Red Post Collection: Rise of the Elements Pass, A Thanks to all Twisted Treeline Players, & More!

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[UPDATERiot Katana mentioning changes for TD Loading Screen borders]

Today's red post collection includes details on the Rise of the Elements TFT pass, a thanks to all Twisted Treeline players, a new Senna story: Voices of the Dead, and more!
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Rise of the Elements Pass

With TFT Rise of Elements and an entire new set of champions hitting live with 9.22, here's details on the RISE OF ELEMENTS PASS and rewards to earn, including the map chroma seen on the PBE:
"Rise of the Elements is here, and so is a brand new rewards pass! We have some exciting changes coming to the Teamfight Tactics progression experience, so let's dive in to what’s new.
Higher Quality Rewards 
The Rise of the Elements pass is more heavily focused on the most exciting stuff. You’ll be able to earn four map chromas, based off the four core elements of the set: Inferno, Mountain, Ocean, and Cloud. 
This pass doesn’t have any summoner icons—we’ve seen the memes and know you have plenty of them. We’ve upgraded all of the smaller rewards to emotes. 
At the end of the pass are two little legends eggs, a Set 1 Egg and a Set 1-3 Rare Egg. 
More Time 
So far, our passes have been pretty strict on time limitations, which means you haven’t had very long to get to the most exciting rewards at the end of ’em. This one will stay up for the entire length of the Rise of the Elements set. We hope this gives you more time to earn the things you’re excited about. 
Play Flexibly 
In addition to the extra time, this pass is also more flexible in two specific ways:
  • Orb of Enlightenment: We wanted to make it easier for players who don’t play TFT every day but still play a lot of it to get a good amount of XP from the Orb. The Orb will now recharge every three days instead of every day, so if you only play certain nights or only on weekends, you’ll have a much easier time earning XP in this pass.
  • Larger Missions: Some weeks will have larger missions, but fewer of them. These missions could take a couple of days to finish, but you’ll have access to them for the entire week. We’re excited to hear what you think about doing more small tasks vs working towards a bigger goal over multiple days.
This pass will be active from the first day of Rise of the Elements until the launch of the next set. 
Best of luck in the Convergence!"
Here's the full set of rewards for the pass:

For more on the launch of Rise of the Elements with 9.22, check out the set 2 gameplay trailer or the Patch 9.22 TFT notes!

TFT Info

With TFT: Rise of the Elements now on live servers, here's a ton of info from Riot Mort to help you learn the new set!
[1] TFT - Patch 9.22 Notes and the release of Set 2: Rise of the Elements!!
[2] And since it's a new set, let's provide some more updated info:  
Player Damage Numbers:
[3] Here are Tier Bag sizes and Drop Rates:
[4] Thieves Gloves Tables:
[5] And all the Rise of the Elements units! From everyone on the TFT Team, we hope you have a blast!

The TFT Twitter posted a detailed cheatsheet:
[1] Rise of the Elements is now live! Here's a nifty cheat sheet to help you navigate the fresh changes! GLHF!!!
Full quality image here!
Finally, Riot Mort posted a current list of known bugs:
[1] "Known Bugs we're still working on: 
*Woodland/Druid traits being incorrect sometimes
*Olaf mana rarely not working
*Olaf can be glacialed
*Some tooltips are incorrect
*Various other small bugs 
If you find anything else, feel free to send them my way."

A Thanks to All Twisted Treeline Players 

Here's shio shoujo with details on rewards for players of Twisted Treeline, after it's removal was announced at the end of this season:
"As announced earlier this year, Twisted Treeline will officially be retired at the end of this season. We're sad to see such a longtime game mode leave our official rotation, but doing so will let us keep our focus on our larger game modes. For more information on this, please check out the /dev post we did about modes! 
Players who achieved ranks through Twisted Treeline games will still get those end of season rewards when the season officially ends on November 19 12:00AM PT. But as stated previously, there will not be a Twisted Treeline specific chroma this year. 
That being said, we want to specially commemorate those of you who've been long-term fans of Vilemaw and celebrate all the games you've played in League's venerable 3v3 mode! 
In Patch 9.23, players who played more than 10 games of Twisted Treeline over the map's lifespan will get an exclusive icon. Those who played over 50 games will get that icon and an exclusive emote. And finally, those who played over 100 games will get the first two rewards and a third, limited time icon. Here's a sneak peek of the emote, featuring everyone's favorite spider: 
Thanks again to all you loyal spider killers!"

Senna Story: Voices of the Dead

A new Senna color story is now on the Universe! Check out "Voices of the Dead":
"There’s a saying on my island. “Only through stealing our breath can the wind speak.” You want me to describe the Black Mist that greeted me when I first arrived in the Ionian village, hood raised, relic cannon on my back? 
The Mist steals words too. The screams of those who die within. 
Once, they were my screams—but I’m alive now."

[Full Story here!]


"Since this thread isn't super new, jumping onto your comment for better visibility ('scuse me, not cutting the line just trying to find my friends) 
Thanks for raising this idea OP and u/boydlr ! The team working on True Damage took a look and we agree that customizing the border color per champion is a real improvement. When working on a line of skins like this, we often use the same border for thematic matching, but with the color variation here it doesn't coordinate particularly for Akali and Qiyana. 
Since we're later in the patch cycle than usual, we'll be making some border changes that will go live after they launch. Thanks for the feedback!"

  • The Future is Ours | Worlds 2019 Finals - League of Legends

"The two best League of Legends teams in the world will take the stage in Paris on Sunday, November 10, at 1:00 p.m. CET / 4:00 a.m. PT."
"Hey /r/leagueoflegends!  
We are the Riot Games’ Books and Narrative team, and we’re here to answer your questions about Realms of Runeterra, books, lore, and more!

Realms of Runeterra is available now, and since we’ve seen a lot of people receive their copies over the past few days, we thought it’d be a cool idea to hop onto Reddit and answer some questions. If any questions may have come to mind while checking it out, or if you want to know more about the process to get this book made, or if you have any other random questions for us, now’s the time!

If you’re not familiar with what Realms of Runeterra is, here’s a quick description:

Unlock the mysteries and magic within League of Legends, one of the world's most popular video games, in this encyclopedic and collectible companion book that explores the game's epic lore. Embark on a journey through the realms of Runeterra in this first-ever collectible companion book, published to celebrate the game's tenth anniversary.
We will start answering questions no later than 2pm PT / 5pm ET / 10pm UCT, so leave them below and folks will jump in as they can!

Not everyone has flairs at the moment, but here are the Rioters you may see answering questions:

/u/Thermal_Kitten - Head of Narrative /u/Scathlocke - Narrative Editorial Director /u/WhiskrsActual - Sr. Narrative Editor /u/Lauramichet - Narrative Editor /u/HoneyTower - Development Manager /u/Riot_Bioluminescence - Sr. Game Designer /u/RiotAshekandi - Comms Lead 

"Rapper Thutmose lent his voice to True Damage Ekko in a whole new way - as an in-game voice over. Thut sat down to chat with writer Michael Luo about what changes when you go from spitting rhymes in the studio to giving voice to a character on the Rift."
  • URF will be extended an extra day! Here's the announcement from the LoL Twitter:
"Another update! We're extending URF by 1 day!  
 The timing is so that it now turns off on 11/9/2019 at 7:00PM PT GLHF!"
  • In Paris for the 2019 World Finals? Check out the Finals Village in Paris with tons of activities to celebrate!
"Come take part in the once-in-a-lifetime experience of Worlds in Paris from Wednesday, November 6 to Sunday, November 10 at the Place de l’Hotel de Ville. We’ll have 5 days of activities to celebrate Worlds, concluding with a special Finals viewing party on the 10th."
"Catch all the action from this year’s World Championship Final on the big screen in cinemas all over Europe!  
If you can’t make it down to Paris, France to cheer on your favourite team at this year’s World Championship, that’s not a problem at all!  
In partnership with Mastercard, we’ve teamed up with over 200 cinemas all over Europe to run viewing parties for the finals on November 10th, giving you the chance to experience all the action from the Rift on the big screen with local League of Legends fans. With the live broadcast from Paris beamed straight into your own cinema starting from 11:30 CEST, there’s plenty of time to get comfortable, grab your snacks and discuss just who you think will be lifting up the Summoner’s Cup live on stage."

"Tickets will be on sale for the 2019 All-Star Event staring November 4 at 4 PM PT!"
In Ionia, a land steeped in tradition and still reeling from war, the once honorable warrior named Zed leads a band of assassins. After Zed murdered their master, his childhood friend Shen has taken a different path, inheriting his father’s former mantle as the Eye of Twilight and maintaining magical balance in Ionia. But when Zed is lured back to a village where he and Shen once encountered a great evil, a brutal killer from their past resurfaces: the magically gifted psychopath Khada Jhin! Will the two sworn enemies work together to defeat Jhin--or will they destroy each other first?!  
Written by Riot Games’ Odin Austin Shafer and illustrated by Edgar Salazar, Lorenzo Ruggiero and Chris O’Halloran, ZED #1 is an all-new adventure set in the world of League of Legends, told in the mighty Marvel manner!"

Other Games

"Good News, Everyone!  
We’re excited to announce a developer challenge based around our newly announced game, Legends of Runeterra. You may have noticed the shiny new toys we released during the first preview of Legends of Runeterra. For the next preview on November 14th - 19th, we’ve added even more functionality to the Game Client API, and we’re going to sweeten the pot for those of you who want to test things out."


To round out this red post collection, here are a few reminders on current promotions or limited time events!
  • Look for Senna, the Redeemer, and the True Damage skinline on November 10th! More details in the 9.22 Patch Notes!
  • Worlds 2019 celebrations is underway! New skins, chroma, Worlds Pass, loot, missions, and so much more are now available! The celebration runs now until November 19th! Groups stage kicks off on October 12th!

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