Kayn, the Shadow Reaper, Now Available!

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"Our enemies won't slay themselves, you know!" - Kayn is now available for purchase!

During his first week of availability, Kayn will be priced at 975 RP / 7800 IP, after which he will drop to the standard 6300 IP price point. Alternatively, you can pick up Kayn and Soulhunter Kayn in his limited time release bundle for 1837 RP for the first few days after release.
Continue reading doe more on Kayn, his gameplay, special interactions, and more!

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Release Announcement

From the release announcement - "Unleash Kayn's Carnage to Earn 2 Special Icons"

"One will emerge victorious… the other will be consumed. Kayn is available now. 
In the carnage that shall soon follow, the most deadly Kayn players can earn two limited-edition summoner icons by completing these missions: 
The Shadow Path
Unlock the Shadow Assassin icon by completing the following objectives:
  • Play 5 games as, with, or against Shadow Assassin Kayn
  • Win one PVP game as Shadow Assassin Kayn
  • Get a Killing Spree as Shadow Assassin Kayn 
The Darkin Path
Unlock the Darkin Rhaast icon by completing the following objectives: 
  • Play 5 games as, with, or against Darkin Kayn
  • Win one PVP game as Darkin Kayn
  • Get a Double Kill as Darkin Kayn
These missions will run from 08:00 PT July 12 through 23:59 PT Aug 13, and are only available if Kayn is unlocked. Objectives can be completed in any order on any matchmade PVP mode (no AI or Custom games). Complete both Missions to earn both icons! 
Learn more about the shadow and his scythe below:
Soulhunter Kayn Bundle - 1837 RP (Available 7/12 08:00 PT - 7/17 23:59 PT)
  • Soulhunter Kayn
  • Kayn"

Kayn, the Shadow Reaper 


Champion Spotlight

Before we head into the edgy details, here is Kayn's champion spotlight:

Stats & Abilities

  • Health: 585
  • Health Growth: 85
  • Attack Range: 175
  • Movement Speed: 340
  • Base AD: 60
  • AD Growth: 2.8
  • Attack Speed: 0,669
  • Attack Speed Growth: 2.7
  • Base Armor: 29
  • Armor Growth: 3,3
  • MR: 32.1
  • MR Per level: 1.25
  • Base HP Regen: 1.6
  • HP Regen Growth: 0.15
  • Base Mana Regen:  [~12 per 5]
  • Mana Regen Growth:  ~~~~
Below are Kayn's tooltips and ability information. During a match, Kayn undergoes a one way transformation into either Darkin or Shadow Assassin:. Once transformed, his abilities vary based on which form you assume. We've listed the base tooltips as well as both the Darkin and Shadow Assassin variants.

The Darkin Scythe (Passive):
"Kayn wields an ancient weapon and fights Rhaast, the darkin within it, for control. One will win, the other will die. 
The Darkin Rhaast thrives on fighting melee enemies, while hunting vulnerable ranged enemies strengthens Kayn, the Shadow Assassin.

Darkin: Heal for a percentage of spell damage dealt to champions. 
Shadow Assassin: For the first few seconds in combat with enemy champions, deal bonus damage. "
  • Once one side is full, you can activate it immediately or you can wait four minutes to active the other form. 
  • Transformation is a one way street - permanent once you choose! 
Darkin "Heal for [25% + 1% per level] of spell damage dealt to champions."
Shadow Assassin "For the first 3 seconds in champion combat, deal [10% + 1.9% per level] of all damage dealt to champions as bonus magic damage."
Becomes available again after 8 seconds out of combat with champions."
  • This is based off of *post*-mitigation physical damage. 
[Transformation ready]
Reaping Slash (Q):
Mana: 50
Cooldown: 7/6.5/6/5.5/5
Kayn dashes forward to strike nearby enemies. Both dash and strike deal 55/75/95/115/135 (+65 % bonus AD) physical damage. 
Darkin Deal a percentage of the target's maximum health instead.
Deals 55 bonus physical damage to monsters.
Darkin "...Both dash and strike deal 50% Total AD physical damage + [5% + (4% per 100 bonus AD)] of the target's maximum health (max 200 vs monsters). 
Deals 55 bonus physical damage to monsters."

Blade's Reach (W):
Mana: 60/65/70/75/80
Cooldown: 13/12/11/10/9
[Range] [Shadow Assassin Form Range]
Kayn deals 80/125/170/215/260 + (120% bonus AD) physical damage and slows enemies hit by 60%, decaying over the next 1.5 seconds. 
Shadow Assassin: Gain extra range and the ability to move during Blade's Reach.
Darkin: Gain a knock up.
Darkin "Enemies hit are knocked up for 1 second,, "
Shadow Assassin "Kayn creates a Living Shadow, which casts Blade's Reach for him..."
  • Range increase is 200. 

Shadow Step (E):
Mana: 90
Cooldown: 21/19/17/15/13
Kayn gains 40% movement speed and the ability to walk through terrain for 1.5 seconds. When he first enters terrain, he is healed for 100/115/130/145/160 (+ 40% bonus AD) and the duration of this effect is extended to 5 seconds.
Shadow Assassin: Gain more movement speed and slow immunity.
Maximum duration in combat with enemy champions: 1.5 seconds. Immobilizing effects end Shadow Step immediately.  
Shadow Assassin "....While in terrain, Kayn gains slow immunity and his movement speed bonus is increased to 70%."

Umbral Trespass (R):
Mana: 100
Cooldown: 120/100/80
Kayn infests an enemy champion he has recently damaged, becoming untargetable for up to 2.5 seconds. Reactivate to end this effect early. When Umbral Trespass ends, the target takes 150/250/350 (+110% Bonus AD) physical damage. 
Shadow Assassin: Gains extra range and refresh The Darkin Scythe on exit. 
Darkin: Deals percent maximum health damage and heals for a percentage of target maximum health.
Darkin "... the target takes [10% + (13% per 100 bonus AD)]% of their maximum health as physical damage and Rhaast heals for [70% of damage value]% of target maximum health."
  •  Heal is pre-mitigation.
Shadow Assassin "...When Umbral Trespass ends, the cooldown of The Darkin Scythe is reset and the target takes..."
  • Range increase is 200. 

Here's a video preview to see his moves in action:


Here is Kayn's full voiceover, clocking in at nearly 30 minutes including various form and Rhaast dialogue:

and his voiceover includes several interesting special interactions for his base form:

As well as interactions for his Shadow Assassin form:

And the Darkin Rhaast form:

Champion Select Pick Quote:
  • Kayn: "Will you prove worthy?" Rhaast: "Probably not."

Champion Select Ban Quote:
  • Kayn: "The weak fear the shadows." Rhaast: "Fear controls them."
Non English VO:


Here's Kayn's short form in-client lore entry:
"The child is gone. The killer remains.” 
A peerless practitioner of lethal shadow magic, Shieda Kayn battles to achieve his true destiny—to one day lead the Order of the Shadow into a new era of Ionian supremacy. He audaciously wields the sentient darkin weapon Rhaast, undeterred by its creeping corruption of his body and mind. There are only two possible outcomes: either Kayn bends the weapon to his will... or the malevolent blade consumes him completely, paving the way for the destruction of all Runeterra.
Kayn's full short story and bio can be found on the universe page.

Login Themes

Two login themes were added for Kayn, each showcasing one of his forms:





Release Skin - Soulhunter Kayn

Soulhunter Kayn

New Summoner Icons

Also releasing are two new summoner icons relating to Kayn, one for each of his Shadow Assassin and Darkin forms:

These icons will be available through the Missions system. Complete three missions each to receive them. Check out this link for more info!

Champion Price Reduction

With Kayn's release, Kha'Zix and Mordekaiser's IP/RP price has been permanently reduced.


For more on Kayn, check out these links:

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