Galaxy Slayer Zed & K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition now available!

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"You intend to destroy us. A grave mistake." - The legendary Galaxy Slayer Zed and K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition are now available!
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Release Announcement

While there is no release page, each new skin is now available in the store!

Check out "Tear the World Asunder", Galaxy Slayer Zed's skin trailer:

New Skin - Galaxy Slayer Zed

The legendary Galaxy Slayer Zed is now available for 1820 RP, as well as K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition for 100 Prestige Points:

Galaxy Slayer Zed

1820 RP (Legendary)
"Zed was a promising Templar before he became host to the hivemind of ora and imbued with its alien essence. Able to morph his body into living weapons, he now sees himself as the perfect life form, deserving of all ora and destined to cleanse the galaxy of the weak."

Galaxy Slayer Zed Special Interactions:

Full VO:

Non English VO:

K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition

100 Prestige Points
"With that wild in her veins, K/DA Evelynn stomps into the spotlight, shimmering in a custom golden outfit from the Pop Music Awards. Only 'winning, winning' now."

Summoner Icon

A new summoner icon is also now available as part of the Galaxy Slayer Zed Set:

Galaxy Slayer Zed Icon

Galaxy Slayer Zed Login Theme

A new login theme will be featured on the client:

Odyssey on Universe

The Odyssey page on the Universe was updated with a biography for Galaxy Slayer Zed and his Ora suit:
"Raised by the Templar Order, Zed dedicated himself to all its teachings at a young age. He learned every fundamental truth, and passed every harsh trial, until the day he stood proudly before his masters, and was anointed into their ranks. Only then was Zed given what was to be his final and greatest test: to seek out and protect one of the legendary megafauna—a truly ancient creature, worshipped as a god by many among the edgeworlds. 
It was a test he would fail… in a manner of speaking. 
An expedition of Demaxian troopers ambushed the young Templar, seeking to harvest the creature’s ora for themselves. Unwilling to let such power fall into the hands of non-believers, Zed killed it before their eyes, an act defying every tenet of the Templar faith. In an explosion of cosmic energy, the ora consumed him in body and mind. 
Ever since, Zed has seen himself—or rather, themselves—as the most perfect expression of all life. With the interdimensional whispers of ora guiding him across deep space, he has become a monstrous entity, capable of swift and deadly destruction. 
All other living beings are but distractions from his new vision of harmony—a galaxy cleansed of the weak and undeserving. 
I mean, it’s a solid gig. If you can get it."
"Zed is infused with ora in its purest form. It writhes across his skin, transforming his limbs and crafting living weapons—from shimmering blades to wicked throwing stars, and countless other objects with keen, aggressive edges. 
With enough willpower, he can even summon autonomous clones of himself from the ora. These confuse and distract his enemies, making them question their own senses, or forcing them to defend from multiple directions at once. 
But above all, the clones offer Zed a familiar face when he finds himself dining alone. 
What? That’s totally something Zed should consider. He seems lonely."

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