Red Post Collection: Victorious Aatrox Ult Form Wing Updates, True Damage Merch, & More

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Tonight's red post collection includes updated to Victorious Aatrox's ult wings on the PBE, new True Damage merch, and more!
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Victorious Aatrox Ult Form Wing Updates

Here's Riot Eggo McLego with an update on changes to Victorious Aatrox's Ult form Wings:
"Hey everyone, 
We want to give you a heads up that we’ve made some changes to Victorious Aatrox. When the skin hit PBE, we discovered some pretty serious issues with how his World Ender wings interact with certain runes and items.
[Aatrox normal Ult wings, with Conqueror, and Zhonya’s]
[Oof, oops!]

In order to fix this, we’ve adjusted the wings to a solid, bulkier silhouette. The initial feedback we saw around him feeling too sleek and lightweight helped determine the aesthetic we wanted to give this new version. We didn’t feel we could successfully add more armor to his look without coming too close to the Justicar skin, but hope the new wings help his most powerful moments feel harder-hitting.
[Aatrox new Ult wings] 
These changes will go into effect before his launch, so this is the version you’ll get if you’ve reached Gold or higher in non-TFT ranked queues. 
Riot Eggo McLego"

New True Damage Merch

True Damage merch is now in the merch store, including new minis and figures, clothing, jewelry, posters, and more!

Akali also has a clothing line coming out soon, with a launch piece now available!
"Exclusive launch piece of Akali's new clothing line. Available until November 15th. 
Full collection coming soon."


  • Riot Xenogenic noted they would be adding a toggle for True Damage Ekko's music in game next patch:
"To follow-up with our plan: 
The fastest way to enable this kind of toggle will be to add a CTRL+5 emote that turns it on/off, so that's our goal for next patch. Pressing CTRL+5 will mute Ekko's music and enable the music for the map you're on, and pressing it again will unmute it and mute the map music. 
The better solution long term will be to add a musical note button next to your Ekko on the scoreboard (like the note next to DJ Sona) that you can click to mute/unmute your own music. That's higher scope and we'll try to get that in for a future patch."
  • Meddler tweeted TFT ranked should be back next week alongside the patch:
"TFT Ranked - Plan is to turn it back on next week, alongside patch changes to address a number of bugs and balance issues to ensure the set's in a good place for competitive play."
  • Scruffy with a balance update as 9.23 nears: 
[1]"After looking at 9.22 data, we don't have any significant champion outliers that we want to do balance work on before 9.23 (including Senna).  
With 9.23 being a huge preseason patch, we plan to hotfix anything crazy and do a large amount of followup in 9.24."
  • Squad5 with a few tweets on Diana PBE work in 9.23
[1] "Diana work is going to be on PBE in 9.23.
Here's the gist of what you're going to see- 
 Updated VFX, SFX and ability icons. (No new VO or Model changes.)  
Adjustments passive and overall tuning changes.
SWAP E and R. R beefed up to be an ultimate level ability."

[2] "I'll put up a post going into more detail on exactly what we are doing and some of the thought processes behind what we're doing when she's on PBE."
  • 2019 World Championship Moments & Memories

Other Games

  • New trailer for Expeditions, a new Draft Mode for Legends in Runeterra. Expeditions will be up for testing in the next preview patch on November 14th. More info can be found here in the Expeditions Preview Patch FAQ.


To round out this red post collection, here are a few reminders on current promotions or limited time events!
  • Worlds 2019 celebrations is underway! New skins, chroma, Worlds Pass, loot, missions, and so much more are now available! The celebration runs now until November 19th!

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