True Damage 2019 - Akali, Ekko, Qiyana, Senna, & Yasuo

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"Don't pray for me, pray for my enemies." - True Damage AkaliEkkoQiyana (+ Prestige Edition), Senna, and Yasuo and all content are now available!
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Client Release

The True Damage content is now available in the store!

Worlds 2019 Finals Performance

Check out the Worlds 2019 Opening Ceremony where True Damage performed "Giants"!

Giants Music Video

A new music video is also up for "Giants":

Champion Skins

Following the skins trailer & reveal, new True Damage skins for AkaliEkkoQiyana ( + Prestige Edition), Senna, and Yasuo are now available!

True Damage Akali

1350 RP
"After the worldwide success of K/DA, Akali made it her mission to recruit accomplished and up-and-coming artists to form a new supergroup: True Damage. Never before has a crew been comprised of such diverse talent, ranging from natural lyricists to renowned producers to legendary vocalists... all ready to disrupt the music industry."

True Damage Ekko

1820 RP
"A boy genius from the rough streets, Ekko turned to music as a way to express himself. His prodigious lyricism and technological savvy could have bought him a way out, but instead, he chose to stay and uplift his neighborhood. Now, he fiercely resists the temptations of fame and glory, garnering a following among the young and hopeful who see him as an avatar for their own potential."

As a Legendary tier skin, True Damage Ekko has a new voiceover and special interactions:

True Damage Senna

1350 RP
"Senna rose to fame with her stunning vocal range and iconic sense of style, but when a shady adversary from her past imprisoned her in a restrictive record deal that took away her creative independence, she vanished from the spotlight. After years of living in the shadows, she now emerges as the lead singer of True Damage with her mind set on defining her legacy on her own terms."

True Damage Qiyana

1350 RP
"Qiyana is the daughter of Latin music royalty. With her family's esteemed reputation, she has an easy path to superstardom... and yet, she has her eyes set on something grander. With her brash confidence and rebellious persona, she is determined to change the game in not just music, but the entirety of pop culture."

True Damage Qiyana Prestige Edition

2000 Worlds Tokens
"Always a fixture in the spotlight, Qiyana dressed to impress at True Damage's sold-out concert in Paris. While the paparazzi swarmed her with photos and questions, she reveled in the attention, knowing this was only the beginning of her empire of celebrity."

True Damage Yasuo

1350 RP
"As enigmatic as he is skilled, Yasuo is the veteran producer all others turn to for inspiration. His beats transcend genre, painting whole universes with wild textures of sound. Notoriously selective about his collaborations, Yasuo sees True Damage as his platform to revolutionize how society experiences music."


Several chroma for many of the True Damage skins are also now available!

True Damage Akali
[7 Chroma]

True Damage Yasuo
[7 Chroma]

True Damage Senna
[7 Chroma]

True Damage Ekko
[7 Chroma]

Summoner Icons

Tons of summoner icons are now available for purchase, through bundles, and more!

True Damage Akali Border Icon, True Damage Yasuo Border Icon, True Damage Ekko Border Icon

True Damage Senna Border Icon, True Damage Qiyana Border Icon

True Damage Yasuo Chroma Icon, True Damage Senna Chroma Icon, True Damage Akali Chroma Icon

True Damage Ekko Chroma Icon, True Damage Icon

Little Legend Ossia Icon, Little Legend Melisma Icon, Little Legend QiQi Icon

Ward Skin

A new ward skin is now available!

True Damage Ward


Two new True Damage themed emotes are now available:

No Sweat!, Animated Unimpressed!

True Damage Little Legends

Three new True Damage themed Little Legends are now available - Ossia,  QiQi, and Melisma:

Little Legends Series 5 True Damage Egg

"Ossia embodies cool. It commands rhyme and rhythm with an effortless flow that makes even the greatest Little Legends jealous."

Beatmaker Ossia

Pop Queen Ossia

Prodigy Ossia

Pumped Up Ossia

Soloist Ossia

"QiQi's hobbies include looking good and turning heads. Whether it's music, fashion or battling fierce enemies, QiQi always takes center stage."

Bass Queen QiQi

Beatmaker QiQi

Hardhitter QiQi

Prodigy QiQi

Soloist QiQi

"Melisma stays true to the beat. No matter the occasion, it stands ready to drop the hottest track you never knew you wanted."

Beatmaker Melisma

Hardhitter Melisma

Pop Queen Melisma

Prodigy Melisma

Shadow Beat Melisma

Check out the True Damage Little Legends trailer:

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