Arclight Yorick is now available!

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"Tired, ancient, and half-dead. Still, I come for you." - Arclight Yorick and the Arclight Yorick icon are now available!
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Release Announcement

From the release announcement - "New Epic Skin: Arclight Yorick"

1350 RP 
The great king failed to heed the Arclight Order’s warning. For Yorick only wished to protect what he cherished: His realm, his children, his queen. Once blessed by the Order, he fearlessly vanquished the darkness… along with his own mortality. His children grew old and passed; his beloved ascended to the heavens without him. Only the realm remained: A lonely land gleaming with memorials that honored those he gave everything to protect. 
Arclight Yorick is now roaming the League store for 1350 RP."

New Skin - Arclight Yorick

A glowing new skin for Yorick is now available - Arclight Yorick!

Arclight Yorick

1350 RP

Summoner Icon

We also have bright new summoner icon featuring Arclight Yorick's crown is now available for 250 RP:

Arclight Yorick Icon
250 RP

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