This Week In Esports (June 1st - June 5th)

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As the regional leagues start back up for summer play, we're back with This Week in Esports!
[Warning: This post contains event spoilers!]

Continue reading for current LCS & regional standings, team & player news, and more!

Table of Contents

Current Standings:

The brackets and standings below are up to date as of Monday, June 5th and, as always, VODs can be found here and check out the various links to see advanced scheduling for the various regional leagues!



[Korea] LCK:

[China] LPL:

LPL Summer season starts June 8th!



Team, Player, Event & Organization News

Riot & LCS:

  • [LPL] Competitive Ruling: Mint and Ben4 suspended for 1 match for toxic behavior in game.
  • Riot Video Content for this week:


  • [NACSimaqtpie, Dyrus, scarra, Voyboy, and Shiphtur join Delta Fox. MarkZ joins as Head Analyst. 


  • [EUCSRuin, Gilius, Jiizuke and Minitroupax join Giants Gaming. Joo joins as a sub. NighT moves to sub. Fr3deric leaves.
  • [EUCSDan Dan, xani, SRH, DarkSide, and Quixeth join Origen.

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