Red Post Collection: VS Event ends, Mid-Patch Update, Origins: Yasuo, SKT Skins on 7/5, Gameplay Thoughts 6/30, & more!

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Today's red post collection includes a mid-patch update with nerfs for Nunu and Zac, the conclusion of the legendary VS event including updated comic, an ORIGINS article on Yasuo, Meddler's gameplay thoughts for June 30th, a heads up the SKT skins will release July 5th, Honor discussion, and more!
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VS. is over. The world begins again under...

The legendary Vs. Event  that pit Order vs Chaos and Dawnbringer Riven against Nightbringer Yasuo has come to a close and the winner has been announced. Chaos now reigns.  Check out the updated VS minisite for more information and check out the VS comic with a newly revealed ending!

"You can now read the conclusion to the Unto Darkness, Unto Light comic and craft your Victor’s Emblem into the reigning side’s icon"
Full VS Comic including three new panels decided by the outcome of the event:
Be sure to craft the REIGN OF CHAOS icon from the Victor's emblem in your crafting inventory if you completed the mission during the event. The icon can be redeemed whenever you feel like it

June 30th Mid-Patch Balance Update 

The 7.13 patch notes have been updated to reflect a mid patch update with nerfs for Nunu and Zac.
"6/30/2017 Balance Update 
For someone who spends so much time counterjungling, it's frustratingly difficult to punish Nunu for crossing enemy lines. (He's also, to be clear, too strong in general.) Even when enemies catch the Yeti in the act, Nunu's usually sitting on enough health to survive the counterattack as he skates away to freedom. Given how much Consume contributes to the health of Nunu's clears, he doesn't need so much safety baked into his base stats.  
  • BASE HEALTH REGEN: 7 per 5 seconds ⇒ 5 per 5 seconds
  • ARMOR 26.38 ⇒ 23  
Zac's a champion meant to have extreme high moments if he can navigate the unreliability of his abilities. Right now, Stretching Strikes' second hit is giving Zac so much extra reach that those "inconsistent" high moments are less the exception and more the norm. We're tuning that range down so Zac's impact isn't so guaranteed. 

Origins: Yasuo 

The newest Origins article is now on the Nexus site, this week detailing the conception and creation of Yasuo, the Unforgiven.
From Noxian vagabonds to earth mages, each of League’s 136 champions started somewhere. This is Yasuo’s story. 
Lots of League’s champions have their roots in common archetypes, from the fallen angel tropes behind Morgana, Barbarian characters behind Tryndamere, and the superpopular armor-dillos behind Rammus. As League’s champion roster grew, the number of archetypes left to explore shrank. Newer champions have become more and more niche as devs have tried to reimagine the archetypes or abandoned them altogether, resulting in characters like Kled and Camille. 
But back in 2012, there were still a few character archetypes left to explore, one of which was the samurai. While Master Yi had been around for a while, his curious goggles and run-at-you playstyle didn’t really fulfill the fantasy of playing a blade-dancing warrior. “Master Yi was more of an off-to-the-side take on a samurai,” says game designer Brad “CertainlyT” Wenban. “We wanted to make an elevated version—someone who felt like a samurai but was more than just, ‘Dude with a sword.’” 
The most common representation of samurai in video games and films features a swordsman who devotes his life to his master. If his master dies or casts him out of his house, the samurai is dishonored and left with an existential crisis. His life has been defined by his servitude and identity as a warrior, but now he’s lost both. This leaves him alone, wandering the lands in search of new meaning (while often drinking heavily). 
These masterless samurai are known as Rōnin. 
“We decided to embrace the Rōnin fantasy,” says senior community specialist Rob “Ransom” Lo, “because it was a different take on the genre and felt more relatable.” In other words, most people have probably felt lost or confused at some point in their lives, but not everyone has experienced the level of discipline and servitude required of traditional samurai. 
Yasuo Concept Art
Yasuo’s story is one of a talented—yet hot-headed—samurai who is forced to flee Ionia after making a fatal mistake. 
As the first student in a generation to master the legendary wind technique, Yasuo is tasked with guarding his master during the Noxian invasion. However, he naively believes his skills alone will turn the tide of battle, so he abandons his master to fight. 
Upon returning, Yasuo finds his master has been slain…by a wind technique. 
His peers accuse him of the crime, so Yasuo fights his way out of Ionia, set on bringing the true murderer to justice. When Yasuo’s brother Yone tracks him down, Yasuo is faced with a choice: Should he lay down his blade and let his brother bring him in, where he faces dishonor and a likely death, or should he fight his brother? Knowing the only way the killer will be found is if he lives, Yasuo decides to fight Yone, who is killed at Yasuo’s hand. 
Yasuo Kneeling Over Yone
In the first version of this story, the two brothers actually never fought. Instead, when Yone learns of Yasuo’s innocence, he chooses to end his life by his own blade rather than fight his falsely accused brother. “We ended up going in a different direction,” says QA Lead Joe “ManWolfAxeBoss” Lansford, “because we didn’t think this ending would be as understandable and appealing to players all of the world.” This story mirrored seppuku stories of Japan, but it wasn’t a particularly common or relatable tale for all audiences. Plus, the fight scene offered a more climactic ending than suicide. 
When concept artist Trevor “TrevolverOcelot” Claxton started creating concept art for the Rōnin, he clearly depicted Yasuo’s rough journey in his appearance. The team working on Yasuo loved it, but when the crew started showing the art to people outside their team, the reactions weren’t as favorable as expected: Without really understanding Yasuo’s backstory, the ragged character didn’t leave others with a great first impression. The art reflected his journey, but newcomers didn’t exactly feel excited about the run-down samurai. 
In the next rounds of drawings, Trevor lightened the tone a bit (no more ankle chains) and tried to create a more traditional-looking samurai. “I basically went back and made the coolest samurai I could,” he says, “And it ended up feeling more natural for the character.” 
Rōnin Yasuo Exploration
Yasuo’s original voiceover faced a similar conundrum. The first recording sounded like an older dude with whiskey-worn vocal cords, which again made sense for the storyline but wasn’t too compelling if you weren’t familiar with Yasuo’s past. The whole recording session was redone (more than once) to make the lines feel less grim and the character more approachable. 
When a design team gets super excited about a champion, like they were with Yasuo, they often spend bonus time (sometimes even outside of work) thinking about the character, imagining even the tiniest of details. Yet it can be tough to get that depth across to everyone playing the game. A handful of people will dig in deep, so they’ll get the whole story, but that isn’t the norm. “A lot of what devs do is try to bring these details to the surface,” Brad says, “Or we pivot our direction if it’s not worth it, such as with Yasuo’s appearance.” 
Bonus: Yasuo’s name almost wasn’t Yasuo. The name “Yasuo” was quite popular in Japan about fifty years ago, so some people thought the name didn’t feel epic enough to be a master samurai (examples of badass samurai names from other games include Mitsurugi and Yoshimitsu). “One of the reasons I went for Yasuo was because Yasuo was given his name at sword school, in the hopes of calming his wild spirit,” Joe says, “It roughly translates to ‘peaceful one’ in Japanese.” Other names considered include: Porah, Sho, Tachikaze, Hayate, Fuujin, Ken, Doc, Fen, and Seb. 
Wind Samurai Concept Exploration
About a year before Yasuo entered development, game designer Joe “Ziegler” Ziegler worked on an exploratory kit for a samurai character. This kit revolved around a mark mechanic where auto attacks applied a mark on opponents and abilities used on them resulted in extra effects (like a bleed). This samurai’s ult was a linear dash where everyone in the path would be stunned, then when he sheathed his sword at the end, all of the damage would come through. 
The feeling of being a nimble longswordsman who sheathed and unsheathed his blade carried over to Yasuo’s kit design…but that’s about it. The old kit was dropped for two main reasons: 
1. The main goal for Yasuo was to create a melee carry who felt skillful to play (he is a talented samurai) and who builds damage (samurai kill people). Having an ultimate with a lot of CC usually means you can initiate fights well, and the ability to initiate fights well usually means you build bruiser-y—so bye bye, IE. 
2. At first glance, “wind samurai” can feel like two words shoved together. Even though the connection is there—Yasuo either moves his blade in a way that manipulates the air or uses a windblade—this relationship needed to really shine in gameplay. It was important to have as much open design space as possible to help the two elements feel cohesive and believable together. 
Yasuo Concept Art
Yasuo’s Q was always designed to rev up with each cast. In the first version, Yasuo would strike forward in a thin line, followed by a cone, then a 360° circle of wind; another iteration had Yasuo strike from side-to-side with each cast. Having a stacking mechanic was important because it created clear windows of opportunity for Yasuo to play aggressively and moments where he’s forced on the back foot. 
Having a Q that builds up also means that Yasuo’s damage ramps up throughout a fight. He’s not a ninja who can shadow in, pop someone, and disappear, so he needs a way to survive teamfights while he dishes out his damage. In the past, this was accomplished with some kind of invulnerability: Tryndamere’s Undying Rage, (old) Fiora’s ultimate, Fizz’s troll pole. But Yasuo has something a little different: a wind wall. 
Brad says, “I thought there might be richer gameplay with spatial invulnerability—where anybody beyond this line can’t hurt you.” This also gave Yasuo a way to deal with marksman damage in a fight, which is one of the biggest threats to melee carries because it’s usually reliable and unavoidable. With a wind wall (which is also quite thematic), Yasuo was able to participate in teamfights without having to instantly blow someone up.
And, believe it or not, Yasuo was originally designed to be a melee fighter who was also great at teamfighting. His knock-up-oriented ultimate was intended to give Yasuo a way to interact meaningfully with his allies during big brawls, while also showing off his command of the wind. “We definitely didn’t see him as a split-pusher,” Brad says, “And for a while after his launch, he was one of the first melee characters we really saw teamfight, even in pro play.” 
So what happened? 
These days, Yasuo is the memelord of the Rift and one of the most banned champions in the game. He’s gone from, “Let’s build a knock-up team for Yasuo!” to, “Oh great, Yasuo’s just gonna 1v5 split push all game.” 
Part of the problem is that Yasuo was intentionally designed to be a mid laner, not a top laner, because devs thought top lane Yasuo wasn’t as healthy for the game. Yasuo usually has distinct opportunities to play aggressively against ranged characters (his Q is stacked, his Wind Wall is ready), but when those tools are down, he’s forced on the defensive. Against melee characters, it doesn’t matter as much if those abilities are up or down, so he’s able to play more offensively all the time…and most top lane champions are melee characters. 
Concept Art, Final Stages

Plus when Yasuo was released, he generally maxed Q. This gave him the damage needed for decent waveclear mid lane, and it also meant he was not maxing E. But because of a slew of balance changes, Yasuo players typically max E first these days. This makes him much more mobile—so he’s more comfortable splitting in longer side lanes—and even though he gives up the waveclear obtained by maxing Q, it doesn’t matter as much as a top laner. This shift, coupled with the changes to Phantom Dancer and other AD items, has made Yasuo a monster of a dueler. 
Even though these changes probably made sense individually, they’ve collectively pushed Yasuo away from a wombo-combo-friendly mid laner towards a solo-splitting top. Yasuo’s designer Brad says, “I personally don’t like Yasuo as a top laner, and I don’t think it’s as healthy for League.” Future changes to Yasuo will likely be focused on giving opponents more clear opportunities to play aggressively while maintaining the fantasy of playing the agile wind samurai Yasuo was designed to be." 
Check out the previous Origins articles here:

SKT Skins Releasing July 5th

In a reddit thread regarding the upcoming 2016 SKT World Championship skins and SKT as a team streaming together, RiotKatana shared that the skins would be released on July 5th.
"Glad you guys are as excited about these skins as we are! To add a little bit of clarity, the SKT skins will be launching on 7/5 - this SKT tweet was to announce that the SKT pros would be streaming a sneak peek of their skins together, something new that we tried out this year. We thought it would be fun for SKT themselves to be the first in the world to play the skins, but they'll be live in the store soon."
She clarified further:
"July 5th, PT!"
You can find full previews of these upcoming in our [7.13 pbe cycle coverage].

Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 30 

Here's Meddler with his most recent gameplay thoughts for June 30th, covering topics such as continued Diana changes, context on the Garen PBE changes, warded ping, & more:
"Morning all, 
Lighter post today, lot of work on long term stuff not ready to be talked about going on right now. 
Usual Disclaimers 
These posts will often contain talk about future work we're doing, or planning to do, that isn't yet guaranteed to ship. The nature of the work could change or, depending on what we discover, projects mentioned may get put delayed or even stopped.
If you'd like to see a Tweet whenever a new one of these posts goes up: 
As you'll see on the PBE today we're continuing to explore Diana changes in testing. Those aren't intended to be a full fix for Diana's issues (we still expect to do a small update to her gameplay at some point), but are instead intended to put her in a better spot until then. We think it's likely the eventual direction for Diana includes auto attacking as a meaningful part of her kit, so one of the things we're looking it is ways to make that higher impact later in the game. 
Speaking of champions we're doing smaller stuff on now and plan on giving larger gameplay changes later, Garen's in the same boat this patch. We're testing a W change where it's got a short window where it's much more effective when first cast. Goals there are to both give him a bit more power but also a bit more skill expression, with the timing on that cast mattering more. Garen's always been difficult to balance for different skill ranges and part of that's because his kit doesn't give the same degree of reward for mastery over many of its elements that other champs do. This won't fix that by itself of course, but expectation is it'll help somewhat and we'll look for similar changes for the larger changes coming later. 
Warded Ping 
Is still coming, looks like 7.15 at this point (another casualty of that shorter than usual 7.14 development cycle, with other engineering work that's higher priority pushing it back a patch). 
No Posts Next Week 
Due a combination of 4th of July having us out of the office and some other stuff going on I won't be able to do these posts next week. Next one should be on the 10th or 11th of July as a result. One thing worth watching out for next week though's that we should be getting a more regular series of Runes posts going, starting next week, with a goal of showing off at least a new thing or two each week until close to pre-season when the full system hits the PBE. 
Non gameplay sidenote, but wanted to call out that a bunch of us, myself very much included, have very much enjoyed the ongoing discussion about what the deal is with the Darkin based off the new info associated with Kayn's reveal, including speculation on future possibilities, whether any other Darkin are already in the roster besides Aatrox etc. Some theories that are pretty out there, or speculative, and some ideas that are pretty accurate. Makes for fun reading."
When asked for his thoughts on Gragas, Meddler noted:
"I'm not a huge fan of his impact on the game personally, I'll have to pick the Live Gameplay team's thoughts on him though. He hasn't been on their watch list the last couple of patches at least, seems like a good candidate to consider though as we've got a couple of patches coming up that are more pro play focused than usual."
As for Kindred, Meddler noted:
"Bit early to say. Buffs of that magnitude (small ish) take a little while to assess well. We're confident they needed some extra power, not yet sure whether that was the right amount added yet."
When asked if they plan for any additional Syndra changes, Meddler commented:
"No immediate plans for further changes at least. The R is still a topic of some disagreement internally (not an uncommon occurrence, especially with champs that have been balance challenges at times)."
Meddler also replied to a question on Yasuo's future changes and thoughts regarding Kayn's PBE testing:
"Nothing specific started on Yasuo yet. 
Happy with reaction to Kaye from reveal and PBE. In terms of balance PBE isn't generally a useful source of balance insight, since there's not good matchmaking or team comps, frequent leavers and people trying experimental stuff etc."
On the tentative Statikk Shiv changes (reverted in 6/30 update), Meddler explained:
"Some concern on the team that Shiv's good for too many different things at once. Don't think we'll be shipping changes in 7.14, testing though to understand options for possible future changes."

Let's Chat about Honor

With the Honor update out on live servers, several rioters have been bouncing around the boards and reddit answering player questions and discussing the system:

Here's Simurgh with a boards post looking for feedback on the honor system:
"Hi folks! 
Honor has been live for a day (or longer if you're in OCE) and I hope you're enjoying it. But what we shipped this patch is only the first step - we want to keep building on and improving on Honor over the next year, so I want to hear from you. What are your first impressions or feedback? Any fun stories? Any burning questions about the system? I'll be checking this thread periodically through the weekend and holiday. 
I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank the people who made the Honor revamp a reality: BionicNinja, NeuroCat, RiotBoourns, RiotTantram, RiotTantrams's dog Maru, Riot Stopthief, Dio DeSol, RiotId, DuckCurry, NaKyle, Luciandelacroix, HomieRocket, DeNocte, Riot Tainze (plus many others whose summoner names I don't remember). Maybe some of them will pop into this thread as well ;)"
When asked about a way to see their progression to the next honor level, Simurgh responded:
Give us a way to watch our honor gain like masteries. We have no idea how far/close we are to leveling. 
Getting honor felt great at first but it almost feels like beating a dead horse trying to level without seeing how far/close we are. 
Hey, this is a good question, but we actually very intentionally did not include any sort of progress indicator for Honor levels. Here are a few reasons why:  
  1. We didn't want to anchor people on the "grind" to honor levels. By not having progress indicators, we wanted to root the reinforcement for being sportsmanlike on the feedback you get from other players (the honors), not any artificial motivation from being "close to the next level".
  2. Our behind-the-scenes systems which determine honor level ups aren't simple. The types of calculations we do to determine if a player is ready to level up take into account their holistic behavior across many games, and don't lend themselves well to being surfaced in an "XP bar"-style system. Anything we surface here could also warp behavior around trying to "minmax" the most honor points, which really refocuses it away from the point of the Honor system - play good games and you'll make progress.
  3. We wanted to have a few discrete levels in Honor, since bloating the number would make each feel less meaningful. However, we wanted players to progress over the course of a season or half-season, which means that progress to the next level would necessarily be fairly slow. We didn't think it would be a great experience to reinforce this through some progress indicator."

On if there were any daily limits on amount of hono per day, Simurgh commented:
is the honor you can gain in a day capped? is it simply how many games you play and get honored or is it impossible to level up in a small amount of time?
No cap on honors per day. Just play good games and you'll be making progress. Keep in mind though, this system has few levels and is meant to last over the course of the season. You should expect to rank up in Honor over the course of weeks-months, not days."

Simurgh also commented that the Honor display on profiles is currently bugged:
  • I feel if there is three honor categories there should be three honors to give per game. I am having just as much trouble choosing a honor to give as I am who to give it to.
  • Why is there a spot on others profiles to see their honor rank if we cant see it?
  • does getting one type of honor reduce its worth per level as compared to getting a mix of all three or do they all count the same no matter what and are therefore worthless to think about what type to give/get?
The spot on other's profiles not showing honor rank is a current bug. In the future, you should expect to see the honor level of anyone above level 2 on their profiles. 
The different honor categories don't have different weights currently, but we want to tie them into more meaningful features in the future."

When asked how long the honor rework was in design for Simurgh added:
Curious how long was the Honor rework going on for since Inknow uou guys chatted about it for a while
We've actually had various explorations happening since 2013/2014, but this most recent iteration we started designing last fall."

As for hints in end of season related rewards, Simurgh commented:
Eh, fair enough I guess. I'll miss having green and yellow ribbons (but mostly green though) all the time but oh well, whatever. As for these end of season rewards, I assume you mean for neutral and positive behavior. If that's the case any hints you can give surrounding that?
Honestly, we haven't entirely pinned it down yet, so I can't even give good hints!"
Simurgh also confirmed that honor will reset at start of the season.
So the Honor points will reset with each season?
Your Honor level will reset at end of season - yes"
Simurgh continued:
Since this season is more than half over, is honor progress tuned to be faster than normal? Meaning is level 5 reasonably achievable and is next season going to have a slower progression?
Next season will either have a slower progression, or we'll be doing mid-season resets. Not sure yet."
When asked about progressing in the system and honoring friends or people you queue up with, riotBoourns  explained:
Quick question, I pretty much only play with friends currently. If I don't have 3-4 other people I know to play with I really don't play. 
If I understand this correctly I'll only be able to receive honors from the enemy at this point then correct? 
We use voice comms and rarely if ever type in all chat. We don't really give the enemy a reason to honor us. It seems like I may end up being excluded from the honor system unless I pander to the enemy team. 
Is there any system in place to handle players like me or do I just have to accept I won't be getting much if any honor?
You progress in the system just by playing (and not being negative). You don't need to receive honor to get rewards or higher levels. You and your friends can still honor each other, but we tuned the system so that you can't game things to progress faster by trading honor. Also, for clarity, you can't honor enemy players."

When asked about the different types of honor and why there isn't one for "being carried", riotBoourns commented:
Well cause that's not what honour is for. Honour is the equivalent of being sportsmanlike in a real life scenario, being sportsmanlike is completely different to being skilled.
Also, there's no reason why you can't honor someone who carried you. GG <3 is meant to be broadly applicable. We didn't make something specific for carrying because... well you already get tons of reward and recognition for that. From gold in game, and feeling powerful to more IP, LP, mastery, FWOTD etc. We wanted to make a system to allow players to recognize others for sportsmanlike play that is not easy to capture in stats. 
If I read between the lines here, maybe the question is why isn't there a category for someone who carried, but doesn't match the criteria for the honor categories? Like maybe someone who was kind of passive aggressive or negative? Maybe they told you all the stuff you did wrong... in not the nicest way? I'm not sure players enjoy playing with that person (even though we all love to win). Why should you feel like you need to honor them? Personally, if you gave me a choice between a 25/2/13 yasuo who was a bit of an ass and a 25/2/13 yasuo who was positive or even quiet: I know which one I'd pick. 
We expect that you all will come up with your own rules for how you honor people. For me, I don't think you need to say stuff in chat or be really nice to be worthy of honor. If you gank my lane, join the team for fights, group for objectives, or save my bacon in lane... that makes me feel pretty good about you. If you had my back and helped us compete (win or lose) without being negative, that seems worthy of recognition to me."
riotBoourns continued:
I haven't given out honor in at least 1/2 my games since the update because A) everyone on my team starts flaming B) there is no "carried my ass" option and C) I can't honor the person on the enemy team that beat our whole team. It sucks because I know you get a bonus if everyone gives out the honor but there are times when literally NO ONE (sometimes including myself but because i suck not because I flame) deserves any of it.
And that's totally fine. We don't want you to feel like you have to honor if no one deserves it. That's why the reward is small for everyone voting. It's just supposed to be a small nudge if you were already thinking about it. We did deliberately steer away from a "carried my ass" category because we already have plenty of rewards for that and wanted the system to focus on sportsmanship."

riotBoourns  added that they'd like to add more recognition surrounding the type of honor you receive:
"Long term we'd like to surface more information about the types of honor you're getting and make them feel more meaningful. On release we kept it simple though. We want to see how categories resonate with players and how usage looks over the coming months. 
As an example, we wanted to show you the percentage breakdown of honor types in the profile, but ended up pushing it past release so we could hit our timelines. There's obviously more opportunities to celebrate this in the future, and we wanted to get honor out as soon as we could so we could see how you all actually use it (we have many guesses, but the reality is often surprising!)."
riotBoourns  continued:
Question. Will each of the three options ever be totaled again on profile like in honor 1.0? Was kinda cool to see though wasn't a huge deal.
Hope so, we were planning to show you the percentage breakdown of honor types, but we didn't have time to do it for the initial release." 

As for something for players who participated in the old honor system, riotBoourns commented:
Are you still giving people something for their previous honor as was discussed before? Or is that not happening anymore?
Yes! Plans aren't final yet, but we will talk in more detail when they are."
As for the return of being able to honor opponents, riotBoourns  commented:
I believe this was mentioned by a Rioter when they first announced the new system. I could be wrong, and I am too lazy to dig up the source, but I believe that they mentioned that they plan on re-implementing some form of Honorable Opponent in the future.
That was probably me, we want to do something lighter weight for recognizing opponents and other teammates that you enjoyed playing with. We are still prioritizing post honor work, so I'm not sure when we will ship something."

For further reading, check out these group question responses by Simurgh - 1 / 2 / 3 /

You can also check out these links for even more on the newly launched Honor system:

Quick Hits

1) The Riot Games Merch Facebook posted a reminder about the adorable new Fizz and Volibear plush in their summer collection, the first two in a new line of collectible LoL plush! Check out the reminder below or head on over to the merch shop for these and more summer time themed merch!

"Voli and Fizz make the beach or any summer outing complete. They have arrived to kick-off the new collectible plush line for League of Legends - debuting online for players - these numbered, small run, soft plush are the first in the series and so cute you will never want to ban them."
2) GreaterBelugaWhale   jumped into a thread  over on the Talon Mains subredditdiscuss the latest Lethality changes, assassins, and itemization.

3) A video circulated Riot's social media celebrating the new honor system:

4) When asked for context on the recent Cho'Gath PBE changes, shared:
[1]"I'm not the designer on Cho but the reason we moved away from a toggle is simply that Cho doesn't actually get to consistently auto-attack champions, and we wanted to give him more power in the short windows he does get to interract in Auto range, even at the cost of a bit of power from just pushing down minions."
 [2]"To clarify, we want him to be able to use this spell to its fullest in the short time windows he has to interract with enemy champions rather than tell him to constantly chase after consistent melee autos that just aren't feasible. generally we are fine with cho basically having death touch (there's a reason the stoneplate interaction has not been removed)"

5) It’s On | Rift Rivals 2017 - League of Legends

"Glory, pride, and (most importantly) bragging rights are on the line at Rift Rivals 2017. Top teams from around the world will band together to take on their rival regions and prove without a doubt that they are the stronger region. Don’t miss a moment of the action, taking place around the world from July 3rd-9th.

More info at: 
Music: ‘It's On’ by Deuce Mobb"


Last up, a few reminders on upcoming and ending soon promotions and sales!
  • Several new regional RIFT RIVALS summoner icons are in the shop for 1 IP through July 11th at 7:00 AM PT. See post for more information on how to obtain golden winner's icons!
  • As mentioned in 7.13 notesLegend of the Poro King  returns to the RGMQ 6/30/17 12:00 PT - 7/04/17 04:00 PT and 7/07/17 12:00 PT - 7/11/17 04:00 PT.

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