Champion & Skin Sale 7/21 - 7/24

Posted on at 7:23 AM by Aznbeat
A new 50% off champ & skin sale starts soonJuly 21st thru July 24th you can snag High Noon Yasuo for 487 RP, Master Chef Tahm Kench for 487 RP, Rugged Garen for 375 RP, Djinn Malzahar for 260 RP, Gnar for 487 RP, Volibear for 440 RP, Olaf for 395 RP and Taric for 292 RP.
Continue reading for a better look at this sale's discounted skins!

High Noon Yasuo (487 RP)

Master Chef Tahm Kench (487 RP)

Rugged Garen (375 RP)

Djinn Malzahar (260 RP)

Sale & Skin Related News

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