Champion & Skin Sale 5/9 - 5/12

Posted on at 7:20 AM by Aznbeat
A new 50% off champ & skin sale starts soonMay 9th thru May 12th you can snag Surprise Party Amumu for 675 RP, Masked Shaco for 487 RP, Frost Queen Janna for 487 RP, Sanguine Garen for 260 RP, Yasuo for 487 RP, Orianna for 440 RP, Galio for 395 RP and Sion for 292 RP.
Continue reading for a better look at this sale's discounted skins!

Surprise Party Amumu (675 RP)

Masked Shaco (487 RP)

Frost Queen Janna (487 RP)

Sanguine Garen (260 RP)

Sale & Skin Related News

The May Sales have been announced! Check out the link to get a peek of what's coming up for the next month!

In celebration of their updated skin splash art in 7.9,  limited time Sejuani and Maokai skin bundles are available in the shop! Legacy skins for each champion are also up in the store individually! These will be available until 5/10!

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