12/12 PBE Update: Honor Season 2018 Testing on PBE & More Tentative Balance Changes

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The PBE has been updated! As we continue the 8.1 PBE cycle, today's patch includes details on the Honor season in 2018 and more tentative balance changes!
Continue reading for more information!

(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and subject to change - what you see below may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers at the end of the cycle! Manage your expectations accordingly.)

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Honor Season 2018 on PBE! 

Here's NeuroCat with news on Honor Season 2018 and what changes are in testing now on the PBE:
"Hey everyone, 
The 2018 Season Changes to Honor are now live on PBE. Your Honor progress on PBE has been sped up significantly to give you an opportunity to test out the new checkpoints, levels, and rewards more quickly. 
Here’s what you can expect: 
  • Checkpoints: players will now hit three “checkpoints” on the way to the next level, and players with Honor levels 2-4 will see that reflected in their profile.
  • Honor reset: Players who are levels 3+ will be reset to a checkpoint between levels 2 and 3 as follows:
    • Level 5 last season -> Level 2, Checkpoint 3
    • Level 4 last season -> Level 2, Checkpoint 2
    • Level 3 last season -> Level 2, Checkpoint 1
    • Level 2 last season -> Level 2, Checkpoint 0
    • Level 0 & 1 -> stay at current level
  • Rewards: You will get one level-specific Honor Capsule when you reach levels 3, 4, and 5. Level-specific Honor Orbs will drop at every checkpoint and keep coming after level 5. 
Expect things to work relatively the same otherwise: keep playing to win and you’ll progress through the system, but hopefully with a little more feedback from checkpoints. Receive a penalty, and you’ll be dropped down to level 0 or 1, the same as before. 
We’d love to get your feedback! We’ll also be around to answer questions, so feel free to comment below."

Balance Changes

NOTE*: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, & experimental changes. Be aware that what you see below may be relative to other changes earlier this cycle! These are not official notes.

  • Phosphorous Bomb (Q)
    • AD reverted from 35% to 50%
    • AP reverted from 35% to 50%
    • Damage reverted from 75/115/155/195/235 to 75/120/165/210/255

  • AD growth reverted from 4 to 3.5
  • Vicious Strikes (W) attack speed reverted from 50/60/70/80/90% to 40/50/60/70/80%
  • Reckless Swing (E) cooldown reverted from 8 at all ranks to 12/11/10/9/8

  • Eye of Destruction (W) mana cost reverted from 85/95/105/115/125 to 70/80/90/100/110


The Arcane Colossus (R+S Set Bonus)
  • Changed from [+130 Health] to [+65 health, +6 Attack Damage or +10 Ability Power, Adaptive] 

The Leviathan (R+D Set Bonus)
  • Changed from [+130 Health] to [+65 health, +5 Attack Damage or +9 Ability Power, Adaptive] 

The Behemoth (R+P Set Bonus)
  • Changed from [+130 Health] to [+65 health, +9% Attack Speed] 

The Immortal Butcher (D+R Set Bonus)
  • AD lowered from 11 to 5
  • AP lowered from 18 to 9
  • [New] Now gives +65 Health

The Ruthless Visionary (I+D Set Bonus)
  • AD lowered from 16 to 13
  • AP lowered from 27 to 22

The Eternal Champion (P+R Set Bonus)
  • Attack speed lowered from 18% to 9%
  • [New] Now gives +65 health

The Ancient One (S+R Set Bonus)
  • [New] Now gives +65 health

Context & Notes

1) Here's Riot Wrekz with context on the Resolve set bonus changes that should be in today's PBE:
"No, probably not we just put them in yesterday. Been testing them for a bit and just pulled the trigger on shipping. Change = "Taking Resolve as a primary or secondary path splits your bonus between health and the other stat." Example: Resolve/Sorcery = 65 Health, 10AP/6AD"
2) Riot FayBao commented on concerns from a boards member about Super Galaxy Gnar's transformation possibly able to cause a seizure:
Thank you so much, again, for letting us know about this problem :) 
I have made some adjustments that will hopefully solve it! While trying to maintain the original artist's work, I balanced out the colors that might be causing vibrations. 
-I've removed the orange vertical-moving rings. (This is because I wanted to stop the complementary colors from switching out so much from blue/orange)
-I've also changed the full-screen effect color to blue so that it's more cohesive with the rest of the transformation. (This should be easier and calmer on your eyes) 
We hope this solves the problem for you, but let us know if you feel otherwise :) 
Here is a "not-super-high-quality" GIF to show the adjustments made. Please be careful as the changes made may or may not have fixed the issue, so view this GIF with caution:
EDIT: Oops!! I forgot to also point out that this change will be in PBE later today, it won't be on LIVE yet :)"

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