Red Post Collection: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: 11/1, Ask Riot: One For All, & More

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Today's red post collection includes Meddler's quick gameplay thoughts for November 1st, this week's new Ask Riot, covering One for All, comics, and more, and an update to the Fan Contribution to Worlds 2017!
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Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 1st

Here's Meddler's quick gameplay thoughts for November 1st, covering champions without keystone runes, adjusting some champ and skin VO, and more:
Morning folks, 
Usual Disclaimers 
These posts will often contain talk about future work we're doing, or planning to do, that isn't yet guaranteed to ship. The nature of the work could change or, depending on what we discover, projects mentioned may get put delayed or even stopped. 
If you'd like to see a Tweet whenever a new one of these posts goes up: 
Champs without Keystone Runes 
One of the things we'll be looking at the most once pre-season goes out is whether each champ has keystones that meet their needs sufficiently. While we're confident there are multiple keystones that are useful on every champ that doesn't necessarily mean there'll be keystones that are good fits for them in the tree they want to go for a particular position. 
A good example of that is Nunu, who if wanting to jungle while going resolve primary may or may not have good choices. Aftershock's not available to him at all (nothing on his kit triggers it). Grasp of the Undying is available, but looking at how the mastery version of it has gone hasn't been that appealing on him historically at least. He could take Guardian, especially given BloodBoil will trigger it, though it's not yet clear if that'll be worth considering on him. 
Assuming there are champs, whether Nunu or others, who need some help with keystones then we'll be considering a few options: 
  • Changing how some keystones trigger/interact to include otherwise excluded champs. A recent example of something similar is how Sudden Impact now triggers on leaving stealth as well, not just after dashes/blinks.
  • Adding new keystones to fill needed gaps. This approach is most likely if there are a range of champions all showing the same problems (DoT mages potentially, though the Arcane Comet changes may have met that need).
  • Buffing individual champs. If some champs have adequate keystone options, but don't synergize as strongly with them as others, the right fix might be to just buff them a bit. 
Adjusting some champ and skin VO 
We're currently looking at champs and skins that play their VO to everyone, with the aim of adjusting those that are too chatty, resulting in an annoying experience for others. We've already made some tweaks to Pulsefire Caitlyn, so if you've found the VO playing alongside or against that skin excessive in the past let us know if it's still a problem. Next up is Super Galaxy Rumble, who'll get toned down in an upcoming patch (maybe 7.23, not sure exactly yet). We'll be looking at other skins and champs after that too at some point, so let us know if there are particular ones you think are out of line. 
Word Clouds 
One of the ways we look champion survey data is by aggregating commonly used phrases into what are called word clouds. Examples of a few of those below, since when we've mentioned them in the past some people have expressed an interest in seeing some of them. Each word cloud is for a single champion and reflects what players tell us about them when we run surveys in the LoL client. The larger a word is the more often it was used. We've found these to be a useful tool in conveying things like: 
  • What players see as the defining features of a champion
  • How wide ranging different views of a champion are (e.g. are there words that contradict each other cropping up from different groups of players frequently?)
  • Whether or not a champion has a well fleshed out personality (e.g. are all the large words on the cloud purely talking about how a champion's abilities work or does some of their character also come through prominently?)
  • Etc

When asked about Poppy, Meddler commented:
Any plans on changing Poppy in the preseason, her stats look like she needs some love
We'll be reassessing everyone once the pre-season patch hits. The changes to Runes are large enough that balance states will get shifted around quite a lot so basing too much off current state of things doesn't make much sense."

On the VO changes mentioned, Meddler replied:
Hi meddler i have some vo questions. 
How come in spanish lan voices, when they randomly get base champions updates when they get a legendary skin or just a random time, but we are stuck to only getting lux and maoki getting random voice updates and then maybe miss fortune with her upcoming splashes? Have you ever considered doing a "modern" (2 minute) vo update for alpha champs? Such as 2015 where alot of champs for half vus but no new voices (Shen, Alistar, Kassadin, Singed, Fiora) is there any plans at all at updating voices?
We're interested in updating just voices on some more champs, can't make any promises there though. 
Sometimes we'll do voice updates to the base when a legendary skin gets done because the skin's using the same voice actor as the base skin so we've got them in the studio already which makes things easier. I'm not certain, but it's possible what's happened in the case of the spanish LAN voices you mention that the voice actor in question did both the base and skin in that case, while the voice actor in other languages, english included, was different for the base and the skin."

As for Mage Keystones, Meddler commented:
Any thoughts about keystone diversity for mages? It seems like most are pigeonholed into comet, even if it is suboptimal
Phase Rush should be a really solid choice on quite a few. As with Stormraider's Surge we're expecting some people will be slower to pick up on how valuable it is though because it doesn't have damage and people gravitate towards that pretty heavily. For really burst focused mages Electrocute's also a strong option. Dark Harvest's potentially solid too, though that's one of the ones I'm less sure about the current balance tuning on in general. Summon: Aery is also going to be good in some cases, particularly but not only if the mage in question has a shield on their kit. I think it gets automatically dismissed by a lot of people because they see shield in the text, but given the way the CD on it works it's not like you're getting only half the benefit if you don't have a shield. 
Would also expect at least some niche use of the Inspiration keystones, looter especially, to have its place. Resolve's generally not so mage friendly. Bit of splash use of precision's possible, Fleet Footwork on champs like TF especially, though wouldn't expect too much of that."

On the word clouds Meddler provided, he noted:
Who called my boi Braum boring? I’ll kill ‘em
That's one of the things that comes through really clearly in these surveys. Not matter how cool or well done you may think a champ is personally, there's always some group of people who don't see why they're even in the game, without exception. Helps as a regular reminder that taste is never universal."

When asked about Sightstone, Meddler replied:
Meddler, this probably needs a bigger conversation but do you see all of the following as a possibility:
  • remove sightstone and its upgrades
  • buff yellow trinket, allow an upgrade option into a pink trinket at level 9 or whatever
  • add an 8th dedicated item slot for red pill or blue pill
I feel like sightstone isn't really needed anymore because we have yellows now, so maybe getting rid of it and improving team vision is the best thing to do going forward.
I think there's a decent amount of value in letting some players go deeper into vision than others (specialization of skill/output, lack of even vision across the map etc). Pushing all warding onto trinkets has some problems as a result. One useful thing we saw with the Ardent Censer rushing though was that quite a few more people were interested in playing support if they got to buy a 'real' item first', rather than being forced to spend their initial gold on vision. Once pre-season's settled down we've got some interest into looking at whether we can make that a reasonable option without screwing your team on needed vision."

Ask Riot: One for All

This week's new Ask Riot is now out, covering One for all, Comics, and more:
"This week, it’s One for All, League comics, and emotes. 
Is One for All ever coming back?

We want One For All to come back. We like One For All. Unfortunately, the custom voting mechanism in champ select that let’s you vote on the champs—and effectively facilitates the whole mode—needs to be re-built by hand to work in the new client. We haven’t been able to get to this yet, due to the other things we’ve been working on (Star Guardian Invasion, yay!). 
And honestly, it sucks. : ( I want to play One For All with the new champs (Xayah FEATHER STORM!!). Hexakill is in the same boat (we need to rework multiple UI’s to squeeze in the 6th player). We want both of these modes back, but don’t have a satisfying answer for when they’ll be back yet. I’m pretty confident they won’t appear by the end of 2017, so I’m hoping we can get to them next year! <3 
Lead Designer, Rotating Game Modes  
Do the comics being published lately influence the biographies of champions or are they separate stories? Are you planning on updating the biographies to include them?

There are some cases where you will see events from the comics reflected in future bio updates, and there were some cases (like Nami) where the bio update helped inspire the comic. Our goal for comics in general is that even if they are not directly reflected in the champion bios, they won’t contradict each other, particularly as we move toward longer stories that move characters forward. 

Senior Editor, Comics Team 
Will you do an event where you can buy emotes with IP or blue essence?

Two new emotes will be available in the upcoming, limited-time Blue Essence Sale as part of the launch of Runes Reforged and the new leveling system. These exclusive emotes will only be available through the Blue Essence Sale. 
We’re also aiming to provide players with multiple paths to unlocking emotes in the future. The primary way to unlock them will still be with RP, but later on, you’ll also see emotes dropping via loot and made available through completing missions. 

eCommerce Manager, Personalization
Thanks for reading this week’s Ask Riot. Have a question?

Head over to Ask Riot and sign into your League account. Check out the Pro Tips, then ask away. 
We promise to read every question, but we can’t guarantee they’ll all get answers. Some questions may already be answered elsewhere, and some won’t be right for Ask Riot. This isn’t the best place to announce new features, for example, and we might skip conversations on issues we’ve talked about in depth before (though we can clarify individual points). 
We are listening, though, so keep asking. We’ll make sure your questions are heard by the Rioters working on the stuff you’re curious about."

Update: Fan Contribution to Worlds 2017 Prize Pool 

A new update on the fan contribution to the Worlds Prize Pool is now available:
"After six weeks of Worlds action, we’re headed to Beijing’s Bird’s Nest Stadium for the 2017 World Championship Finals between SK telecom T1 and Samsung Galaxy. Thanks for following our tour through China and cheering on your favorite teams!
Before the main event begins, we wanted to share an update on how players’ contributions have affected the prize pool. 
So far, fans have added over $2.3M, pushing the prize pool to a grand total of nearly $4.6M. Remember, you have until November 5th at 11:59 PM PT to contribute by purchasing Championship Ashe and the Championship Ward Skin. 
Take a look at our previous post for a breakdown of how this pool will be distributed among competing teams/Riot’s matching contribution to charity, and tune in to Lolesports on November 3rd at 11:30 PM PT to see who will raise the Summoner’s Cup!"

Quick Hits

  • Reav3 with context on recent Evelynn reverts on the PBE:
We reverted the E AD ratio because we found through internal playtesting that gunblade was too strong on her and would force us to balance Eve around players rushing gunblade and thus that would likely make Eve players forced into building gunblade in most scenarios (similar to Akali) This would actually make Eve's build path more limited rather then more flexible. 
As for the other changes, we were testing them in case she turned out weak after players mastered her more. We are currently seeing Eve's winrate get to a pretty healthy spot (especially with players with a lot of game on new Eve) so we don't want to put changes in that will cause us to nerf her further down the line. 
We are going through with the stealth changes though (1.5 seconds re-stealth on taking damage) as we feel strongly that this is a good QoL change for Eve even if it does cause us to nerf her a bit later, though we think this will be most helpful in lower elos where she is currently struggling a bit more then higher elos." 
  • After it was noticed that the original Championship Riven was available to purchase in the store, Nerp1186 noted that it would be removed from all users who purchased, and they would be refunded RP, as well as receive a random 1350 RP+ skin:
"So, we screwed up. It's disabled from the shop now and will be removed from any accounts that bought it during this time. If you bought while it was up you'll be receiving a full refund and skin from us to compensate for this, our bad!"
"It'll be a random 1350+ skin for a champ you own + a full refund"

"Special Edition PROJECT: Merch is coming. . .November 7th.
"Soaring scores and victorious anthems are an integral part of the League of Legends universe, and we're bringing them to China to celebrate the 2017 World Championship. League of Legends Live is a concert experience featuring international artists and League of Legends community musicians taking place on the eve of the 2017 World Championship Finals. The event will be broadcast live from the Beijing National Aquatics Center (Water Cube) on November 3 @ 7:30 PM local time in Beijing (GMT+8) / November 3 at 4:30 AM PST. 
Be sure to tune in at:"
"This week on The Dive the gang are joined by Papasmithy to wrap up all the action from the Semifinals and previewing the World Finals."
"This week on The Breakdown we're looking at how SSG won Game 4 of their Semifinal matchup without team fighting or killing any members of Team WE."


Last up, a few reminders on upcoming and ending soon promotions and sales!
  • The ranked season ends November 7th! Check out this post for all the end of season goodies you will be eligible for at the end of this season!
  • With Worlds 2017 in full swing, Summoner's Rift is celebrating with new emotes, map accents, and much more as Worlds hits the Rift through the end of Worlds! Championship Ashe and her Golden Championship chroma, ward, legacy esports skins and much more are now available! Check out the post for all the details.

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