Red Post Collection: Coven Skins Trailer, Zed Issue 6, Ionia Story, New Merch & More

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Today's red post collection includes the Coven skins trailer (skins releasing 4/16!), Zed Issue 6 and a new story on the Universe, new K/DA and Legends of Runeterra merch, and more!
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Table of Contents

Of Claw and Thorn - Coven Skins Trailer

Check out the Coven skins trailer, and look for their release on April 16th!

"Beware the dusk: she is not kind. Seize the power of Coven Zyra, Coven Leblanc, and Legendary Coven Morgana, or unveil your thorns with Prestige Coven Zyra."

Universe Update

The Universe has been updated, including the final issue of the Zed comic, as well as a new store set in Ionia!
"It’s all led to this: Zed and Shen, united in a final battle with the psychopathic murderer Khada Jhin!  And the life of the captive Akali hangs in the balance! Then--Shen and Zed’s greatest enemy will stand revealed…and you’ll never guess who it is! Shocking secrets about the past AND the present will be unveiled…and whoever survives will be left to pick up the pieces!"
"Many had feared that the spirit blossoms would never return to Ionia, a sign of the imbalance still permeating the land and its people. Much of a generation had come of age without the spirit blossoms, without the festival.

But Paskoma had learned over a lifetime that, no matter how long the blossoms were away, they always came back."

K/DA & Legends of Runeterra Merch Drop

The Riot Games store has a new collection available, including a restock of some K/DA favorites, as well as new Legends of Runeterra & K/DA items! Check out the collection or take a quick look at the new items below:

Other Games


  • The Galaxies 2020 event is running now through April 27th, including new skins, chromas, missions & rewards, loot, and the return of One for All for the duration of the event! Check out our post for a loot at the new content, or the FAQ for the full details!

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