Red Post Collection: 10 Months, 10 Minutes Worlds 2019 Opening Ceremony BTS, FPX Merch Pre-Order, & More

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Today's red post collection includes a look at the BTS on the making of the Worlds 2019 opening ceremony, merch preorders for FPX themes items, and more!
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10 Months, 10 Minutes | Worlds 2019 Opening Ceremony Presented by Mastercard

Check out this behind the scenes video on the making of the Worlds 2019 ceremony:

"In one of the most collaborative moments in Riot Games’ history, art and technology came together to bring GIANTS, Phoenix, and Awaken to life at the Opening Ceremony of the 2019 League of Legends World Championship, presented by Mastercard. 
Chrissy Costanza appears courtesy of Fueled By Ramen 
Tracks from the makers of League of Legends:

Check out this recent AMA on the League of Legends subreddit from the Opening Ceremony team:
"UPDATE: As of 2pm PT the AMA has officially ended, but a few members of the team will likely stick around and continue to answer questions where they can. Thanks to everyone for participating! 
In one of the most collaborative moments in Riot Games’ history, art and technology came together to bring Awaken, GIANTS, and Phoenix to life at the Opening Ceremony of the 2019 League of Legends World Championships. 
In the video, 10 Months, 10 Minutes, we show a behind the scenes look into the work and collaboration that went into putting on the memorable moments in esports history. 
VIDEO LINK: Worlds 2019 | 10 Months, 10 Minutes 
The Team: 
Nick / u/RiotResolute / Executive Producer - Esports
Adam / u/Riot_Doublebook / Lead Producer - Esports
Justin / u/Oniatserj1 / Creative Lead - Esports
Elie / u/RiotVe1vet / Creative Producer
Beckett / u/RiotWestbroke / Creative Producer - Music
Veronica / u/RiotPinscher / Producer 
Ask us anything!"

Universe Update

Two new stories were updated to the Universe - Destiny and Fate featuring Graves and  Twisted Fate  + Between Light and Shadow featuring Kennen!

Destiny and Fate
By Anthony Reynolds
"Ah, Bilgewater. 
It’s a hateful, stinking cesspit of murder and treachery at the best of times… and damn, it’s good to be home. 
My back’s to the open ocean as I row out across Bilgewater Bay, so I’m facing the lights of the port city, shining like fool’s gold in the distance. 
We’d been running jobs in Valoran, in the City of Progress and its uglier, downtrodden sister, but things started getting hot. And besides, the Prince reached out to us with this contract, and the money was too good to ignore. 
Far too good, really, for what looks to me like a wild-eel chase. There’s gotta be a catch—always is—but as I said, the coin on offer weren’t to be sniffed at."

[Full story here!] 

Here's the full art from the story:
Head on over to the Universe to read the bios for Graves, Miss Fortune, and Twisted Fate:

Between Light and Shadows
By Joey Yu
"Kennen had not slowed since setting off from the Great Temple of Koeshin. 
The colors of the land formed a swirling palette as he flitted over hills and cliffs, plains and plateaus. The yordle was like a speeding dot amid broad strokes painted on canvas. 
As the Kinkou’s Heart of the Tempest, he had delivered the judgment of the order’s leadership thousands of times before. But this time it’s different, Kennen thought. This time it’s about the lives of my Kinkou brothers and sisters."

[Full story here!]

Here's the full art from the story:

FPX Merch Pre-order

New FPX Team Minis and Champion's Cup and art prints of the FPX splash and Worlds 2019 key art are now up on the Riot Games Merch Store for purchase and pre-order!
"The team that won Worlds 2019 has arrived. Pre-order them as our newest Special Edition Team Mini Set. Receive an exclusive FPX Merch Summoner Icon usable in-game when you order the FPX Team Minis Set, FPX Giclee Art Print, 2019 World Championship Commemorative Art Print, or 2019 World Championship Summoner's Cup."


"Testing out some Fiddle changes. Could be too much since Fid's already fairly strong, but I think these might be worth giving something up elsewhere if needed."
  • Riot Mort tweeted this meme implying that they will change TFT's super dense galaxy to grant the free Force of Nature at stage 3-1 rather than level 5 in  patch 10.10
"Coming soon to PBE and Patch 10.10:"

  • Riot Xenogenic noted the Cosmic Lux contest would have an update on the winner soon:
"Quick update on the Cosmic Lux contest: We're waiting for all event data to come in from all regions around the world. It's incredibly close, so while Duty has been winning (barely), it really is down to this final data. We'll update either late this week or early next week!"
  • Riot Support noted the Galaxies tokens missions went out to all players was an accident but would not be removed:
"[LoL] We accidentally released the Galaxies service issue adjustment mission to all players, not just pass owners. The mission was meant to compensate pass owners for not being able to earn tokens during service interruptions. This was our mistake, so enjoy the free tokens!"
"Gameplay thoughts this Friday will be covering mid/bot position power and a new “ranked seeding” matchmaking feature. Keep hitting me with questions and requests, I try to focus on topics that I see lots of requests around."

Other Games

  • Legends of Runeterra:
    • Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.0 is now live, including the Rising Tides expansion, mobile launch, more personalization options, and more! Full details & notes available here but you can also check out a few highlights below including mobile launch, new cosmetics, and the latest expansion introducing Bilgewater!
"LoR is officially launching with Patch 1.0, featuring the new Rising Tides set, iOS and Android support, all kinds of new progression and personalization, and a whole lot more. 
The Rising Tides expansion charts new territory with the addition of Bilgewater, the next region of Runeterra, as well as 11 new Champions and 120+ new cards! 
Mobile Launch 
Right alongside Rising Tides, LoR is officially launching on iOS and Android! 
Once we release Patch 1.0 to PC tomorrow (~10 AM, April 28 PT), we’ll distribute the mobile client to the Play Store and App Store. Depending on where you live, it may take anywhere from 4 to 48 hours past that time for you to see the app in your store.
On April 30, mobile should be fully live in all launch regions and LoR will officially be launched! 
Rising Tides ships with all-new emotes and card backs as well as a Bilgewater-inspired board and two new guardians. Emotes and card backs are available in the store, or you can unlock regional card backs in the extended Region Roads.

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