Winter Summoner's Rift teaser

Posted on at 10:17 AM by Moobeat
A teaser video for a work in progress Winter Summoner's Rift is going around Riot's social media!
Continue reading for more snow-covered information and look for this map skin to launch later this year!

The video debuted on the LATAM LoL Facebook but is now up in several locations:
"Winter is coming. 冬来たる。@LeagueOfLegends @LoLJPOfficial Winter Summoner's Rift."

For your convenience, here is a youtube mirror of the Winter SR teaser circulating on social media:

The video maintains a clear WIP (work in progress) stamp throughout the video.

Look for more information as we head into the holiday season! BBRRRR!

UPDATE: Assets included in the 10/31 PBE update but map is not enabled for testing.

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