2016 SKT T1 Skins & kkOma Ward now available!

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The 2016 SKT T1 Skins and the kkOma ward are now available through 7/19!
Continue reading for the details on cost and availability, as well as full previews and videos!

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Release Announcement

From the release announcement - "SKT T1 2016 Skins now available!"


Emerging victorious after an incredible 5-game finals series, the legendary SK telecom T1 raised the Summoner’s Cup for the third time in four seasons, defending the throne as the best pro team in League of Legends. 
Reign like SKT with the 2016 World Championship Skins, available through July 19, 2017, at 23:59 PT. 
25% of the proceeds from these skins will go directly to SKT, the players themselves, and the other LCK teams they faced along the way.

In case you missed it: SKT helped design these skins! Take a look:"

2016 SKT T1 Skin Previews

This week brings us new skins for EkkoJhinNamiOlafSyndra, and Zac, as well as a Ward Skin, to celebrate SKT as our 2016 World Champions! Remember, these skins have new sounds that were added in the 7.14 PBE cycle, and will be patched in when the 7.14 cycle goes to live!

SKT T1 Ekko

1350 RP (Available through 7/19 at 23:59 PT)

SKT T1 Jhin

1350 RP (Available through 7/19 at 23:59 PT)

SKT T1 Nami

1350 RP (Available through 7/19 at 23:59 PT)

SKT T1 Olaf

1350 RP (Available through 7/19 at 23:59 PT)

SKT T1 Syndra

1350 RP (Available through 7/19 at 23:59 PT)

SKT T1 Zac

1350 RP (Available through 7/19 at 23:59 PT)

SKT T1 kkOma Ward Skin

To go with the six new skins, we also have a new SKT ward skin!

SKT T1 kkOma Ward

640 RP
(Available through 7/19 at 23:59 PT)

SKT Sound Effects Update

Following the earlier announcement, here's Riot Katey Khaos sharing that the new sound effects have been added to the 2016 SKT World Championship SkinsShe also mentioned these sound effects are final. Look for these in the 7.14 patch when it hits live sometime next week!
"EDIT: June 29th - Additional sounds for all SKT skins have been added! 
Syndra - Q, W, E, R, AAs
Zac - Q, W, E, AAs
Nami - Q, W, E, R and E (and empowered AAs)
Ekko - Q, W (when the bubble spawns), E and R
Olaf - Q, W, E, R, AAs
Jhin - Q, R"
Here's a brief video preview of the sound effects:

We'll have fully updated SKT skin previews available at the end of the 7.14 PBE cycle. Remember that these sound effects are not in 7.13 and will not be present for today's release.

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