Mid Patch Update: March 23rd

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The official patch 7.6 notes have been updated to reflect a mid-patch updates that went out to live fix bugs with Fiora, Galio, and Lulu, as well as to fix a bug with cloud drake, and more.
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From the official 7.6 patch notes - updated evening of 23rd:
"Mid-Patch Updates
Additional Bugfixes 
  • STUNNING W - Riposte now consistently applies its stun when blocking crowd control from empowered basic attacks
  • NEEDS A MAP - When Galio casts R - Hero's Entrance on an out-of-range ally, his landing point is now properly the spot his ally was at when Galio entered cast range, rather than where they were at when Galio first attempted to cast Hero's Entrance 
  • TRANSMOGULATE  -Fixed a few cases where W - Whimsy's polymorph wasn't interacting properly with effects that block, mitigate, or remove spell effects 
Basic Attack Modifiers
  • WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR - Spamming the hotkey for a basic attack modifier (ex. Ashe's Q - Ranger's Focus, Nasus's Q - Siphoning Strike) no longer causes the empowered attack to be delayed 
Cloud Drake
  • HEAD IN THE CLOUDS - Cloud Drake's effects now properly increase with additional stacks
In-Game Chat
  • CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW - Fixed a few issues around sending or receiving private messages from a player currently in a game"

Mid-patch updates are typically updated into the top of official patch notes and commonly happen throughout the cycle.

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