New Game Mode: Teamfight Tactics

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A new game mode is coming to the PBE for testing, Teamfight Tactics!
Continue reading for a first look at the mode and look for more in the 9.13 PBE cycle later this week!

"Teamfight Tactics" from Riot Cactopus and Riot Beernana:
"Teamfight Tactics is a totally new game mode in League that'll hit PBE later this month. 
TFT is a round-based strategy game that pits you against seven opponents in a free-for-all race to build a powerful team that fights on your behalf. Your goal: Be the last person standing.

How It Works 
You’ll spend gold in the store before each round to recruit League champions to your team. Throughout the game, your team will become more powerful as you draft champions that share origins and classes to unlock trait bonuses. Additionally, you can combine three duplicates of the same champ to upgrade them into a super version of themselves, and combine three supers to create the ultimate version.
Your team will then travel to an opponent’s board (or they will come to you) and a battle will unfold. During combat, your champions will move, attack, and cast spells automatically. Just like in League, you’ll need to choose a team comp and position your champs wisely to unlock their full potential. 
At the end of each round you'll earn gold to spend in future rounds. Occasionally, everyone will gather for a special event and draft from a single line-up of champions of varying strengths. Players will pick in the reverse order of their current standing, giving the players falling behind the chance to make a comeback. Win teamfights consistently to avoid losing health and deal damage to your opponents. Outlast everyone else to win, and don’t forget to spam your emotes along the way. 
How and Why We’re Making Teamfight Tactics 
Recently, we've been trying different kinds of modes that are deep and unique additions to the League experience. TFT is our next big exploration in that space and the first time we’re jumping into a different genre. We’ve always loved strategy games and recently we’ve gotten into the new auto-battler genre—folks around the office have been playing an insane amount of Dota Auto Chess in particular. We love it, and it actually got us inspired to create something new as a mode in League. 
We’re building this one with you. TFT’s initial launch is a beta, so expect it to be a work in progress as we work all of the kinks out. Every step of the way we’ll be listening closely to your experiences and feedback, so please let us know what you think. For our part, we’ll be in frequent contact via dev articles, updates and patch notes. 
Part of treating this like a Real Grown Up Game Mode means we'll support it with cool metagame features. That includes ranked. You can expect to see the ranked for TFT start up around patch 9.14. At that point, we should be in a good spot with bugs and initial game balance. 
Introducing Little Legends 
With the introduction of Teamfight Tactics, we’re excited to bring a whole new personalization option to League: Little Legends. These critters will be your avatar in TFT, dancing, emoting, animating, and generally showing off. After your first few games, you’ll unlock your first LL just by playing. 
After picking up your one-time-only free Legend, you can purchase additional species in the store for 750 RP. We’re launching with six species: 
If you’re not yet smitten with these Little Legends, expect more varieties with each patch, just like skins. Additionally, for those of you who want your to really pop we’ll feature Rare LL Eggs, purchasable for 490 RP. Rare Eggs contain special variants of those same species, with an added twist: hatching a variant you’ve already found will make them star up just like the champions in TFT, powering up their models and effects. Once a variant has reached its third level, it will not drop from future Rare Eggs you open. 
Little Legends will also join you on the Howling Abyss, where they'll cheer you on from the sidelines while you battle. 
You’ll see all of the Little Legends emoting their faces off on PBE, but we’ll talk more about what they are and how they work before they go live. 
Expect TFT to hit live servers during patch 9.13."

Riot SapMagic noted:
"There's a possibility this could become permanent. We're building features that could support it if that happens (Ranked, etc.) but ultimately how you play the mode will determine our strategy going forward."
He provided a few more details:
[1] "It's 8-player free-for-all."
[2] "For normals, you'll be able to queue with a full premade. For Ranked, we're still working out the details, but the premade size will go down the higher your rank (e.g., up to 5 until Gold, then lower above that)"
Look for more on Teamfight Tactics on the PBE in the 9.13 PBE cycle starting later this week!

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