Pentakill - From Fire Reborn

Posted on at 2:37 PM by Aznbeat
With a new Pentakill album set to release later this year, check out FROM FIRE REBORN:

"The infernal prophecy of Pentakill. 
Born of shadow. Forged in flame. Metal as hell. 
Their last performance ended the band - and the lives of the audience. But Pentakill didn’t stay dead for long, and now no stage can escape the Grasp of the Undying."
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In case you missed it, check out the last Pentakill teaser that premiered during the 2016 All-Star Event. This video features the upcoming song "Mortal Reminder” by Pentakil and confirmed the second album is coming 2017 and will again feature Jørn Lande.

In addition to the in-game skins, the first Pentakill album SMITE AND IGNITE can be found on Spotify, Youtube, free download, soundcloud, and more.

Look for more information on the new album soon. \m/

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