Patch 10.9 & TFT Notes

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Patch 10.9 is scheduled for Wednesday, April 29th and the official patch notes and TFT patch notes have been posted!
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Patch 10.9 Notes

Check out the Patch 10.9 notes:
"Greetings, fellow gamers. 
Welcome to 10.9 and the last legs of Ranked Split! To begin with, we’re bringing champions like Nami and Karthus down a peg—we’ve been closely monitoring them for a while, and they’ve been standing out in their success, so we’re hoping this will shuffle them back in line. We're also looking to help out our friends in the top lane who didn’t benefit as much from recent buffs with some extra padding. 
Aside from these, we’re bringing some love to champions we’d like to see more of, like Lissandra and Quinn, and making another quick follow-up with Wukong. 
But don’t take it from me. Dive into the goodness below, and we’ll see you on the Rift!
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FPX Malphite, FPX Vayne, FPX Lee Sin, FPX Gangplank, and FPX Thresh will be available on April 30th, 2020. 
The Summoner Rift Ranked Split 1 rolls into Split 2 on Sunday, May 3 at 11:59 PM PDT. Last chance to grind out those Split Points for the exclusive Split 1 Aphelios summoner icon, Aphelios emote, and armor upgrade before the next split! 
W movement speed reduced and cooldown increased. E cooldown increased. 
Bard has been Journeying to a bunch of wins in the upper brackets of solo queue, so we’re reducing some of his roaming prowess to lower his overall utility. 
  • MOVEMENT SPEED 50%, decaying over 1.5 seconds >> 30%, decaying over 1.5 seconds
  • COOLDOWN 12 seconds ⇒ 14 seconds
  • COOLDOWN 18/17/16/15/14 seconds ⇒ 22/20.5/19/17.5/16 seconds

E damage increased later. 
Our beast of the Void has been struggling in top lane, so we're buffing the ability that is specifically more utilized there, to boost him through his journey to tanky Chozilla. 
  • DAMAGE 22/34/46/58/70 ⇒ 22/37/52/67/82

E damage increased later. 
Just because he's a scary scarecrow with a scythe, doesn't mean Fiddlesticks can't be helpful to his buddies in lane. We're giving Fiddlesticks a little extra damage to his primary in-lane-as-a-support ability, so he can more adequately help out his partner in fights. 
  • DAMAGE 70/100/130/160/190 ⇒ 70/105/140/175/210
Q cooldown refund increased. E damage increased. 
Despite the previous buffs over the past year, Gnar's continued to feel underwhelming in average games. We're cautiously bringing up Mega Gnar’s potential for extended brawls, while keeping in mind his existing strength in other places. Shugi Shugi Shugit-em 
  • DAMAGE 50/85/120/155/190 ⇒ 80/115/150/185/220
Base movement speed decreased. 
Karthus has been laying waste in the jungle, so we’re nudging him back in line by targeting his ability to get around the map, while avoiding collateral to mid Karthus as much as possible. 
  • MOVEMENT SPEED 335 ⇒ 325
Q cooldown decreased; bonus damage now applies to minions. W decaying slow increased. 
Our last few adjustments to Kayn haven’t pulled him out of the shadows as we’d expected, so we're adding a dash of spice to his overall game impact, from ganks to duels. We're hoping that the addition of minion damage on his Q will give Kayn more positional flexibility, and that lower cooldowns and increased slows will help players capitalize on faster clearing and early skirmishes. 
  • COOLDOWN 7/6.5/6/5.5/5 seconds ⇒ 6/5.5/5/4.5/4 seconds
  • NEW MONSTER MASH Bonus damage against monsters now also applies to minions
  • DECAYING SLOW 70% ⇒ 90%
Q cooldown decreased. 
Given the ice queen isn’t ever present in pro play anymore, and is still underperforming in all skill brackets, we’re pulling back on one of the harsher nerfs we gave her when she was dominating the pro spotlight. 
  • COOLDOWN 10/8.5/7/5.5/4 seconds ⇒ 8/7/6/5/4 seconds
Base health and mana reduced. Passive movement speed reduced. 
Nami’s been on the crest of a wave for a while now, so we're dampening some of her power by reducing some of the movement speed she ambiently grants to allies while keeping her identity of an empowered healer (and surfer) intact. 
  • HEALTH 489.32 ⇒ 475
  • MANA 377.24 ⇒ 365
  • MOVEMENT SPEED 60 ⇒ 45
Q Nearsight duration increased. 
It’s been a while since we’ve given this mighty bird lady some love, especially amidst our recent buffs to her melee peers in top lane. We’re focusing on her utility here instead of damage as a slight nod to the Sanguine Blade buff (spoiler alert), as we predict she'll be taking it more often after this. 
  • NEARSIGHT DURATION 1.5 seconds ⇒ 1.75 seconds
R cooldown increased. 
Trundle's been clobbering all his opponents, regardless of health or risk, especially in pro play. We're reigning in his ability to make others more vulnerable so he has to fight fairly more often. 
  • COOLDOWN 100/80/60 seconds ⇒ 120/100/80 seconds
Base armor decreased. Q damage decreased. W clone damage decreased. 
We’ve seen players quickly (and effectively) harness the power of Wukong’s rework, so we’re further calibrating the monkey to bring him back in line. 
  • ARMOR 34 ⇒ 31
  • DAMAGE 30/55/80/105/130 ⇒ 20/45/70/95/120
  • CLONE DAMAGE 40/45/50/55/60% ⇒ 35/40/45/50/55% 
Cost decreased. Attack damage increased. 
Sanguine Blade hasn't seen much action lately, especially since it has a specific niche that not all game states call for. Coupled with its reduced effectiveness around allies, it can stand to be more generous with the stats it gives to the user. 
  • COST 1100g ⇒ 1000g
  • ATTACK DAMAGE 50 ⇒ 55
10.9 Buffs
  • NOCTURNE +8% damage dealt & -8% damage taken ⇒ +10% damage dealt & -10% damage taken
  • ZED +5% damage dealt ⇒ +5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken
10.9 Nerfs
  • GALIO Normal ⇒ +5% damage taken
  • URGOT Normal ⇒ -5% damage dealt
  • XIN ZHAO -5% damage taken ⇒ Normal 
The Essence Emporium returns from April 30, 2020 to May 13, 2020! Spend your Blue Essence on exclusive icons, chromas, and skins. 
For this run, we are rolling out improvements to the popular Mystery Champie Icon Boxes. We kept all the things players love, but there are a few minor changes to the experience: 
1. To get a full list of icons that can be acquired from each box, please check the item description 
2. When you purchase a Mystery Champie Icon Box, it will now appear in the Hextech Crafting tab (where your skin shards, Prestige Points, and event tokens live) 
3. If you receive an icon you already own, you can disenchant it for a FULL refund of the BE cost 
  • Sylas' ultimate timer for specific champions will no longer show in spectator mode
  • Added voice lines from Ascension for Azir, Cassiopeia, Renekton, Sivir, and Xerath
  • Aatrox’s taunt lines have been moved to his joke. Three of his old ultimate's revive lines have been repurposed as his taunt.
  • Fixed a Champion Select issue where trades would be cancelled if more than one trade would happen at the same time
  • When Neeko takes on her allied Kayn's appearance with Passive - Inherent Glamour, she will now properly take on the appearance of Shadow Assassin or Rhaast if he has transformed
  • Lee Sin's R - Dragon's Rage's enemy-attached indicator is no longer visible through Fog of War
  • Viktor's Q - Siphon Power-empowered basic attacks are no longer able to destroy wards in two hits
  • Lux's R - Final Spark no longer goes on full cooldown when she dies during its cast
  • Kled now properly gains Courage when attacking champions dismounted
  • Riven's Q - Broken Wings will now properly activate Conqueror and give her four stacks of the rune when quickly used twice on the same target
  • When Fiora blocks Jhin's basic attacks with W - Riposte, she will no longer get a fake Caught Out mark on her from Jhin's PoV
  • Lee Sin's W - Safeguard now properly treats allied clones as champions and shields them properly when he dashes to one
  • Sett is no longer interrupted by player-generated terrain (like Jarvan's R - Cataclysm when casting R - The Show Stopper
  • Dark Star Thresh's lantern is now properly visible after he dies and respawns
  • Shaco's clone no longer gets a burst of movement speed from Nimbus Cloak
  • Rift Scuttler's speed shrine is now properly functional outside of the Death Realm even when Mordekaiser captures the champion that killed it in his R - Realm of Death
  • Miss Fortune's Passive - Love Tap-empowered basic attacks now properly stack Conqueror
  • When Warwick casts Q - Jaws of the Beast on a Sion that is about to respawn during his Passive - Glory in Death, he will no longer transport to the real Sion in the enemy fountain
  • Caitlyn's W - Yordle Snap Trap now properly empowers only one basic attack
  • Shaco no longer gets a Double Kill and double the intended gold from killing with his clone and by casting E - Two-Shiv Poison in his enemy's R - Realm of Death
  • Damage caused by active items will property proc Dark Harvest 

The following skins will be released in this patch. Grab the League Displays app for full-res splash art!
FPX Gangplank, FPX Malphite, FPX Vayne, FPX Lee Sin, FPX Thresh

The following chromas will be released this patch:
FPX Gangplank
FPX Malphite
FPX Vayne
FPX Lee Sin
FPX Thresh"

Champion Skins

Five skins will be available on April 30th, honoring FunPlus Phoenix's 2019 Worlds win:

FPX Gangplank

1350 RP
"Honoring GimGoon's winning performance as Gangplank during the 2019 World Championship."

FPX Lee Sin

1350 RP
"Honoring Tian's winning performance as Lee Sin during the 2019 World Championship."

FPX Malphite

1350 RP
"Honoring Doinb's winning performance as Malphite during the 2019 World Championship."

FPX Thresh

1350 RP
"Honoring Crisp's winning performance as Thresh during the 2019 World Championship."

FPX Vayne

1350 RP
"Honoring LWX's winning performance as Vayne during the 2019 World Championship with the help of Lil'Black, Lil'Orange, Firmiana and Lil'White."


New chromas will also be available this patch:

FPX Elite Chromas
"This chroma was released as a bundle exclusive in 2020."
Purchase of FPX skins mega bundle, not available separately. [Source]


Summoner Icons

Tons of new summoner icons will be available this patch:

FPX World Champions Merch Icon, FPX World Champions Golden Icon, FPX World Champions Icon

FPX Malphite Signature Icon, FPX Vayne Signature Icon, FPX Lee Sin Signature Icon

FPX Gangplank Signature Icon, FPX Thresh Signature Icon

Season 2020 - Split 2 Icon

Mordekaiser Champie Icon, Kled Champie Icon, Talon Champie Icon

Xayah Champie Icon, Rakan Champie Icon, Jhin Champie Icon

Tristana Champie Icon, Rumble Champie Icon, Veigar Champie Icon

Gnar Champie Icon, Lulu Champie Icon, Corki Champie Icon

Heimerdinger Champie Icon, Teemo Champie Icon, Kennen Champie Icon

Poppy Champie Icon, Yuumi Champie Icon, Zoe Champie Icon

Little Legend Freshwater Molediver Icon, Little Legend Dawnglow Silverwing Icon, Little Legend Fireborn Hauntling Icon

Little Legend Hardhitter Melisma Icon, Little Legend Last Wish Fuwa Icon, Little Legend Extra Spicy Featherknight Icon

Little Legend Sundrop Shisa Icon, Little Legend Fierce Protector Icon


New emotes will be availabel sometime this patch:

Is That A Challenge?

2020 - Split 2 - *Rank*

Rise of the Elements *rank* Emote

Teamfight Tactics Patch 10.9 Notes

Check out the full TFT Patch 10.9 notes:
"Welcome back from the future Chrono players, 
This week it's patch 10.9 and that means new Galaxies, Trait and Champion adjustments, item system changes, and last but not least new Odyssey themed Arenas! In Champion Balance, we're making 3-Star Tier 1 Champions a little easier to get, and a little more worth the chase. We hope this will open up even more interesting team options. We're also lowering the power of the larger vertical traits, and buffing some of the smaller supplemental traits again with the goal of opening up more interesting build paths. Perhaps the most interesting change is a reimagining of Chrono. The trait will now always give 15% bonus attack speed every few seconds with the first first tick coming at the start of combat. Now, adding more Chrono Champions will increase how often your champions get bonus attack speed, rather than how much. 
Take this portal if you're looking for League's patch notes
Let's get into it! 
Odyssey Jinx Arena
Odyssey Yasuo Arena
Odyssey Malphite Arena
Champion Shop Drop Rates
  • Level 3: 70/30/0/0/0%⇒75/25/0/0/0%
  • Level 4: 50/35/15/0/0%⇒60/30/10/0/0%
  • Level 5: 35/40/20/5/0%⇒40/35/20/5/0%
  • Level 6: 20/35/35/10/0%⇒25/35/30/10/0%
  • Level 7: 14/30/40/15/1%⇒19/30/35/15/1%
Item and Drop changes
  • Players can no longer sell units if doing so would cause an item to be deleted.
  • Players can no longer open loot orbs if their item bench is full.
  • Now all players drop at least 1 small orb in the first 3 PVE rounds.
New Galaxies
  • Treasure Trove: Every minion and monster in the game drops a loot orb.
  • Star Cluster: All Tier 1/2/3 champions on carousels have 2 stars.
Galaxy Odds
  • Treasure Trove - 12.5% of games
  • Star Cluster - 12.5% of games
  • The Neekoverse - 7.5% of games
  • Lilac Nebula - 7.5% of games
  • Medium Legends - 7.5% of games
  • Superdense Galaxy - 7.5% of games
  • Trade Sector - 10% of games
  • Normal - 35% of games  

Focused balance changes 
We're lowering the power of the larger vertical traits, and buffing some of the smaller supplemental traits to open up some more interesting build paths. 
  • Blademaster proc chance: 30/60/100%⇒30/55/100%
  • Blaster bonus attacks: 3/6⇒3/5
  • Brawler bonus Health: 300/700⇒350/650
  • Celestial: 15/40/65⇒15/35/60
  • Cybernetic: 350&35/750&75⇒350&35/700&70
  • Darkstar Attack Damage and Spell Power: 25/30/35⇒20/25/35
  • Infiltrator Attack Speed Bonus: 50/80/125⇒50/75/120
  • Infiltrator: Now refreshes on takedown at all levels
  • Protector Shield: 20/30/45⇒25/30/40%
  • Rebel Shield: 150/225/350⇒150/210/330
  • Sorcerer Spell Power: 20/45/80/125⇒20/40/75/120
  • Star Guardian Mana: 30/60⇒30/50
  • Vanguard Armor: 60/250⇒125/250
  • Starship: 20 mana per second⇒40 mana per second
  • Valkyrie Critical Strike threshold: 50%⇒40% or below 
General balance and other adjustments
  • Blademaster: Increased the speed of the bonus attacks
  • Chrono Attack Speed: 15/35/75% every 4 seconds⇒15% every 8/4/2 seconds
  • Chrono: First tick now happens immediately on start of combat.
  • Mech Pilot Mana granted to Pilots on Mech death: 25⇒0
  • Mech Pilot Base Health: 1800⇒1500
  • Mech Pilot Share of Pilot Health: 50%⇒45% 
Tier 1 Champions
  • Fiora Riposte Stun: 1.5/1.5/1.5⇒1.5/1.5/3 seconds
  • Graves Smoke Grenade Blind Duration: 4/4/4⇒3/4/5 seconds
  • Kha'zix Taste their Fear Damage: 175/250/400⇒200/275/500
  • Leona Eclipse Damage Reduction: 40/80/120⇒40/80/200
  • Malphite Energy Shield: 40%/45%/50%⇒40%/45%/60%
  • Twisted Fate Wild Cards Damage: 200/300/500⇒200/300/550
  • Ziggs Bomb! Damage: 250/325/550⇒300/400/700
Tier 2 Champions
  • Annie Health: 600⇒700
  • Lucian: Will now target the nearest enemy with his Double Tap after dashing if his current target is dead
  • Sona Aria of Perseverance Cleanse: All Debuffs⇒Only Stuns
  • Sona Aria of Perseverance Heal amount: 100/150/200⇒150/200/300
  • Rakan Grand Entrance Targeting: Farthest unit within 3 Hexes⇒Farthest unit within Attack Range + 1 Hex
  • Yasuo Last Breath Targeting: Highest Item unit⇒Farthest unit within Attack Range + 2 Hexes 
Tier 3 Champions
  • Master Yi Chosen One Healing: 8%/10%/15%⇒12% at all levels
  • Rumble Flame Spitter Damage: 250/400/800⇒350/500/1000
Tier 4 Champions
  • Jinx Rocket Magic Damage: 100/175/750⇒125/200/750
Tier 5 Champions
  • Aurelion Sol Mana: 30/80⇒40/120
  • Gangplank Mana: 75/175⇒100/175
  • Gangplank Faster Impact Upgrade: 1 sec⇒0.3 sec delay
  • Xerath Abyssal Bombardment Damage: 350/450/2500⇒300/400/2500
  • Xerath Abyssal Bombardment Splash Damage (% of base damage): 50%⇒25% 
  • Quicksilver shield duration: 15sec⇒10sec 
  • Star Guardian 3 is now a Bronze Trait.
  • Fixed a bug where Xerath could continue firing meteors while reviving from Guardian Angel if he started casting right before he died.
  • Fixed a bug where Xerath would lose his transformed state when activating Guardian Angel.
  • Fixed a bug where Xerath would get stuck in his idle animation if stunned while transformed.
  • Ahri now waits until her first orb returns to cast another one 
  • Equipping Items in out of game loadouts screen will now be much faster.
  • Took out the tuning fork and made sure the “Login Successful” SFX now plays correctly.
  • Your loadout will no longer get messed up when you log out of the app.
  • Arena Skins Icons are no longer uncomfortably zoomed in and will show what the skin is (entirely).
  • You can now remove a friend from your friends list, we've all been there.
  • If you don't select the "stay signed in" option, you will no longer stay signed in. Crazy.
  • The Stage indicator panel will no longer be wonky (it's a technical term) if you surrendered in previous games.
  • Little Legends rarity is now shown on the loadouts panel.
  • The Ready Check indicator and Social Panel got a bunch of small visual fixes. They should be generally cleaner now.
  • Begone! Expired missions do not show up in the missions panel anymore.
  • Social Auth accounts can now access their inventory when they first login and play the game.
  • Game no longer crashes when opening a trait panel in Team Planner, woops."

TFT Arenas

Three new TFT arenas were added this patch:

Odyssey Jinx Arena, Odyssey Malphite Arena, Odyssey Yasuo Arena

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