SKT World Championship Skins now available!

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"Let's go, let's go!" The six new SKT skins to celebrate them as our 2015 World Champions are now available for 975 RP each! These are legacy skins available through September 1st!
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Official Release announcement

From the official release announcement - "Rise up with the SKT T1 Championship skins":
"Wolf, Bang, Easyhoon, Faker, bengi, and MaRin: These are the legends who seized the Summoner’s Cup for SKT T1 in 2015.

Rise up and celebrate the South Korean sensation’s (second) victory at Worlds with SKT T1 Ryze, Alistar, Elise, Renekton, Kalista, and, of course, the bird who must be heard, Azir. You can lock in each skin for 975 RP until September 1, 23:59 PDT, or snatch up the whole crew with the SKT T1 Team Set: 
SKT T1 Team Set - 5851 RP (9337 RP if you need the champions) 
Available until September 1, 23:59 PDT

Skins included:
  • SKT T1 Alistar
  • SKT T1 Ryze
  • SKT T1 Renekton
  • SKT T1 Elise
  • SKT T1 Azir
  • SKT T1 Kalista

Champions included:
  • Alistar - 25% off
  • Ryze - 25% off
  • Renekton - 25% off
  • Elise - 25% off
  • Azir - 25% off
  • Kalista - 25% off

Wards included:
  • SKT T1 Ward - 1 RP"

Skin Previews

SKT T1 Alistar

975 RP // Legacy

SKT T1 Azir

975 RP // Legacy

SKT T1 Elise

975 RP // Legacy

SKT T1 Kalista

975 RP // Legacy

SKT T1 Renekton

975 RP // Legacy

SKT T1 Ryze

975 RP // Legacy


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