Red Post Collection: /Dev: Strats and Stats in Odyssey: Extraction, Champ and Skin Sale, & More

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Today's red post collection includes a new /Dev on Odyssey: Extraction, notes on the Year in Review coming soon, a unannounced champ & skin sale, 2018: The Playlist, and more!
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/Dev: Strats and Stats in Odyssey: Extraction

Here's a /Dev blog from Riot Mort with stats from the Odyssey gamemode - "What percentage of players survived the Onslaught?"
"Hey folks. With Odyssey: Extraction long done and gone, we thought it’d be fun to share some of the info and cool strats that came from everyone playing! 
We can breakdown the win rates by both difficulty level and by the number of Augments equipped by players in those games. The Augments offered a lot of bonus power, so (unsurprisingly) the more you had, the easier the runs became.
For instance, we were happy to see that Crew difficulty went from a 40% win rate with zero Augments, to more than a 90% win rate with five Augments. Onslaught, on the other hand, was at 0.2% win rate with zero Augments, but most of those wins came from from one person having zero Augments, while their teammates had 4-5 and carried. 
The play rates of each champion in the first four difficulty levels matched about what you’d expect—it was basically in order of champion popularity on Summoner’s Rift. Once you look at Onslaught, though, the story gets much more interesting: 
Yasuo’s play rate is quite high, as his Wandering+Tempest Augment strat was by far the most popular for clearing Onslaught. As a refresher—Wandering was the Augment where tornadoes returned to Yasuo and dealt 75% bonus damage, and Tempest made Yasuo unstoppable and invulnerable during his ult, plus fired two tornadoes and reduced Last Breath’s cooldown by 10% upon landing (stacking for each enemy hit). 
The Ziggs line is pretty interesting. Since he was originally perceived as the weakest champion for the mode, his playrate dropped rather quickly. But once the “W in a corner” strat was found, he shot up real fast, then dipped again after the nerf. His playrate slowly continued to climb afterwards though, since people needed him to complete the Sona/Ziggs mission, and Ziggs was the easier choice of the two. Sona’s offense was likely too weak for the Onslaught difficulty, hence the playrate decline over time. 
Of all the players who played the Odyssey game mode… 
  • 12% were able to finish the Onslaught difficulty level and earn the Space Lizard icon.
  • 2.9% of players were able to earn the Odyssey Zenith icon (plus an Odyssey Gem) by completing Onslaught with two or fewer Augments equipped.
It seems like the reward and prestige of finishing that mission was appealing, because despite it being more difficult than the “All Sona/Ziggs team on Onslaught” mission, it had a higher completion rate: only 2.1% of players beat Onslaught with a team of only Sona/Ziggs. 
While the hardcore Odyssey players probably all know about the “Yasuo Tempest build” and the infamous “Ziggs W in a corner build,” there are some other really effective builds that innovative players discovered. 
Five Sonas with Cadence and Rhythm
  • Cadence Augment: Gain Power Chord after casting 2 spells. Power Chord lowers the cooldown of Crescendo.
  • Rhythm Augment: Hymm of Valor’s cooldown is reset when Sona casts another spell. 
How it works: With this build, you cast Q then W. Q’s cooldown is reset because of Rhythm, and Power Chord: Diminuendo is charged because of Cadence. You then hit Kayn with it, which resets W’s cooldown and lowers Kayn’s damage by 25%… then you’re ready to go again. 
The trick is that the damage reduction of Power Chord: Diminuendo stacks, so five Sonas can basically make Kayn do zero damage! From there it’s just making sure you clear the adds (aka the other enemies) and don’t make any mistakes. 
Three Jinxes with Comet/Arsenal, a Jinx with Antsy/Eager, and a Jinx with Antsy/Slow-Slow
  • Comet: Mega Death Comet passes through enemies and leaves a trail of fire in its wake.
  • Arsenal: Carry up to 3 Mega Death Comets at a time. Mega Death Comets have a lower cooldown.
  • Antsy: While Jinx has Get Excited, she can cast Warp infinitely.
  • Eager: Any time Jinx or one of her allies casts an Ultimate, Get Excited!
  • Slow-Slow: Pow-Pow slows enemies and shreds their defenses. 
How it works: We knew Comet/Arsenal Jinx was strong when Extraction launched, but we didn’t expect how players would refine the strategy. The original “five Jinxes with Comet/Arsenal” was great for the rooms, but it struggled to have enough damage to take on Kayn. 
The inclusion of Eager gave everyone on the team more movement and attack speed—which helped, but still fell a bit short. That’s when players figured out to use two attack speed single-target Jinxes (building Blade of the Ruined King, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and Wit’s End), with Antsy to keep themselves safe and Slow-Slow to shred Kayn’s armor.When we shipped Antsy, we figured it would be one of the worst Augments, but it was nice to see it used in such a creative way. Having two strong, single-target DPS-ers to take down Kayn who were also basically invincible with infinite Warps was really smart! 
Lastly, I have to give a shout out to the highest scoring players. This team from the NA region (Murata, ┼áinister, AoJun, Azumi Sagiri, Xerath Bot) managed to clear Onslaught with… 
  • Sona (No Augments)
  • Yasuo (No Augments)
  • Yasuo (No Augments)
  • Yasuo (Tempest/Wandering)
  • Malphite (Relentless/Onslaught) 
Total score: 3,252,247! We debated if scores over three million were even possible, but five teams managed to do it—which was really impressive. Check out the full high-score list here
That’s all for now. We hope everyone had fun with Odyssey: Extraction. We know everything wasn’t perfect (the team-based missions without a “looking for group” tool wasn’t ideal), and we’re taking these learnings forward. Until next time, thanks for being part of the Odyssey Crew. 
We’ll see ya in the new year!"


"Hey guys, 
The "Year in Review" for this year is still planned and will be coming soon.
No finalized date yet but the "Mid January" estimate from the Russian forum post linked above is as accurate as we can be right now. Thanks for your patience!"

"Thanks for making 2018 one to remember! Let’s take a look back at the events, reworks, esports, and more, that made the year epic."


To round out this red post collection, here are a few reminders on current promotions or limited time events!

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