Skin Teaser - Festival Queen Anivia

Posted on at 10:18 AM by Moobeat
[UPDATE: Now on the PBE!]

Social media teasers have been spotted for an upcoming Festival Queen Anivia skin!
Continue reading for the full teaser and more information.

The BR teasers refer to this new skin as "Carnanivia " after Carnival/Carnaval. KateyKhaos has tweeted the skin's English name is Festival Queen Anivia.
"A Carnanivia vai sambar na cara dos inimigos no Carnaval. (Prévia do servidor de testes)"
Source - originally debuted on BR social media then eventually released on other channels:



IGN Brasil also published an article on the upcoming skin, sharing the splash art and a few additional screen shots. Check it out here - LEAGUE OF LEGENDS GANHA SKIN DE CARNAVAL NO BRASIL.

[UPDATE @ ~11:30 PTKateyKhaos has tweeted the skin's English name is Festival Queen Anivia. and shared this turnaround:
She also noted this will be the only new skin in 7.4 PBE and is priced at 975 RP.

[UPDATE #2 - 1:45 PM PT] Festival Queen Anivia is now on the PBE for testing! Check it out in our 2/7 PBE coverage.

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