Champion Teaser - Ornn, the Mountainsmith

Posted on at 9:09 AM by Aznbeat
[NEWS: New Yasuo figure seen on KR!]

A teaser for our next Freljordian champion, Ornn, the Mountainsmith, is now on the Universe site! Previously mentioned in the Champion Roadmap for July 2017, this new champion will be a Vanguard.
Continue reading for more info!

On the Freljord region page on Universe a picture of the horn we previously saw in the Champion Roadmap for July 2017 is visible.

When this is clicked, it brings us to a page playing a Freljordian song, with a poem mentioning Ornn, the Mountainsmith:
"In the echoes of the mountains and the crackling of the embers, a legend once forgotten is remembered with a song older than any tribe."

Here is the song:

Look for more information on this new champion when we start the 7.17 PBE cycle next week!

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