Patch 7.3 Notes

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Patch 7.3 is on the way and the official patch notes have been posted!

Continue reading for complete notes, including balance changes, upcoming Blood Moon skins for Jhin, Talon, Twisted Fate, and Diana, Hunt for the Blood Moon Mode, RGMQ schedule, and more!

Here's the full 7.3 patch notes:
Greetings, Summoners.

Welcome to patch 7.3 - the one where we react (mostly) to professional play. That’s not to say that everything below is for the pros, but with major competitive play in full swing across all regions, we’ve had enough time to properly react to many of the trends we’re seeing.

When 2017 kicked off, we hinted at a ‘multi-patch cycle’ to get the state of the game to about the level we wanted. Improving Lethality for physical damage dealers was necessary for their viability long-term, but now that the stat’s feeling good (okay, maybe a little too good), we’re working on pulling some of the main offenders back in line. Not all of our hits in 7.3 are Lethality related - Leblanc and Camille (though certainly lethal) are getting their own tweaks for obvious reasons, with some other high-priority changes thrown in.

Going back to that ‘multi-patch’ cycle (can you tell we like that phrase), 7.4 promises some goodies for botlaners of all stripes and positions, hoping to nail the last few outliers before we look towards some larger impacting changes further down the line. No, this doesn’t mean that every marksman and support item will cost half as much and give twice the stats, but we think there’s enough to make some of the more oppressed champions feel a little happier about their place.

And that’s about it for us! From all of us here, may your escapes from many a Rengar (and voidling swarm) be successful, and we’ll see you back here for 7.4.

 Patrick "Scarizard" Scarborough Paul "Aether" Perscheid Mattias "Gentleman Gustaf" Lehman Lucas "Luqizilla" Moutinho



Q empowered damage down. W slow and E stun decreased. E attack speed only granted if a champion is hit.
If you’ve been following along with Camille’s trips to the patch notes, you may have noticed a theme: Camille does many things too well. When any champion jumps on you, you’ve got a choice: run, or fight back. However, Camille’s lockdown means you don’t get to run until it’s too late, while her high damage makes it difficult to successfully fight back. We’re slicing the Steel Shadow from both ends, improving her opponent’s odds whichever route they choose.

Q - Precision Protocol


W - Tactical Sweep

OUTER SWEEP SLOW DECAYNow decays fully to 0% over the duration
SLOW90%  80%

E - Hookshot

COST50 mana  70 mana
STUN DURATION1 second  0.75 seconds
NEWATTACK SPEEDNow only granted if Camille hits an enemy champion

R - The Hextech Ultimatum

AFTER DEATH DURATIONNo longer persists for its full remaining duration after Camille dies. Now dissipates within 1 second after Camille dies.


Daisy no longer regenerates her health and is also less tanky.
Though Daisy’s disruption is certainly invaluable, her rapid regeneration means that if she survives a fight (or if Ivern takes her out of the action) she’ll be healthy to safeguard an objective push soon after. When opponents put the effort into bringing Daisy down, we want them to be rewarded with damage that actually sticks, rather than see any effort short of a kill become literally meaningless. We’re pushing up Daisy’s vulnerability so that ‘barely surviving’ a skirmish doesn’t just win her the next one.

R - Daisy!

REMOVEDHEALTH REGENERATIONDaisy no longer regenerates 3% maximum health per second while out of combat
ARMOR AND MAGIC RESIST20/60/120  15/40/90
ALL WORK AND NO PLAYDaisy will no longer start attacking the ground and teleporting out of control
INVISIBLE DAISIESDaisy will no longer become invisible in rare circumstances


Hammer Q and R damage down. Hammer E mana cost up.
Jayce’s two forms give him more tools than most champs, and he’s meant to succeed when he uses them all in concert. Right now, however, hammer form is pulling too much weight all on its own. Its raw damage means Jayce tends to win the fights he starts, and its cheap disengage means he can politely decline any fights that find him. Hitting damage offsets last patch’s Lethality buffs by restoring some early-level breathing room for opponents, while upping E’s mana cost means Jayce only has so many “E”-ject buttons before he runs out of resources.

Q - To the Skies!

DAMAGE40/80/120/160/200/240  35/70/105/140/175/210

E - Thundering Blow

COST40 mana  55 mana

R - Mercury Hammer

HAMMER STANCE BONUS DAMAGE RATIO0.4 bonus attack damage  0.25 bonus attack damage


Q ratio down. Evolved Q cooldown refund on Isolated targets down.
While the Assassin update delivered on giving Kha’Zix more flexibility in his evolutions, it’s clear we may have gone too far. Kha’Zix is a champion about burst damage, but Evolved Claws introduces enough sustained damage into his fights that he’s tasting the best of both worlds. Kha’Zix should still be favored in Isolated situations overall, but cutting down Taste Their Fear’s aggressive scaling should give classic duelists (like Elise or Lee Sin) the upper hand when striking first.

Q - Taste Their Fear

RATIO1.4 bonus attack damage  1.2 bonus attack damage
EVOLVED CLAWS COOLDOWN REFUND60% on isolated targets  45% on isolated targets


Passive damage reduced at early levels.
If you've played League over the last couple of months, you likely noticed that LeBlanc is pretty strong at the moment. Part of that comes from her passive's scaling in the early game: the Deceiver clears waves and out-lanes opponents with impunity, meaning she comes into her mid-game spike far ahead of the curve. We’re reining in her early-game burst to give opponents a window where they can actually win a fight.

Passive - Sigil of Malice

DAMAGE (LV 1-6)40/55/70/85/100/115  30/40/50/60/70/80
DAMAGE (LV 7-13)130/155/170/180/190/200/210 90/100/120/140/160/180/200
DAMAGE (LV 14-18)220/240/260/280/300 (unchanged)


Voidlings are slower if they stray from Malzahar and have a small delay before spawning. W has a cooldown between casts.
Malzahar’s the latest mage to migrate down to bot lane, but that shift in position has been accompanied with a problematic shift in playstyle as well. As it turns out, the needs of controlling a solo lane act as a limiter on the more frustrating parts of Malzahar’s kit. So, when put in an environment where he doesn’t need to manage minions or fight a solo laner, Malz is free to focus on being really annoying instead. (We mean voidlings.)

The first issue is support Malz’s unimpeded use of Voidlings as bodyblockers, shutting down skillshot champs too reliably. The reflex check is exciting in theory, but while mid Malz might give up lane pressure to use W creatively, support Malz doesn’t make the same sacrifice. The second issue is how effectively Voidlings chase melee champs out of lane. Melees can’t fight or run from Voidlings without taking heavy damage; this becomes far more painful in botlane (and toplane, for you theorycrafters) where the trip back to your turret is significantly longer.

We're taking steps to reduce the aggravation that Malzahar Voidlings are causing away from their home lane. Malz players who plan ahead will still be able to make some sick space-crab plays, but Void Swarms of opportunity will be easier to deal with.

W - Void Swarm

VOIDLING SPAWN TIMEOn-cast  0.35 seconds after cast (matching the animation)
NEWWAIT FOR MEPast 600 distance, Voidlings move 10% more slowly for every 100 additional distance farther they are from Malzahar


Q dash distance down. Empowered W no longer gives CC immunity after cleansing. R duration down.
Rengar’s ability to get in and out of any skirmish is predicated on precise use of his wide array of tools. However, the stab-tabby’s defensive mechanics provide too much of a safety net, clinching him a clean getaway out of even the sloppiest of engages. Specifically, it’s Empowered Battle Roar’s cleanse and follow-up immunity coupled with the Pridestalker’s high damage that make the counterplay of ‘group up and peel Rengar’ feel unrealistic once he gets rolling. Similarly, Thrill of the Hunt’s duration is long enough that instead of needing to predict a fight (or commit to starting one at all), Rengar can just chill in the shadows, scaring the enemy team into inaction for long stretches until one of them wanders an inch too far. We’re tightening the leash on Knifecat’s ability to dine-and-dash large groups while keeping his efficacy at solo missions largely intact.

Also, using Savagery’s dash (which was just supposed to make up for Q’s cast time) as generic movement speed both contributes to his overall mobility and looks really dumb, so we’re lowering the range to make it distance-neutral. If you’re really attached to spamming buttons to try and look cool, just play Riven.

Q - Savagery


W - Battle Roar

REMOVEDBATTLE MEOWEmpowered cast no longer gives crowd control immunity for 1.5 seconds

R - Thrill of the Hunt

CAMOUFLAGE DURATION14/22/30 seconds  12/16/20 seconds


Q lasts longer.
Tristana's lower-than-average base stats means she's almost entirely reliant on her cooldowns to fight in lane (despite being a basic-attack-oriented champion). When her spells are up she's ready to scrap, but she feels particularly weak when they're not. We're increasing the uptime on Tristana’s main steroid, allowing her to keep rapidly firing while Goomba-stomping opponents in extended fights.

Q - Rapid Fire

DURATION5 seconds  7 seconds


Movement speed and base attack speed reduced.
2017’s jungle has proven pretty favorable for Vi, even with one or her stronger keystones being nerfed. As such, we’re taking this opportunity to go under the hood and retune her base stats to be more in line with others in her weight class. For a champion with a two-charge attack reset and two gap-closers, her base movement and attack speeds were a touch out of line. The only thing that should be excessive about Vi is her force.

Base Stats



Basic attacks are stronger and faster. Q deals more baseline damage; Crimson Rush bonus reduced to compensate.
Though Vladimir has a point-and-click button as his main ability, his kit’s got some finnicky timing requirements that actually make him one of League’s most difficult-to-learn champions. The path to mastery should always be rewarding, but Vlad’s a completely different champion depending on which end of the MMR spectrum you’re looking at. That volatility means Vlad settles into “balance” for just one set of players at a time - when he’s fair at lower skill levels he dominates pro play, but if he’s brought in line for League’s higher tiers, the majority of the playerbase has little hope of winning.

These changes are meant to introduce some level of consistency across the various flavors of Vlad. Improving his basic attack helps players who struggle to last-hit without meaningfully buffing veterans who have their farm game on lock. Additionally, shrinking the difference between basic Transfusion and its Crimson Rush version means Vlad players can still do well even if they haven’t mastered their Q timing yet. Narrowing these skill gaps puts us in a better position to balance around a ‘baseline’ Vladimir going forward, rather than having to choose which half of the playerbase gets the short end of the stick.

Base Stats


Q - Transfusion

RATIO0.55 ability power  0.6 ability power
DAMAGE75/90/105/120/135  80/100/120/140/160


Plants don’t auto-target champions on spawn if a closer enemy target exists. Q costs more mana.
When Zyra does plant things at you, her abilities are only half the story - she's also sprouting a garden of Thornspitters and Vine Lashers. Once you've dodged (...or not) a spellcast, you've got a choice to make: stick around to take her plants out, or back off until they've despawned. That choice is heavily weighted toward running away, thanks to an aggressive AI pattern that told Zyra’s plants to always target nearby champions on-spawn, regardless of whether Zyra landed the ability that spawned ‘em.

While frustrating to deal with for any champ, this makes life downright awful for melee folks who can’t whack Zyra’s weeds without staying in range. Though Zyra's built to thrive against close-range picks like Braum or Leona, her margin for error’s so high that it’s impossible for almost any melee to find an opportunity to cut through. That margin’s what we’re targeting this patch. Zyra will still carry the “anti-melee” crown when she lands her spells, but opponents that bob and weave past Deadly Spines and Grasping Roots will find footing to retaliate.


PLANT STUFFRemoved a rule that told Thornspitters and Vine Lashers to always target nearby enemy champions on-spawn instead of the closest enemy unit, even if the ability that spawned them didn’t hit a champion

Q - Deadly Spines

COST60 mana  70 mana

Practice Tool

Practice Tool will be rolling out region-by-region on the updated client later during patch 7.3! In the meantime, you can learn more about the Practice Tool here.

Skin Names in Scoreboard

Excuse me, 0/13 Yasuo! What skin are you wearing this game?
NAME-BRANDHovering over a player in the scoreboard now shows the name of their skin.

League Client Update

We're continuing to focus on the updated client's performance and stability, but that's not stopping us from shipping some good new stuff! Read on for more info.

For questions about the ongoing client update open beta, check out open beta FAQ. You can also find solutions to most common issues in the known issues section of our support site.

New features

A buff to the end-game screen, flappy-ass lobby banners, and news out the wazoo.
NEWPATRIOTIC FLAGS HELL YEAHWe’ve added animated banners to the lobby. They are extra flappy and windblown, the way banners should be. We'll keep shipping more visual upgrades over the next few patches while making sure we’re not sacrificing performance.
NEWEND-OF-GAME RIGHT CLICK GOODIESYou can now right-click on others' names on the end of game screen to add them as a friend, block them, or view their profile.
NEWTREMENDOUS NEWSThe “NEWS” tab is now live in the updated client. This will act as a hub for players to catch up on the latest League news, community creations, and miserably long roundtable videos from within the client.
We've pre-loaded the vast majority of the files required to upgrade to the updated client, even for players who haven't opted into the beta. If you want to upgrade now (maybe to try out that sweet Practice Tool), the download should be under 500 MB. If you’ve opted into the open beta previously, you’ve already downloaded these files, so you’re good to go.

Notable fixes

  • Fixed a bug preventing champ select chat from automatically scrolling down as new messages arrived
  • Fixed a bug where pasting a really long URL into chat extended the chat window over the friends list
  • Fixed a bug causing the main window to highlight in the task bar instead of the chat window when you received a message in pop out chat
  • We made some various changes to the chat message window to make it easier to read, including adding a gradient behind active messages and adding summoner icons beside your friends' names.
  • Last patch we began allowing your conversation with your friends to follow you from the lobby into champ select (and back out if someone dodged). This message history is visible only to your party (not to new players that join in champ select). This isn't a bug—we just don't want you to lose track of your conversation.

Queue Health Update

Ranked Solo/Duo

Ranked Flex

Rotating Game Modes

The Hunt of the Blood Moon looms into rotation from 2/10/17 - 2/14/17 and 2/17/17 - 2/21/17. Sacrifice Spirits, Demon Heralds, and enemy champions to gain points and the Demon Brand buff, which turns you invisible to hunt down your enemies.

Only 20 of the most vicious champions are available for the Hunt (10 of which will be lurking in the Free to Play rotation).

Look out for more information as the blood moon approaches. Happy hunting.


  • Warwick no longer displaces enemy champions and epic monsters with Q - Jaws of the Beast
  • Fixed a bug where, if Quinn canceled a basic attack against a target marked by Passive - Harrier and quickly attacked again afterward, Harrier didn’t deal bonus physical damage
  • Fixed a bug where the active of Mikael’s Crucible’s was instantly cleansing incoming CC during the slow immunity
  • Selling or Undoing the purchase of Duskblade of Drakthaar now correctly removes the Nightstalker passive
  • Fixed a bug where entering stealth with Q - Ambush was causing Twitch to stop attacking when Taunted
  • Gnar no longer instantly kills champions when E - Hopping from one corner of Camille’s R - The Hextech Ultimatum to another
  • Minion spawns can no longer be blocked with Zz’Rot Portal
  • Fixed a bug where Gangplank could critically strike structures directly after cancelling an attack on an E - Powder Keg
  • Kled’s W - Violent Tendencies no longer activates when used on plants or when Kled cancels his basic attack
  • Challenging Smite no longer incorrectly states that it grants vision of stealthed champions
  • Clones now copy the ‘linked’ indicator VFX of Zeke’s Harbinger
  • Red Brambleback no longer hits the air instead of the ground during his two-handed strike
  • Fixed a bug where Azir’s E - Shifting Sands was missing on-hit particles upon killing an enemy unit
  • Azir now correctly has a shadow during his death animation
  • Fixed a bug where gunshot audio of various champion attacks wasn’t playing in Spectator or Replays
  • Made the Mark of the Elder Dragon buff visuals more consistent on lower graphical settings
  • Krug splitting audio is no longer audible through Fog of War
  • Gangplank’s Q - Parrley visual effects no longer stick around for too long
  • Fixed a bug on most of Kennen’s skins where the on-hit particles for his basic attack were not properly appearing
  • Kha’Zix’s dance VO now loops more consistently
  • Deep Sea Nami’s head fin no longer bends into her shoulder
  • Made Warring Kingdom Xin Zhao’s Q - Three Talon Strike more color-blind friendly
  • Fixed a bug where Elementalist Lux’sE - Lucent Singularity had no particles for its inner orb
  • Removed a frame of Battle Boss Blitzcrank’s idle animation from the end of his recall animation
  • Fixed a bug where Boom Boom Blitzcrank’s golden buckle was stretching severely during his death and R - Static Field animations
  • Fixed a few bugs where some skins were stealing visual and audio effects from other skins of the same champion when both were in the same match together
  • Champions affected by Star Guardian Lulu’s W - Whimsy now correctly display their champion name as “Blob” in the chat
  • Arcade Sona’s W - Aria of Perseverance shield particles now correctly disappear when the shield is broken
  • Fixed a bug where Pulsefire Ezreal’s flying animation stopped, but the audio didn’t
  • SSW Talon’s W - Rake blades no longer look like Talon’s normal blades on the return trip for everyone else but him

Upcoming Skins

The following skins will be released during patch 7.3:

Points of Interest from the 7.3 PBE Cycle

Here's a brief look at many of the new things included in patch 7.3, including things mentioned above in the patch notes and things discovered during the last PBE cycle! This coverage includes preview screen shots and video taken during the 7.3 PBE cycle and may vary slightly from what is pushed to live.

New Champion Skins

As teased, four new Blood Moon skins will be released during the 7.3 cycle - DianaJhinTalon, and Twisted Fate. No release details yet but look for more information soon!

Blood Moon Diana

Blood Moon Jhin

Blood Moon Talon

Blood Moon Twisted Fate

New Ward Skin

To go along with the new Blood Moon champion skins, a BLOOD DEMON ward skin will also be available sometime this patch:

Blood Demon Ward

640 RP

New Summoner Icons

Several new Blood Moon summoner icons will also be available, although no specifics yet!

Hunt of the Blood Moon Mode & Blood Moon Summoner's Rift

The new HUNT OF THE BLOOD MOON game mode debuted on the PBE during the 7.3 Cycle.
"TL;DR: Hunt of the Blood Moon is our take on the classic Assassin Power Fantasy, compressed into a mode. Two teams of Assassins compete, sacrificing the opposition in an attempt to secure the Blood Moon’s blessing and briefly gain the power of a demon. The team most successful in gaining said favor wins!"

You can find more information in our 7.3 PBE coverage. Look for more details soon!

Hunt of the Blood Moon also includes a Blood Moon themed Summoner's Rift skin, including texture and color changes, new decorations, etc.

Here's a small gallery of screenshots to preview the Blood Moon Summoner's Rift changes:

Blood Moon Diana Login Theme

To go along with the new skins, a Blood Moon login theme featuring Blood Moon Diana. As usual, this will be featured in client sometime this patch:


  • RiotMEMEMEMEME tweeted they've made improvements to Cassiopeia's tail turn animations. The animation is now more fluid and will bend as she turns vs rigid turn.
"We hooked up some of Aurelion Sols animation tech to Cassiopeia's tail, you should see this in todays PBE deploy!"
  • [Few LCU animations tweaks from looks of it - notably when you first jump into a lobby!]

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