

URF is back with the Pulsefire event, this time reincarnated as Pick Urf!
"Is this the best timeline? It's gotta be one of them considering Pick URF is back once again. Glory awaits from May 14th, 2020 at 13:00 PM (PT) to June 5th, 2020 at 23:59 PM (PT)."

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