Red Post Collection: PAX East Panel VODs, Team up for charity - International Medical Corps & More

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Today's red post collection includes VODs of the League of Legends panels held at PAX East this weekend, a charity effort to raise money for International Medical Corps, red comments from around the web, and more!
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PAX East Panel VODs

League Of Legends held two panels at PAX East this weekend - Mastering the Competitive Mindset in League of Legends and Better Buff Irelia: Modernizing League of Legends Champions! Check out the VODs of each panel:

Mastering the Competitive Mindset of League of Legends
"What does it take to achieve and maintain competitive success at the professional level? Skills, for sure. But, beyond mechanical godliness it’s factors like mental toughness, team mentality, and icy veins that make sure pros don’t blink when the pressure’s highest—and if they do, that they shake it off and come back for more. Join a panel of League of Legends pro players, NA LCS team staff, and shoutcasters as they discuss the behind-the-scenes prep and discipline that turn athletes into champions."


Better Buff Irelia: Modernizing League of Legends Champions
"League of Legends is a constantly evolving sport with a competitive landscape that includes over 140 unique champions. With each new release, even the most iconic older champions, like Irelia, can be overshadowed in terms of mechanics or playmaking potential. Our latest champion update looks to evolve Irelia’s iconic gameplay, fully deliver on her blade dancer theme, and bring her back into the modern world of League."


Team up for charity - International Medical Corps

Here's Cut and Shoot with an announcement on t-shirt auctions to raise money for International Medical Corps:
As PAX East is ramping up, five of your favorite community creators and personalities are also teaming up -- for a good cause! 
Boxbox, Trick2G, Scarra, Phreak, and Lilypichu are teaming up together to support International Medical Corps -- a nonprofit that works to relieve the suffering of those impacted by war, natural disaster and disease by delivering vital health services. 
Each of these five League personalities is auctioning off an autographed, one-of-a-kind shirt that you can bid on over at eBay for Charity. 100% of the proceeds from the auctions will go to International Medical Corps. 
Auctions go LIVE on April 7. Bidding will close on April 15, 2018. 
Here’s a look at each of the shirts up for auction:
Top - Boxbox
Auction Page 
Jungle - Trick2G
Auction Page 
Mid - Scarra
Auction Page 
Bot - Phreak
Auction Page 
Support - Lilypichu
Auction Page 
International Medical Corps is currently responding to hunger crises in Africa and Yemen, the global refugee crisis, and is active in over 30 countries. 
If you’re interested in making a difference and bidding on one of these exclusive shirt you can head on over to eBay for Charity today! Good luck and happy bidding!"

Quick Hits

  • Over on Reddit, challenger player Scrandor noted emails were going out with details on 2017 challenger rewards, with some details on 2017 backpack, challenger recalls, and more:
Riot Riscx commented in the thread that more details would be coming: 
Appreciate your patience, we wanted to get it right. We'll have more backpack details out before the summer. Next season the reward will be ready to ship much closer to the end of season too. 
Not sure why you posted a picture of the email to challengers though, everyone on reddit got their own copy 
Also I shamelessly posted this on the other challenger thread :o
Riot Riscx continued: 
We didnt announce earlier because to be honest at the end of last season we weren't sure we were going to do the rewards again. It's a small side project run by a handful of folks, and pretty expensive overall with customs and shipping globally. 
That being said, we used the same logic as last year for Team queues. There were 50+ challenger teams, and only the top 5 teams received rewards due to lower participation. Another challenge with rewarding full flex is that we're going to do it again next year, and Flex is a lot easier to climb in virtually every region. Lower requirement than SoloQ master-tier sometimes. Smurfs are already somewhat of a challenge and rewarding 200 in the other queues is likely to make it so a handful of people spam smurfs for the rewards, especially in lower pop regions via transfers. 
For the legit non-smurfs who actually just prefer flex, it is painful though and that sucks. Because we know we're doing it again for 2018 we'll have 2018 requirements out a lot sooner this year.
  • Riot Bugcheck commented on the security changes in testing on the PBE, and the compatibility of tools like Creator Suite: 
"Hey everyone, 
We wanted to give you an update on how this topic has progressed internally in the last few days. First of all, while we still believe the anti-cheat security measures currently on PBE are essential for continued competitive integrity in League of Legends, the SkinSpotlights Creator Suite was a critical tool that we overlooked in our compatibility testing for the broader community of League content creators. 
The bottom line is that we have a lot of work ahead of us to make both the new security measures and anything like Creator Suite coexist, but we’re committed to giving video and gameplay capture tools a solid foundation and future with League of Legends. We’ve already begun exploration on sustainable solutions for gameplay capture tools. We don’t have details about shipping anything specific, other than our goal to support the current users of Creator Suite with the means to keep making awesome League of Legends content. 
To make sure we’re serving the needs of Creator Suite’s current users, we’ll be working with its developer (SkinSpotlights) directly to determine the scope and feature set required to support a thriving ecosystem of League video content. We look forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks and months. "

  • Riot Sparkle noted they were still working on issues with runes settings:
"2 things (sorry to be brief, I'm out at PAX East rn and also on data lol): 
  • We are actively working on the bug where rune settings aren't getting saved (grid/line and long/short descriptions). I know it's obnoxious if you prefer grid mode, it's our highest priority bug atm. 
  • There are no plans to change secondary selection at the moment. Yes, there are other ways secondary selection could be done but it's not a small task to mess with the selection logic and the team is focused on Midseason rn"

  • Maple Nectar commented on Nautilus and his thoughts on jungling:
"Hey man, adding additional damage to monsters or minions is something that we generally try to avoid if we can. That's not to say that we don't use it ever, but it's usually when we don't have another option. I totally agree that adding percent bonus damage to monsters is an easy way to accomplish a goal of "let Nautilus jungle", but there's also something to be said about us not being overly prescriptive of who can/can't jungle through the use of this mechanic. 
Personally I've gone back and forth on this quite a bit, at times I feel really strongly we should just do a pass on champs to put them in the jungle by adding bonus damage to monsters, but then other times I do agree with the argument that it's kind of a sloppy way of doing so, and sets us up for problems down the road. Not to mention the fact that Nautilus is currently struggling across the board, not just in the jungle, and some sort of signalling that's just "he's better in the jungle but no where else...sorry laners" is kinda shitty. That being said, we're currently looking at adding another line to this changelist that "should" be skew more heavily towards the jungle - likely early base shield on W or early bonus attack speed to help out with his early clear. Either of those changes will also obviously help out top and support, but should disproportionately aid his jungle clearing."
Maple Nectar continued:
Philosophies around this kind of thing can/have changed. Our stance for awhile internally has been "don't introduce more of mechanics unless you absolutely have to, and seek to remove them if you think you have the opportunity to". This mechanic being added onto Irelia as an example was born out of concern that we'd release her and then she'd find her more successful home in the jungle, which would have felt like a kick in the pants for the majority of our old Irelia mains who enjoy her top. We're hoping that once we've stabilized her in top as her primary role that we'll be able to trim back or remove that mechanic (but we'll have to see).
He went on, talking more generally on jungling:
Like I said, philosophies on this have changed. The intitial kha'zix changes you referenced are from season 4, the hecarim changes are from season 5, and fiddlesticks is still the most performant in midlane relative to other roles even after removing his bonus damage to minions. On Kha'zix that's a case where we may be able to put more power back into his W as we re-evaluate champs in multiple roles/playstyles. 
Graves is a bit of a different one, he's a dude we've been talking about recently for how we could get him back into lane, but on release of the rework he was playeable in literally every role. Changes to him since that moved him stictly into the jungle at high level play certainly, and we're thinking of ways to bring him back out in a way that doesn't just mean he becomes meta dominant. No idea if/when we'll do anything currently though.
Maple Nectar continued:
Certainly a possibility. Ironically her and Graves are the ones that I think I've either been a part of or overheard more conversation around. Similar story to Graves in not being sure when/if we'll be able to bring her back, but we've definitely been talking about it.
  • Maple Nectar also commented on the possibility of an item with adaptive stats, similar to how some runes work:
We've thought about it (and even very very briefly tested a few). We're in no particular rush to getting an item with adaptive stats out in the wild though.
I think the prospect could be interesting in it's potential to open up different strats/build paths, but it's also not something I feel super strongly about.

  • Reav3 noted context on the Irelia hotfixes that went out on 4/4:
"We predicted a pretty long mastery curve on new Irelia, which is why her day 1 winrate was pretty alarming. We wanted to make sure we brought her in line especially since we would like her to be enabled for MSI. Of course if she ends up too weak we will buff her. We are also looking to possibly shift some of her power from late game into early game since we feel her laneing phase is a bit too weak right now"
Maple Nectar also provided his thoughts:
"That's the general thought. From working through Zoe one thing we're trying to do for new champs/VGUs is act decisively post release, and skew to either buffing too strong or nerfing too far so we only have to followup once. We want to try to avoid players having to deal with constant nerfs or constant relearning of their champion. For Irelia at this point it's likely we'll only need to buff her once (either through micropatch or in 8.8) to get her to a good resting spot - and that's ONLY if we don't see the standard performance growth over the next few days/week as players get more used to the new kit."
Maple Nectar continued
"Within hours of her being released, she'd hit 54.5% WR at high mmr. For the first day of a VGU being released, that power level was going to get out of hand real fast. Now she's close to 47% and we'll be monitoring her really closely throughout the weekend to see what growth looks like and decide if we need to act. We're talking about which nerfs we can revert if we need to (you're right that right now it seems her lane phase specifically is too weak), but as she hits her mid/late game power spikes she gets to be incredibly dominant again. Her overall powercurve may just need some adjustment (more early, less late), but as I said, we're watching her very closely."
He went on:
"the R and Q nerfs are definitely more apparent later on, but just making her lane phase less punishing without going harder on her late game is likely to just land us in hot water again where we have to nerf her repeatedly. Our hope with doing decisive swings like this is that your champ doesn't need to show up in patch notes a number of times before they're stable. We did this with Kai'sa as well where we pushed what we believed to be a number of directional changes wholesale, knowing we'd probably need to pull back a little power in a patch or two. Rolling things out slowly has burned us in the past (Ornn/Zoe), and that's what we're trying to actively avoid going forward. Sorry I'm really not trying to be dismissive, we're repulling Irelia data constantly to help us make an informed decision for our next pass."
  • Maple Nectar commented on changes to LeBlanc's ability VFX with her extensive changes tentatively coming to live in 8.8:
Hey guys, 
I'm the producer on the team with AzuBk, and I wanted to clarify that some things are changing from what you saw yesterday. Elderwood has the lotus for the Q mark, Ravenborn has the raven in the middle of the mark, and we've added a bit more "pop" to the q vfx. 
Our audio designer is going to be looking at the ability (he hasn't made any changes to sounds yet, so all the stuff there is still temp and certainly going to change once he gets his hands on it. 
To be super clear though. We won't be 1:1 reverting her ability particles to what they were before the rework. Things like her W particle were changed in the rework very deliberately to match the quality bar that our vfx artists hold for all champions. "More detail" does not necessarily = higher quality, in fact often times it's the opposite. With so much going on on the screen at any given time, it's important that we're not overloading the screen with overly detailed particles that don't need to be there. We can make any ability feel/look great by throwing a bunch of detailed particles at it, but that doesn't really mean we should. I know that's likely not a satisfying answer, but I wanted to at least be honest with you guys (I know BK has already been too)." 
  • The Riot Games Merch FB noted new shirts for sale in celebration of the LCS finals happening in Miami and Copenhagen:
"Spring Finals are around the corner, here is your chance to grab the Miami Draven or Copenhagen Anivia official shirts - available only in their respective regions and only for a limited time."


To round out this red post collection, here are a few reminders on current promotions or limited time events!

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