Updated Spooky Social Media Teaser

Posted on at 7:39 AM by Moobeat
[UPDATE: This teaser is for This teaser was for Bewitching Tristana, Bewitching Morgana, and Lil Devil Teemo - the three and more  are now on the PBE for testing as of the 10/4 PBE update!]

A follow up to the recent spooky new skin teaser  has been published on Riot's social media, revealing the mysterious figure from the smoking cauldron!
Continue reading for more information on what appears to be an upcoming set of skins!

Following last week's spooky teaser on social media, a new one is going around LoL's social media:
This second gif includes the same characters are the first, although the mysterious face has appeared from out of the smoking cauldron - while this is all still speculation, it appears that Teemo has joined Morgana and [Tristana?] !

Sources for new teaser gif:

Here's a closer picture from the FB:

In case you missed it, here is the original teaser gif from the morning of September 29th:


Stay tuned for more information on these upcoming skins as the 6.21 PBE cycle starts up later this week!

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