Red Post Collection: QGT June 7, 9.12 Lore Update, & More

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Today's red post collection includes Meddler's quick gameplay thoughts for June 7th, the 9.12 lore update, the winner of the Trials event, and more!
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Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 7 

Here's Meddler with his quick gameplay thoughts for June 7th:
"Hi folks, 
Usual Disclaimers 
These posts will often contain talk about future work we're doing, or planning to do, that isn't yet guaranteed to ship. The nature of the work could change or, depending on what we discover, projects mentioned may get delayed or even stopped. If you'd like to see a Tweet whenever a new one of these posts goes up:
Zac revert refinements
Going to talk today about various bits and pieces people have been bringing up a fair bit recently. First up, Zac's R revert. In addition to putting some straight power into him in 9.12 we're also looking to get some stuff working like it used to with the original version of this ult. That includes blob generation on each bounce for 9.12. Also looking to get VO lines back in that used to play with his ult, not sure on exact timing on those yet though. 
Shen Q and Hail of Blades 
Wouldn't normally focus on an individual bug (for one thing I just don't normally have the context on where a fix is or isn't up to). Did want to follow up on this particular one though. We've got a fix for Shen not triggering Hail of Blades on Q empowered AAs in 9.12. 
Chat on Loading Screen 
We talked about this when the changes to the new loading screen were rolling out earlier in the year but haven't touched on it since. Short version is we've decided to deprioritize this work for now. It's something we'd still like to do at some point, conclusion was that the Client and UI engineering time needed for it would be better spent elsewhere right now though. Should be able to talk about some of the projects we chose to prioritize instead pretty soon (realize it's hard to assess a call like this without context on what was being traded off with what). 
Support Item Changes 
Similarly we made some changes to support items a while back to address some problematic uses in other positions. Our goal at the time was to then do some further work, find better long term improvements to those items in general. That work has shown some promise. Our current thinking is to ship it in preseason. 
Non SR Game Modes 
And finally also seeing quite a few questions or suggestions crop up about non SR game modes recently, particularly Nexus Blitz, ARURF, ARAM and TT. We should have some details to share next month on how we'll be approaching those modes late next month, including when the non permanent ones will next be available."

When asked how the Teemo changes were going, Meddler commented:
"Most recent version in testing was pretty E focused as follows (differences all versus previous prototype version, not versus live Teemo): 
- No longer granted extra sight range
- CD didn't tick down faster in brush
- Distance while invisible up a bit
- CD lower
- Standing in brush slowly replenished distance Teemo could move while invisible 
Haven't heard how playtesting with that went though. Expect this will likely continue as a slow burn project rather than something that gets released or killed quickly, especially given it's the secondary priority of the designer working on it."

9.12: Lore Update 

Here's Riot Ashekandi with the 9.12 Lore update:
"Hey everyone! 
This week’s lore update takes us deep into the jungle as we uncover a new region: Ixtal! Along the way, we’ll have a chance to get to know the Empress of the Elements, Qiyana. 
We also have a new Mordekaiser Color Story to round out his story for his update, so make sure to check it out. 
As always, we love to hear your thoughts and theories, so make sure to share them in the comments! 
Let’s dive in! 
Bret "Ashekandi" Forbus

New Champion 
Bio: Empress of the Elements 
Some day, all this will be Ixaocan. A glorious empire, with an empress to fit. 
Qiyana, Ixtal, Bio
New Region 
Secluded deep in the jungle for thousands of years, the sophisticated arcology-city of Ixaocan remains mostly free of outside influence. Having witnessed from afar the ruination of the Blessed Isles and the Rune Wars that followed, the Ixtali view all the other factions of Runeterra as upstarts and pretenders, and use their powerful magic to keep any intruders at bay. 
Ixtal, Qiyana, Neeko, Nidalee, Rengar, Zyra, Malphite, Runeterra, Region
Color Story
The Final Reign
- by Michael Yichao 
A raised fist. A surge of necromantic power. Before him, the final spire of the final tower takes form, inky smoke coalescing into black iron. 
Mordekaiser, Noxus
COMING SOON: League of Legends: Lux – Issue 2
- by John O’Bryan 
Meet… Sylas of Dregbourne! Lux meets in secret with an enemy of the state… But who is Sylas and is he really as dangerous as the stories say…or something far worse? And—will Garen’s plan for Lux prove to be her salvation…or usher in Demacia’s undoing?
We’re fast approaching Lux – Issue 2, which is planned to release on June 12, 2019. If you haven’t read Issue 1, make sure to check it out before the release of the second issue so you can follow along as Lux encounters a darker side of Demacia! 
Lux, Garen, Sylas, Demacia, Comic
Universe Updates 
With the introduction of our newest region, Ixtal, we’ve added Ixtal to the Runeterra map, added the Ixtal region page, and associated a number of champions with Ixtal including Malphite, Neeko, Nidalee, and more.
  • Added Ixtal and various points of interest to the Runeterra map.
  • Added Ixtal region page.
  • Added champion associations to Ixtal.
  • Added images to Ixtal region page."

The House Triumphant 

Here's Bilby with the winner of the Trials event:
"The four houses strategized, rallied, misdirected, and outplayed until the end, but only one can claim the throne as the winner of the Mid-Season Trials. 
Congratulations to The United. Here are the final standings:

1st: United - 65
2nd: Council - 64
3rd: Warband - 63
4th: Faceless - 60 
As a reminder, everyone in the winning house receives a permanent golden house emote. Players in that house will retain their house spawn animations for a period of time after the event. 
Thanks to all who competed, and well played to all the houses."


"Your weekly dose of server problem-os, NA League news, and other! 
ProView rolled out for LCS and LEC, whispers of the next buffs and nerfs are breezing about, lots of info about Morde’s rework, and what’s this, a new champion perhaps? 
  • Mac voice still not working properly Reached out to Apple for assistance (Looked into this, the core bug is still being worked on).
  • Transfers disabled Transfers were down for 7 days while configuration issues were investigated.
Server Stuff:
  • Associated missions not granted(5/31, ~75 minutes) Reports filter into the NOC detailing issues with Team Pass content. Quick checks show both Team Pass and Fan Pass have issues with proper missions being rewarded to content holders. A quick disable, check, and re-enable fixed it.
  • One server causes lag(6/1, ~90 minutes) Network engineers ping the NOC about a single server showing bad response time. That server seems to have problems, so the NOC prevents future games from starting there, verifying all games are off that server, and then disabling it until an on-site team can investigate.
  • Store deploy causes RP purchases to fail(6/5, ~30 minutes) A change to the store causes RP purchases to fail. After a quick check, the change was rolled back, fixing RP purchasing again. That change will be investigated to see why the problematic code was approved. 
Game Stuff:
  • Pyke and Zed disabled on TT (5/29, ~2 days) NOC is notified that Galaxy Slayer Zed on TT is causing the game to crash. Quick testing shows a low reproduction rate, so both champions were disabled until the core issue was fixed.
  • Graphics settings cause crashing on TT (5//30, ~36 hours) NA Live Services pings the NOC about games still crashing after Pyke and Zed have been disabled on TT. Investigation starts looking for other reasons for crashing beyond those two assassins, leading to a specific combination of settings and core code that would cause crashing. A few minor semicolons and a deploy later, and TT is fixed again! 
Player Support Issues: 
We’re seeing some larger than normal spikes in Lag based tickets. If you’re running into lag (and aren’t on WiFi that may or may not be the root cause of your problem), make sure to go through the connection KB steps here
Morgageddon & Couch Commando"


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