Patch 8.9 Notes

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Patch 8.9 is on the way and the official patch notes have been posted!
Continue reading for more information!
Here are the full Patch 8.9 notes (be sure to check regional editions for slight variations!):

Greetings, Summoners,

Welcome to patch 8.9. This patch, we're looking at mages, mana, and spellcasts. Over time, waveclear champions have slowly edged out all other champions in mid lane, to the detriment of overall playstyle diversity. Basically, it's become too easy to spam your spells on waves, and the items which give you the mana to do so are also just the best choices. We're updating the core mana items mages buy, the base mana/mana regen of mages, and more.

On top of that, we're looking at game pacing over the next few patches. We want to make sure that there are fewer games that feel like they're lost but just won't end for awhile. The first step is looking at objectives. First, we're making Baron more accessible when you're ahead, but also more contestable in closer games. We're also upping the strength of Rift Herald when teams are able to safely shepherd it, but also increasing the ability of opposing teams to kill it when they see an opening.

Finally, we're reworking Unsealed Spellbook. The old model mostly meant "you get to flash more," and we're trying to create a keystone that really sells the fantasy of getting to play around with the whole spellbook, not just two summoner spells.

So get out there and clear some waves (but not too many), bash Rift Herald into some towers, and swap some summoner spells! 

 Mattias "Gentleman Gustaf" Lehman Paul "Aether" Perscheid

Patch Highlights

Mages Changes

Mages pretty much have two mana states: pre-mana purchase and post-mana purchase. During their first trip to lane, mages have to be very careful about when they cast spells or they risk going oom and being stuck in lane for a while with little or no mana. Once they've backed and acquired their laning item, many mages feel like they can spam spells almost mindlessly—especially with blue buff.

We're making a lot of changes to base mana, mana regeneration, and mana sustain mage items with the overall goal of letting mages be more spell happy at the start of the game, but more conscientious about when they use their spells in the early-mid game. With a bit more attention needing to be paid to mana, we're pumping a little more power (mostly ability power) into their core items so that when they do land a spell, it'll pack more punch.

Let's dive into the item changes first!

Doran's Ring

No longer gives base mana regen or mana regen on minion kill. Now gives flat mana regen and bonus damage vs minions.
We're pushing Doran's Ring away from "csing gives you mana". Basically, incentivizing "use spells on waves because you'll get the mana back" puts mages in a weird cycle where trading is generally a worse choice than simply waveclearing. The new Doran's Ring will help mages feel better about csing without using spells, allowing them more opportunities to trade directly with their laning opponents.
REMOVEDBASE MANA REGENNo longer gives base mana regen
REMOVEDMANPIRE:No longer returns mana on minion kill
NEWFLAT MANA REGENNow gives 5 mana regen per 5 seconds
NEWMANA PUNCHNow gives +5 on-hit damage vs minions

Lost Chapter

Cost and ability power increased.
Pushing Lost Chapter somewhat later in the laning phase means that its users will get fewer procs of its level-up effect, decreasing overall access to mana.
BUILD PATHAmplifying Tome + Sapphire Crystal + 315 gold  Amplifying Tome + Sapphire Crystal + Amplifying Tome + 80 gold
COST1100 gold  1300 gold

Tear of the Goddess

Total cost increased. Mana refund decreased. Max mana increase now increases current mana by current percentage of mana.
Tear of the Goddess too comprehensively solves mana problems for the champions who build it. It'll still be the late-scaling item that delivers mad ability power once you've stacked it and upgraded it to Archangel's Staff, but it won't replenish your mana quite as well.
COST750 gold  850
UPDATEDAQUA INTO WINE; AQ INTO WIWhen you gain max mana from Tear of the Goddess's passive, it preserves your percent current mana, rather than granting you the full max mana increase as a current mana increase. This applies to Manamune and Archangel's Staff as well.

Hextech GLP-800

Combine cost decreased. Mana increased. Slow duration increased. Missile speed increased. Missile spread time decreased.
The old GLP-800 is still a bit on the weak side, and also feels less responsive than we'd like. Some feel-good buffs—as well as a bit more gold efficiency—should be just what the doctor ordered.
TOTAL COST(unchanged, offset by Lost Chapter cost increase)
MANA500  600
SLOW DURATION1 second  2 seconds
MISSILE SPREAD TIME0.3 seconds  0.2 seconds
CAST TIME0.25 seconds (unchanged)

Fiendish Codex

Ability power increased.
Fiendish Codex is being tuned up in overall ability power to match Lost Chapter.
UPGRADEDZhonya's Hourglass and Banshee's Veil also have 5 more total ability power.

Twin Shadows

Ability power increased.
We're always a little bit concerned about combat items which give slows. If an item lets you start a fight, it's a bit concerning when they can also make sure you win that fight. That being said, it looks like we released Twin Shadows weak even by that standard, so we're giving it a bit more ability power.

Seeker's Armguard

Total cost decreased.
Seeker's Armguard is a reactive purchase for mages who need extra armor in rough matchups. With the cost of Lost Chapter going up, we don't want Seeker's Armguard to take that much longer to purchase in those rough matchups.
TOTAL COST1200  1100
UPGRADEDZhonya's Hourglass' total gold cost is unchanged.


Base ability power increased. Ability power from activation decreased. Combine cost and total cost increased.
This item is doing alright on champions who can spam spells and get its active charged, but that number of champions is pretty small. Shifting some of its active's ability power into its base statline should make the item slightly more accessible.
TOTAL COST2800 gold  2900 gold
COMBINE COST700 gold  800 gold

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Ability power increased.

Mejai's Soulstealer

Glory stacks required for bonus movement speed decreased.
Upgrading Dark Seal to Mejai's Soulstealer feels pretty awkward. First, you have to invest gold, but then, even if you're already at 10 stacks, you have to get a few more to get the bonus effect. This feels even worse when you would have had more than 10 stacks, but had been capped by Dark Seal.

Luden's Echo

Total cost decreased. Mana increased.
Luden's was already on the weak side, and with a number of ability power items getting buffs this patch, it would no longer have been cost-competitive.
TOTAL COST3300 gold  3200 gold
BUILD PATHLost Chapter + Amplifying Tome + Blasting Wand + 915 gold Lost Chapter + Blasting Wand + 1050 gold
MANA500  600


Damage to turrets on basic attacks from ability power increased and converted to magic damage.
Taking turrets is an important mechanic in the game, and mages often get left out of that game. Currently, champions who build more ability power than attack damage get some percentage of their ability power as additional magic damage whenever they attack a tower. We're upping that ratio, and also converting their whole attack to magic damage, not just the bonus damage.
NEWTHE WHOLE THINGIf a basic attack uses ability power bonus to turrets, the whole attack will convert to magic damage, rather than only the ability power scaling portion.


25 mages have more mana regen and base mana, but less mana growth. 5 other mages have more mana regen.
We’re increasing mana regen on the champions most affected by the changes to Doran's Ring and Last Chapter. Mages are also getting some changes to their mana pools and their mana growth. Overall, they’ll be up a bit of starting mana and mana regen, but be substantially down on mana per level.
  • Ahri

    MANA REGEN6 per 5 seconds  8 per 5 seconds
    BASE MANA334  418
    MANA GROWTH50  25


    MANA REGEN6 per 5 seconds  8 per 5 seconds
    BASE MANA396  495
    MANA GROWTH50  25


    MANA REGEN6 per 5 seconds  8 per 5 seconds
    BASE MANA334  418
    MANA GROWTH50  25


    MANA REGEN6 per 5 seconds  8 per 5 seconds
    BASE MANA350  438
    MANA GROWTH42  21


    MANA REGEN8 per 5 seconds  10.65 per 5 seconds
    BASE MANA375  496
    MANA GROWTH42  21


    MANA REGEN6 per 5 seconds  8 per 5 seconds
    BASE MANA334  418
    MANA GROWTH63  31.5


    MANA REGEN6 per 5 seconds  8 per 5 seconds
    BASE MANA400  500
    MANA GROWTH56  28


    MANA REGEN6 per 5 seconds  8 per 5 seconds
    BASE MANA308  385
    MANA GROWTH40  20


    MANA REGEN6 per 5 seconds  8 per 5 seconds
    BASE MANA373  467
    MANA GROWTH61  30.5


    MANA REGEN6 per 5 seconds  8 per 5 seconds
    BASE MANA380  475
    MANA GROWTH60  30


    MANA REGEN6 per 5 seconds  8 per 5 seconds
    BASE MANA384  480
    MANA GROWTH47  23.5


    MANA REGEN6 per 5 seconds  8 per 5 seconds
    BASE MANA300  375
    MANA GROWTH55  27.5


    MANA REGEN6 per 5 seconds  8 per 5 seconds
    BASE MANA334  418
    MANA GROWTH50  25


    MANA REGEN6 per 5 seconds  8 per 5 seconds
    BASE MANA374  468
    MANA GROWTH57  28.5


    MANA REGEN6 per 5 seconds  8 per 5 seconds
    BASE MANA384  480
    MANA GROWTH60  30


    MANA REGEN7 per 5 seconds  9.335 per 5 seconds
    BASE MANA340  425
    MANA GROWTH60  30

    Twisted Fate

    MANA REGEN6 per 5 seconds  8 per 5 seconds
    BASE MANA266  333
    MANA GROWTH38  19


    MANA REGEN6 per 5 seconds  8 per 5 seconds
    BASE MANA392  490
    MANA GROWTH52  26


    MANA REGEN6 per 5 seconds  8 per 5 seconds
    BASE MANA375  469
    MANA GROWTH42  21


    MANA REGEN6 per 5 seconds  8 per 5 seconds
    BASE MANA324  405
    MANA GROWTH50  25


    MANA REGEN6 per 5 seconds  8 per 5 seconds
    BASE MANA367  459
    MANA GROWTH44  22


    MANA REGEN6 per 5 seconds  8 per 5 seconds
    BASE MANA384  480
    MANA GROWTH47  23.5


    MANA REGEN8.5 per 5 seconds  11.335 per 5 seconds
    BASE MANA361  452
    MANA GROWTH60  30


    MANA REGEN6 per 5 seconds  8 per 5 seconds
    BASE MANA340  425
    MANA GROWTH50  25


    MANA REGEN10.5 per 5 seconds  15.335 per 5 seconds
    BASE MANA334  418
    MANA GROWTH50  25
These champions, while also affected by the Doran's Ring, don't tend to build any of the mana items we're touching this patch. So, we're only adjusting their mana regen, but leaving their base mana and mana growth untouched.
  • Diana

    MANA REGEN6 per 5 seconds  8 per 5 seconds


    MANA REGEN7 per 5 seconds  9.335 per 5 seconds


    MANA REGEN6 per 5 seconds  8 per 5 seconds


    MANA REGEN11.5 per 5 seconds  15 per 5 seconds


    MANA REGEN7.2 per 5 seconds  9.6 per 5 seconds



Q mana cost decreased.
Amumu already has a pretty weak early game, but he's extra-penalized for failed ganks because they leave his mana pool too low to effectively return to clearing. This is especially bad for Amumu players who max Q, and prevents Amumu players from feeling comfortable opting into a utility-based build.

Q - Bandage Toss

COST80/90/100/110/120 mana  50/55/60/65/70 mana


Passive can no longer crit and now simply has a percentage increase over damage dealt to champions.
Caitlyn's headshot against non-champions is a bit much, giving her neutral monster damage (and sustain from lifesteal) that is well above what feels appropriate. We're aligning the formula closer to Headshot's damage to champions to decrease her ability to quickly heal up off of monsters and minions.

Passive - Headshot

DAMAGE TO CHAMPIONS+50% (modified by critical strike) total attack damage (unchanged)
UPDATEDDAMAGE TO NON-CHAMPIONS+100% (modified by critical strike) total attack damage

Dr. Mundo

R healing increased.
Dr Mundo needs a bit more overall durability if he is to successfully go where he pleases.

R - Sadism

HEALING40/50/60% maximum health  50/75/100% maximum health


Q base damage increased at later ranks. W resistances increased.
Compared to similar juggernauts (looking at you, Darius), Garen is underwhelming. We're adding a bit more damage and durability so he can better scale as the game goes on.

Q - Decisive Strike

BASE DAMAGE30/55/80/105/130  30/65/100/135/170

W - Courage



Passive now refreshes its duration when attacking large monsters.
Now that Irelia is no longer a new—and thus potentially volatile—champion, we feel comfortable taking risks we didn't on her release. One of those risks was her potential to end up a stronger jungler than toplaner, and so we'd put an intentional limit on her clear speed. Now that she's in a more stable spot, we feel comfortable turning the parking brake off and letting her push down on that gas pedal.

Passive - Ionian Fervor

UPDATEDMONSTER STACKSNow also refreshes its duration when attacking large monsters


Passive health cost decreased. Passive maturation time decreased at later ranks. Q missile width increased.
Ivern's passive makes him a unique jungler, and we're looking to keep that. However, his early game is a bit too punishing. We're also making his mid-game farming less costly and his Q a bit easier to land to smooth out the learning curve just a bit.

Passive - Friend of the Forest

COST25% of maximum health  22.5% of maximum health
MATURATION TIME40-6 (at levels 1-18)  40-30 (at levels 1-6), 27-15 (at levels 7-11), 11-3 (at levels 12-14), 1 (level 15+)

Q - Rootcaller



Evolved Q missile count decreased. Missile damage is now flagged as area of effect. E duration decreased.
Dialing back Kai'Sa's late game scaling a bit so she doesn't carry quite so hard. Specifically, the interaction of her abilities with certain items—primarily healing from spell damage—ramps her into territory which can get excessive.

Q - Icathian Rain

EVOLVED Q12 missiles  10 missiles
BOMBARDMENTMissile damage is now flagged as AoE in all cases.

E - Supercharge

DURATION5 seconds  4 seconds
TOO MUCHRunaan's Hurricane bolts no longer grant Supercharge's cooldown reduction


Q magic damage shield strength increased.
Kassadin currently needs a bit more help to get through his laning phase.

Q - Null Sphere

SHIELD40/70/100/130/160  60/85/110/135/160


W 5th hit base damage and bonus attack damage ratio increased at later ranks; ability power ratio decreased. W active base damage decreased; ability power ratio increased. Kennen now loses E defenses but gains attack speed upon exiting lightning form.
Kennen is one of those champions who has seen success with both attack damage and ability power builds. At the moment, both of them are struggling. We're looking to add strength to both playstyles, and also move some of Kennen's power around to ensure that those two playstyles are somewhat different from one another.

W - Electrical Surge

5TH ATTACK BASE DAMAGE15/20/25/30/35  10/20/30/40/50
5TH ATTACK DAMAGE RATIO (AD)60% bonus attack damage 60/70/80/90/100% bonus attack damage
5TH ATTACK DAMAGE RATIO (AP)0.3 ability power  0.2 ability power
ACTIVE BASE DAMAGE65/95/125/155/185  60/85/110/135/160
ACTIVE DAMAGE RATIO0.55 ability power  0.8 ability power

E - Lightning Rush

NEWSTRIKE MORE THAN TWICEKennen gains 30-70% attack speed for 4 seconds upon exiting Lightning Rush
NEWIMPATIENTLightning Rush's defensive bonuses are lost upon exiting Lightning Rush


W base damage increased.
Now that Aftershock is in a less dominant state, we feel comfortable returning some of Leona's damage to make sure she's not Eclipsed by the competition.

W - Eclipse

BASE DAMAGE40/80/120/160/200  60/100/140/180/220


Q base damage increased and cooldown decreased. W shield now doubles on return even if it hadn't hit an ally on the way out. E missile speed, radius, and mana cost decreased. E cooldown at later ranks decreased.
Lux's high ranged poke—thanks to Lucent Singularity's consistency—limits how much power she can have elsewhere. By making E harder to land, we can put more power into her abilities and let her cast them more often, whether it's to waveclear, initiate trades, or go for picks.

Base Stats


Q - Light Binding

BASE DAMAGE50/100/150/200/250  70/115/160/205/250
COOLDOWN13/12.5/12/11.5/11 seconds  10 seconds
COST50/55/60/65/70 mana  40/45/50/55/60 mana

W - Prismatic Barrier

RETURN SHIELD200% if Lux shields an ally on the way out  200% always
SPEED OF LIGHTLux now shields herself and fires the missile at the start of cast (instead of after the 0.25 second cast time). She is still rooted for the cast time.

E - Lucent Singularity

RADIUS350  310
COST70/85/100/115/130 mana  70/80/90/100/110 mana
COOLDOWN10 seconds  10/9.5/9/8.5/8 seconds


W armor bonus increased.
Rammus could use a bit more durability to help him feel ok again.

W - Defensive Ball Curl



Base movement speed decreased. W movement speed and resistances decreased. Passive and E range increased. Snapcast R now knocks up for a lower duration and no longer makes enemies untargetable. Charged R missile speed increased.
Steadfast Presence's passive gives Poppy a ton of resistances and its active gives her a ton of movement speed, and she relies on those to get in—and stay alive in—a teamfight. We're dialing back on some of those stats to make Poppy less overall consistent at closing the gap and staying alive, and in return strengthening the things she gets to do once while in the thick of things.

Base stats


Passive - Iron Ambassador


W - Steadfast Presence

MOVEMENT SPEED BONUS32/34/36/38/40%  30%

E - Heroic Charge

RANGE425  475

R - Keeper's Verdict

NEWHASAGISnapcast no longer makes enemies untargetable during knock-up
SNAPCAST KNOCKUP DURATION1 second  0.75 seconds
BASE DAMAGE210/310/410  200/300/400


E and R ability power damage ratio increased. W ability power damage ratio removed.
A relatively unexplored part of Shyvana's fantasy is the whole flying-around-breathing-fire thing. We're moving around some of her ability power ratios to enable more people to try out this play pattern. That way, when players opt into that playstyle, she feels like a different dragon entirely: bombarding enemies with fireballs before descending on the enemy team, not just the same old dragon wearing a magical hat.

W - Burnout


E - Flame Breath

FIREBALL DAMAGE RATIO (AP)0.3 ability power  0.7 ability power

R - Dragon's Descent

DAMAGE RATIO0.7 ability power  1.0 ability power


Base attack damage increased. Power Chord damage increased.
Inb4 "5 damage lul," let's talk about what changes like this mean. Sona gets a lot of Power Chords over the course of the laning phase and—combined with the base attack damage changes—she'll be lay down more chip damage and go for the kill.

Base stats


Passive - Power Chord

BASE DAMAGE15-235 (at levels 1-18)  20-240 (at levels 1-18)


Q's Transcendent bonus is now bonus damage to champions, not longer Sphere duration.
Getting a maximum sphere ultimate off on should feel like the Syndra player has managed her Spheres well and was rewarded with a big play. Her passive's current Dark Sphere upgrade makes getting those big ultimates far too easy to pull off. We're shifting that bonus to increase the value of landing those Dark Spheres instead, so that Syndra players will feel more rewarded by landing a few Spheres before they go for the kill.

Passive - Transcendent

DARK SPHERE UPGRADEDark Sphere's last 2 additional seconds  Dark Sphere deals +15% damage to champions



Q - Noxian Diplomacy

BUGFIXFixed a bug where Talon's Q range was lower than expected
RANGE500  575


Base attack damage decreased. Q damage decreased at later ranks.
Warwick's early dueling and clearspeed allows opponents few opportunities to fight him in the early-mid game, and also secures him a gold/experience advantage against most junglers. Dialing that back should help him feel more fair to play against, but he'll still be strong early.

Base stats


Q - Jaws of the Beast

TARGET'S MAXIMUM HEALTH DAMAGE6/7/8/9/10%  6/6.5/7/7.5/8%


E base damage increased at later ranks.
Ziggs could use a bit more oomph as the game goes on. We're not looking to up his poke damage, but when he does commit to a fight, we think he needs a bit more boom. Ziggs also got mana changes as part of our mage mana refactor, so check out that section above.

E - Hexplosive Minefield

BASE DAMAGE40/65/90/115/140  40/75/110/145/180


Guinsoo's Rageblade

BUGFIXFixed a bug where Rageblade interacted with other bonus attack damage-granting effects to grant more attack damage than intended (lookin' at you, Jhin, but also Infernal Drake and Master Yi, etc.).

Epic Monsters

Baron Nashor

Base damage decreased. Base health increased. Corruption damage increased.
Some team compositions—those without tanks—find Baron way too threatening. We're shifting Baron's damage to distribute more over the whole party (and not just one target). To make sure Baron is still contestable, we're upping its health, so it takes longer to bring down. With Baron requiring more time to kill and spreading its damage around the whole team, opposing teams should have more time to contest, and a bigger teamfight advantage if they do.
BASE DAMAGE400-550 (at minutes 20-40)  285-435 (at minutes 20-40)
BASE HEALTH6400  9000
BARON CORRUPTION30 (+5% total attack damage) every 0.5 seconds to the target with the lowest corruption stacks  120 + (30% total attack damage) every basic attack and spike attack, (these occur every 0.75 seconds). Baron corruption attack is also represented with different visual particles now to make the difference more clear. (Champions gain corruption by being hit by his attacks/spells).

Summoned Rift Herald

Takes less damage from charging. Does more damage to towers with charge. Takes more damage from eye pokes.
Rift Herald is the Baron of pre-20 minutes: a strong option for teams who are ahead and want to widen their lead. We want players who use Rift Herald well to be more rewarded, potentially with multiple towers, while players who drop Rift Herald at the wrong time will be more easily punished. For teams that are even, getting an eye proc should successfully shut her down, but without it, expect her to continue her rampage.
DAMAGE TO SELF ON TURRET CHARGE150 + 25% current health  25% current health
DAMAGE TO TURRET ON TURRET CHARGE150 + 25% current health  40% of current HP or 1500, whichever is greater.
EYE DAMAGE20% maximum health  40% maximum health


UPDATEDUnsealed Spellbook

Unsealed Spellbook is now a completely different keystone.
Unsealed Spellbook was intended to offer a keystone option for players who wanted to be able to reactively opt into a different summoner spell to match the current game state. Problem is, the old Unsealed Spellbook required far too much advance planning, and then locked the player into that choice for far too long. In reality, many players took Unsealed Spellbook just for a lower Flash cooldown, not caring a ton about the swapping gameplay except to get Teleport every once in awhile.

The new Unsealed Spellbook can be swapped anywhere—as long as you're out of combat. Once you use the new summoner spell, it's back to your old one. This solves both of the previous problems: requiring too much preparation, and locking you in for too long.
NEWTAKE THIS!Swap one of your equipped summoner spells to a new, single-use summoner spell. After using the single-use summoner spell, your original summoner spell will swap back in.
SWAP COOLDOWN4 minutes, permanently reduced by 15 seconds each time you swap to a summoner spell you haven't yet swapped to
STILL TICKINGYour original summoner spells continue cooling down in the background while swapped out
STORE COMES TO YOUYou can now swap your summoner spells anywhere on the map as long as you're out of combat
BUGFIX 3.9Closing the Unsealed Spellbook tab while dead no longer prevents you from re-opening it until respawn


BUGFIXChrysalis's adaptive damage bonuses no longer revert to health when in combat with enemy champions
BUGFIXChrysalis's tooltip now indicates the proper amount of adaptive stats granted once transformed


  • Fixed a bug where Katarina's R - Death Lotus could not be cast if enemies in range could not be seen
  • Katarina can now correctly ping her R - Death Lotus if no valid targets are nearby
  • Azir is no longer missing VO lines for R - Emperor's Divide
  • Manaflow Band can no longer be triggered by certain items
  • Casting summoner spell Exhaust now correctly puts the caster in combat
  • Fixed a bug where the bonus attack damage did not count towards Zed's bonus attack damage scaling on Q - Razor Shuriken
  • Fixed a bug where certain zombie states prevented future stacking of Manaflow Band
  • Fixed a bug where Varus's W - Blighted Quiver's basic attack played the base skin's sound effects instead of those for whatever skin was in use
  • Muramana and Seraph's Embrace now correctly grant gold when sold
  • Shockblade Zed Ruby Chroma no longer steals particles from Championship Zed if both skins are present in the same game
  • Forecast Janna's umbrella no longer gets burnt before the lightning strikes her during her joke animation
  • Dragonblade Riven's E - Valor trail is no longer invisible on lower graphics settings
  • Death Blossom Kha'Zix's wings from E - Evolved Leap no longer lose textures and transparency when recalling
  • El Macho Mundo's W - Burning Agony particles are no longer base and have been restored to orange fists
  • Pool Party Rek'Sai's tunnels now properly use the correct textures and base tunnels can no longer be seen through the deflated tunnels
  • VFX have been restored for Zilean's Q - Time Bomb's expiration
  • Unique SFX for W - Blighted Quiver have been restored for Varus and all skins.
  • Birdio is no longer incorrectly listed as a Mythic skin
  • VO lines have been added to Azir's R - Emperor's Divide that are now consistent on all skins and base
  • Championship Thresh's R - The Box VFX are no longer misplaced if the ability is cast while moving
  • Captain Fortune's shoulders no longer clip through her coat during her recall animation
  • Glaive Warrior Pantheon's cape now moves more naturally during all of his animations
  • Malzahar's Q - Call of the Void VFX no longer flicker
  • Shyvana Bot no longer becomes dormant while in Dragon form
  • Rammus Bot no longer becomes dormant while in Q - Power Ball
  • Fixed a bug where Teemo's R - Noxious Trap mushrooms and Jhin's E - Captive Audience would trigger repeatedly against intro bots

Upcoming Skins & Chromas

The following skins will be released this patch:
The following chromas will be released in patch 8.9:

Beemo (Ruby)

Beemo (Peridot)

Beemo (Aquamarine)

Beemo (Amethyst)

Beemo (Rose Quartz)

Beemo (Obsidian)

Mecha Zero Sion (Ruby)

Mecha Zero Sion (Pearl)

Mecha Zero Sion (Sapphire)

Mecha Zero Sion (Rose Quartz)

Mecha Zero Sion (Catseye)

Mecha Zero Sion (Tanzanite)

Mecha Zero Sion (Obsidian)

Mecha Zero Sion (Meteorite)

Client Feature

OWN ADVENTUREChoose your own profile background! Go to the profiles page, click the new cog icon, and select from any splash art from the skins or champion you own.

Points of Interest from the 8.9 PBE Cycle

Here's a brief look at many of the new things included in patch 8.9. This coverage includes preview screen shots and video taken during the 8.8 PBE cycle and may vary slightly from what is pushed to live.

New Skin

"Oh, so many joyful people to hurt." - Blood Moon Evelynn skin debuts this cycle!

Blood Moon Evelynn

975 RP
"A seductive demon summoned on the night of the Blood Moon, Evelynn moves between isolated villages, wooing the residents until they fall deeply in love with her. One by one these poor souls will surely perish, their hearts torn from their still-living bodies."

New Chroma

"Brace for impact!" A total of eight (8) chroma have been added for Mecha Zero Sion.

Mecha Zero Sion


Profile Background Picker in 8.9

A way to change your profile background has been added! Introducing the Profile Background Picker - click the gear on the profile page to swap between select backgrounds based on content you own. There is also an option for dynamic backgrounds!

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