Arcade Boss World 2017

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It's time to confront the Battle Bosses in the Arcade Boss World 2017 event! Battle Boss Brand, Malzahar, and Ziggs are now available in the store, along with Arcade summoner icons, new missions, chroma, bundles and more!
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Release Announcement

From the release announcement - "Arcade 2017"

Villains rule.

1350 RP 
Even the water level is on fire.
1350 RP 
Your corrupted save file found an overlord.
1350 RP 
There’s no final castle to blow up if the boss beats you to it.

AVAILABLE UNTIL 8/24/17 23:59 PT 
During Arcade Boss World, fight your way through five mission lines with the following rewards. Each mission line ends with a boss battle. The first two mission lines are available for free, while the Dungeon Pass unlocks three additional mission lines. Continues are unlimited.
Accept missions by equipping any of the following icons:
Find more information on Arcade Boss World and how to unlock mission rewards here.
Step up to the counter and redeem your tickets to score these prizes.
Gear up before you leave town with daily missions, extra mission lines, and other exclusive bonuses.

RiotEvaelin commented on the early release of the Battle Boss skins:
"Beep boop. Seems like the Battle Bosses have hacked their way out of our systems and are on the rampage now. For the night, they’ll have free rein of the Rift, but you can customize your favorite Arcade skins with some brand new chromas in prep for the real fight. You can assemble your teams tomorrow at 11:00 AM PST - you’ll be able to grab the bundles then!"

New Skins

Three new Arcade skins are now in the store, ahead of the upcoming Arcade World Event! Battle Boss BrandMalzahar, and Ziggs are available now for 1350 RP each!

Battle Boss Brand

1350 RP

Battle Boss Malzahar

1350 RP [Src]
[Loading Screen]

Battle Boss Ziggs

1350 RP [Src]

Arcade Chroma

New chroma sets for Arcade Corki and Battle Boss Blitzcrank are also available now. They are available for 290 RP each:

Arcade Corki


Battle Boss Blitzcrank

New Summoner Icons

Three new summoner icons are also available in shop for 250 RP each: the Battle Boss Brand icon, Battle Boss Ziggs icon and Battle Boss Malzahar icon. There are also new mission reward icons as well:

Battle Boss Icons
Available for 250 RP

Arcade Poro Icon
Available in Dungeon Pass for 1495 RP 

New Level Icon
Available as a mission reward

Battle Boss Baron with Event Emote
Available to redeem for 80 Tickets

New Ward Skin

Arcade Poro Ward

Available in Mini Dungeon Pass for 650 RP

Arcade 2017 Login Theme

A new Arcade/Battle Boss login theme featuring our three new Battle Boss skins for BrandMalzahar and Ziggs will be on the client!

Arcade Map Accent 

An Arcade Map accent for Summoner's Rift will also be showcased for this event! This Arcade themed Summoner's Rift includes a new look for the turrets, nexus, home platform, as well as arcade minions!

First up, here is the full loading screen background:

As stated above, you can toggle these accents on and off in the options menu. There will also be chat message to let you know about this option.


Arcade Minions:


Also includes Arcade themed Summoner's Rift music:

Arcade Boss World Crafting and Loot

For a full look at the Arcade Boss World crafting and missions info, check out the event article!

[Learn More: Arcade Boss World Event]

Arcade Merch

If all the in-game content is not enough for you, you can also purchase a ton of merch from the Riot Games Merch store! Check out what is new below:

Don't forget to save before entering! Final Boss Veigar descends into the Series 2 figure line. Our most leveled up Limited Edition figure to date to rule your collection.
As we brought this Limited Edition figure to life, we focused on the diabolical Yordle atop his battle station, hard at work on his latest evil plans (they are evil, don’t laugh). We strove to capture the unique in-game experience of Veigar’s hands floating separately from his body. With one clasped around his trusty staff, and the other launching some vengeful plot with his bright joystick, we think that we found an interesting way to give a nod to this important aspect of his Final Boss skin.

This figure may be short, but you probably want to keep that fact to yourself when you’re within earshot.

[+1 Charisma!] Level up your aesthetic while showing the noobs in the arcade who the real boss is.

Adventure awaits for this colorful trio! But Battle Boss Blitzcrank looms behind...

Arcade Ahri is ready to turn the enemy midlaner into dead pixels.

Wear Riven's blade, Miss Fortune's gun, and Hecarim's glaive with pride with this Limited Edition set!

It's good to be bad. Rep Blitzcrank's claw crane, Baron's face, and Veigar's staff with this Limited Edition set.

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