Kayle & Morgana Champion Spotlights

Posted on at 9:13 AM by Aznbeat
With Kayle and Morgana's champion updates headed to live in Patch 9.5, here's a look at each of their updated champion spotlights!
Continue reading for a look at each!

Kayle Champion Spotlight

"She decides who lives and dies. Witness how Kayle delivers her divine judgment. 
The Kayle champion spotlight reveals the new gameplay and visual update for League of Legends’ classic celestial warrior."
Morgana Champion Spotlight

"Morgana, the Fallen has been visually updated to match her divine origin—but has anything else about the dark enchantress changed?"
For more on Kayle and Morgana and previews of their updated kits and skins, check out our 9.5 PBE coverage!

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