Super Galaxy Skins Now Available!

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"All you need is hope. And a giant metal suit." - Four new Super Galaxy skins for Annie, Elise, Gnar, and Nidalee as well and 5 summoner icons are now available!
Continue reading for a full look at each new skin!

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Release Announcement

From the release announcement - "Super Galaxy 2017"

1350 RP 
The team could never have anticipated the advanced technological power of the MECHASPIDER, which left all active Super Galaxy units as defenseless as flies caught
in a web.

1350 RP

Nidalee shows the most promise of the newest Super Galaxy Cadets by far. It’ll take the outstanding powers of her leadership—and her MECHACOUGAR—for the new team to defeat the Spider Queen.

1350 RP

Despite serious concerns for her highly combustible designs and volatile piloting, Annie’s MECHATIBBERS went into full production to prepare for the counterattack on the Spider Queen. Desperate times; destructive measures.

1350 RP 
Er… he’s still figuring out the pistol. He’ll get there. It’ll be fine."

New Champion Skins

Four new Super Galaxy skins for AnnieEliseNidalee, and Gnar are blasting onto the live client!

Super Galaxy Annie

1350 RP

Super Galaxy Elise

1350 RP

Super Galaxy Gnar

1350 RP

Super Galaxy Nidalee

1350 RP

Summoner Icon

Five new Super Galaxy summoner icons are also now available for 250 RP each!


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