Red Post Collection: Jhin / Ashe nerfs in 6.17, Update on Chroma, Arcade Teaser, One for All in RGMQ, and more!

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Tonight's red post collection includes a heads up that there will be a Kled Q&A on August 9th, Meddler on tentative Ashe and Jhin nerfs planned for 6.17, details on upcoming changes to Chroma, the Arcade skin teasers from the LoL Instagram,  One for All in RGMQ, and much more!
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Kled Q&A on August 9th

With Kled gearing up for a live release in patch 6.16, several reds involved with his development will be hitting the boards for a Q&A! 
"The Rioters who created Kled are Chaaaaaaaarging straight for the boards! Meet them there for a Q&A at 11 AM PDT on 8/9 to learn about our battles with the Noxian yordle. 
Mount up and dive into more Kled news here: 

Meddler on Ashe and Jhin nerfs in 6.17

When asked about the previously mentioned Ashe and Jhin nerfs for 6.17, Meddler shared:
"Yeah, some stuff coming in 6.17. Still figuring out exactly what. Likely candidates include a W mana cost increase and a reduction in early Q damage. Needs more testing though."
Meddler continued. commenting on potential Jhin nerfs in the works:
How about Jhin, are you planning to punish him if he builds youmuu's, duskblade, and/or maw or change his base ad ratio on his passive?
Yep, Jhin nerfs planned as well. We're currently testing a lower AD ratio on W and less base/more AS scaling on the MS post critical strike. 
We'll also do some work on Ghostblade and probably Duskblade at some point, that might be a pre-season thing though, still determining that."
When asked about potentially Duskblade changes,  Meddler noted:
Strengthening the passive and reducing the raw stats of the item is the most likely. The raw stats on the item are so good that people who don't even care for the passive are buying it, and that's a problem.
Possibly. Melee only's also on the table though."

Meddler on tentative Orianna buffs

In a boards thread inquiring about potential Orianna buffs, Meddler noted:
"No plans for a rework, no, we think Orianna's got a good kit. 
Considering some slight buffs in 6.17 though, she's been underperforming for a while. Small W haste % increase and a small R CD reduction the current changes being tested."
When asked about curving her R mana cost, Meddler  replied:
What are your thoughts about making her R 100/100/100 mana instead of 100/125/150, keeping her in line with a lot of other champions?
Seems like a reasonable change, I'll check with the team, see if they're already considered it or not."
As for what sort things determine when champions get adjustments and such, Meddler  shared:
There has to be more thought that goes into buffs than "Champion x is underperforming". There are a lot of champions that are underperforming. Poppy is hurting very badly from her pile of nerfs, Tahm Kench is underperforming as well, but no buffs are slated for them. What other factors determine buffs?
Things like: 
  • Performance at a range of skill levels. Performance doesn't just mean win rate, but instead includes things like an assessment of power when played in an appropriate team comp, against appropriate enemies, by experience on the champion etc.
  • How healthy the champion is for the game. That assessment involves whether they have a positive or negative effect on things like other champion diversity, whether their kit has appropriate counterplay, whether they lead to passive or active games etc.
  • How long a champion's been underperforming. All else being equal champions that have been weak for a longer time are more of a priority. "

Update on Chroma

As you may have seen in our 8/5 PBE LCU Alpha post, here's SuperCakes with a pbe boards post on these upcoming Chromas and changes that are being made - including individual purchases, limited time windows to purchase for IP, and more.
"Hey everyone, 
SuperCakes here. I’m the product manager on Personalization (aka Skins Team). 
It’s been a little over a year since we launched chroma packs. And while we’ve always been excited about chromas as a product, after hearing from you, we realized we could make them better. Now we're hyped to share some news with you about our changes to chromas which are coming out soon and are tracking to hit PBE next week. 
Our first move was to go back to basics and revisit things from this perspective: Why would I, as a player, want chromas? 
Here’s the thing. I love skins and have a lot of them. But there are certain skins I always go back to. Arcade Miss Fortune is one of my favorite skins, and looking at what you guys are playing, it’s one of your favorites, too. And if I can play her in a rainbow of options, that sounds pretty cool to me. Chromas are meant to deepen your experience with a piece of content you already own, love, and play the shit out of. It’s that simple. 
Next step, How do we address your feedback? The things that were ringing loudest were around bundling, aesthetics, and the pricing of chromas, and that’s where we put the majority of our focus. 
We’ve unpacked chromas so you can buy them individually. You can still buy them in bundles, though, for a discount. 
Chromas are designed by the same folks that make skins, and we take our responsibility pretty seriously. We only want to introduce things into the game that improve the overall experience of playing League of Legends. We took a look at what we were making and found opportunities to improve with revamped color schemes, patterns, and textures. 
Chromas will be priced at 290 RP each, and will also be available in discounted bundles for the collectors out there. For those of you who love a chance to spend IP, we’re alsointroducing recurring IP sales which will take place twice a year. The first IP sale goes from August 25, 2016 to September 8, 2016 and includes all chromas launched before August 2016. 
EDIT: Sorry for not mentioning this when I posted earlier, individual chromas will be available for 2000 IP each during the sale periods. All of the chromas released before this month will be in the first sale, so you can take a look now at which ones you want to save for! 
Bundle details will be available soon. 
Some of you also suggested that chromas could be a reward for mastery. We’re committed to improving mastery rewards, and with the release of Hextech Crafting this year, we’re thrilled to have a way to reward you for mastery across several of our content offerings, including a chance to get free skins. We won’t be launching chromas in Hextech Crafting at this time, but it’s something we’re thinking about for future iterations. 
We’ll get into more detail when the first wave of new chromas launches in a few weeks. For now, here’s a sneak peek of some of the aesthetic changes mentioned: 

What do you think of the changes? What would you like to see? Let us know! 
Play Safe! 
Riot Mulligan added:
Huh, I wonder when they'll give a rough ip price range for the chromas. I've been saving for a little bit but after a splurge on hextech shards im quite broke! Hopefully the disruption cache won't set me back too far that I'll be forced to miss the chroma sale. 
I can help with that. Individual chromas will be available for 2000 IP each during the sale periods. All of the chromas released before this month will be in the first sale, so you can take a look now at which ones you want to save for!"
I am Carlos added:
Is the IP sale for the full bundle or is it for a specific chroma variant? (eg. If I spent it on Zac Sweet, would I get the full pack of 3 or do I have to choose between orange pink and yellow?)
The IP sale will be for individual chromas."

When asked if Chroma will be regular additions to each patch, he noted:
"Currently we are not planning to have new ones every single patch, but they will be coming a lot more often than ward skins."
I am Carlos continued:
So have the pipeline issues that made chromas just not worth the time been resolved?
We are still optimizing that pipeline, but we are pretty confident at this point we can deliver them on a good cadence without affecting production of skins and at really good quality bar. It was a longer road than we expected, but we are pretty happy where we ended up and really hope you guys enjoy them!"
For a look at more of these upcoming chroma, check out this post! 

Arcade Teaser on Instagram

Following the Arcade Ahri and Corki splash arts being revealed, the official LoL instagram put up a preview video showing off upcoming Arcade skins for Ahri, Corki, and Ezreal!

Here is a youtube mirror:

RGMQ - One for all & Updated Schedule

One for All returns this weekend in the rotating game mode queue! 
"From the sand-strewn battlefield of Ascension to the frenetic manatee magic of Ultra Rapid Fire, rotating game modes provide unique spins on the classic League formula. It’s time to kick things off with the next game mode in the rotation: One for All is now live!
For a refresher on the mode, let’s go over the basics: 
Once you get into champ select, you and your team will vote for the champion you’ll all play before jumping into the game for inevitable chaos. Whether you’re chaining an endless string of Gangplank barrels, assembling a Tahm Kench matryoshka, or covering the map with Illaoi tentacles lashing every choke point, One For All is basically five times crazier than when you’re the only one playing your champion. Or at the very least, there’s five times the lasers. 
As in any rotating queue game mode, we’ve specially tuned Champion Mastery so you can earn points in the mode. You’ll also be able to earn keys for your wins and loot chests for your (or your premade’s) S­-, S, and S+ games. 
One for All is now available and lasts through the evening on Monday (we’ll shut it down very early Tuesday morning--usually between 1:00 AM and 3:00 AM). 
We’ll be trying out different things with the rotating game mode queue over the next few months such as, changing the mode cadence or what modes are available. We’re looking for your feedback as we go, so let us know. GLHF!"
The RGMQ schedule has been updated, adding on Hexakill: TT August 26th through 29th!

Champion Updates & Skin Splash Art Discussion 

Next up is a grab bag of discussion on Champion updates and Skin Splash art updates!

While it is something we've already heard in the past, Reav3  reminded that Sion should be the next champion to get updated skin splash arts - such as Nidalee, Tristana, and Trundle have received recently.
"The next splash update will be Sions skin splashes (all but his base and mecha splash)"
As for how soon we might see those Sion splash arts, Reav3  continued:
how soon will we see them?
Should be pretty soon. Hard to give a exact timeline since there tends to be more feedback/iteration towards the end of a splash (getting that final Riot quality takes a bit of time.) I can say that they we are in the polishing phase on them and they look pretty cool. Can't decide if my personally favorite is the new lumberjack or the new Hextech."
He also added that Fiora splash arts are also in development and that Twitch skin splash arts would likely follow:
any idea who gets the splash treatment after Sion? 
We have Fiora splashes in development right now as well. Twitch should be up after Fiora."
In a thread inquiring about timing of champion updates and asking specific questions about potential work for EvelynnReav3  commented:
"It's impossible to say how much a champion will or won't change before we actually begin to work on them. Once we assign a core team for a champion rework we begin what we call "open ideation." During this phase of development we break down what we absolutely think is core to a character. We then take that core and rebuild the Champion with that core intact. The level of change a champion goes through depends on how much we feel is core and can't be changed, which varies from champion to champion."
Reav3  continued:
Reav3, what happens if the core that's left over of things riot is willing to keep doesn't match at all with what her fans love about her?
I think we have a pretty good track record on or big VGU's for keeping whats important (Sion/Taric/GP/Trist/Poppy/Ryze) 
Shen was not a big VGU and I think that was a mistake, he honestly should have been. 
All I can really say is that we really do care about the champions we work on, and we have a lot of heated discussions about what is and isn't core to a champion when we are working on them. 
We also bring in mains of the champion multiple times during the development of a VGU and pivot/change direction if needed based on there feedback."
Reav3  continued:
Karma begs to differ. 
Mind, you are improving. I won't argue with you on any of the champs you listed barring maybe GP. But I'm still salty over the Karma rework.
The process for creating a VGU has changed dramatically since the Trundle and Karma VGU's. Sion was the first VGU were we developed the current process we are using for our VGUs (Which is the process of breaking a character down to its "Core pilalrs" and then re-building from there)"
Reav3  also added:
I hope that is actually true. 
I would hate to see Evelynn go the way of Mordekaiser or Skarner.
Morde and Skarner were not full VGU's and had a much shorter development time. That was back when we were trying to do roster projects in like 3-4 months. WE have since increased the time for roster projects to 6 months so we can get much more playtests and community feedback in on our changes. 
The big VGU's are usually in development for 9-12 months and have no art, narrative or design constraints and have MANY playtests internally and with players."

When asked if the Ryze rework team has started work on Warwick's large scope champion update, Reav3  commented:
If I may ask, with the Ryze update now live, did the Ryze VGU team move on to get the Warwick update into the production stage? If I recall correctly, the 2 VGU teams move on to another champ once they finished working with one. The Poppy team went on to work on Yorick, which is still in progress & the Taric team went on to work on Ryze, which is done now.
Yup. The Ryze team have already begun work on WW."
Meddler  also added that Reav3 will have a dedicated champion update post sometime in the near future:
Warwick is next on the list and iirc is supposed to be out early next year like Shen was this year. Sadly Urgots rework got shelved
Yep, Warwick's up next after Yorick. Reav3's also planning to do a general Champion Update post some moderately soon that I think will talk a bit about which champion we're thinking of for the slot after Warwick."

Assassin Update Discussion

Following the Assassin Roster update post on Talon's direction, several reds poked around the boards to answer additional questions.

When asked how many larger updates we can expect in the assassin update, Reav3  noted:
Do we have a final number of big updates this time?
It's looking like it will be 4, though that isn't 100% certain yet."
Reav3  continued:
I assume we will hear about the other big 3 later next week?
Our current plan is to release 1 direction post a week over the next 3 weeks."
Statikk  added:
So Malzahar had the 1st one of these threads for the mage updates and was the biggest project. Hell Malz had the spotlight in the reveal. does this mean that Talon will be getting the biggest changes of the Assassin Update?
All of the big Assassins are getting significant changes. We opted this time to go for bigger changes with less champions touched."

As for if Ahri would get any changes as part of the assassin update, Statikk  noted:
Will we see any changes to ahri in this update being that her secondary role of a assassin isnt really filled all that well?
Unlikely. We don't consider her a core Assassin and she already stands out pretty well from the pack."
Reav3  on potential Shaco changes:
Can you say if Shaco will receive any changes?
He's being looked at for smaller changes though It's not certain if we will find something that sticks or not yet."
When asked if there will be any assassin item related changes, Statikk  commented:
will item be touched too?
seeing ghostblade beeing good as first/second buy on 90% of the ad rooster start to be really boring and kinda take away the uniqueness of the "old" user
We're definitely making a pass on some items. It's going to be less than the 2 previous projects (Marksmen and Mages) by a significant margin though."
Reav3  added:
Will it just be kit changes or item changes as well?
Current plan is a small item update similar to the juggernaut update but not as big as the marksmen and mage update. We are also looking into the stealth system and possibly adding a objective that Assassins are particularly good at taking to make them more meaningful to the team. These are all in early development though so it's hard to say what will or won't stick."
Meddler  added:
"Current plan is for some work on items for assassins. That hasn't been started yet though, so not sure whether that will mean new items or just changes to existing ones."
When asked about adding an AP assassin item, Meddler  noted:
maybe even an ap assassin item?
Possible, but less likely. AP assassins are both a smaller group and one that's comparatively well served by existing itemization given the similarities between burst mage needs and AP assassin needs."
When asked about assassin changes and potentially changing where some of the champions are played, Meddler  added:
"Based off the current directions we're investigating I'd expect the assassins worked on to still work in the positions they're currently good in. That's an early estimate though of course."
As for potential Duskblade or Ghostblade changes, Meddler  noted:
I think Duskblade will be made a melee-only item soon enough.
We've been talking about that recently. Some of the issue is Ghostblade rather than Duskblade though. I suspect we'll end up making changes to one or both of them, trying to figure out whether to do so now and/or in the pre-season though (getting to the time of the year where we try to minimize change a bit more than usual)."

EU Summer Finals Price Reduction

For those who may still be interested in going to the EU LCS Summer finals in Krakow, Poland August 27 and 28th, Riot has reduced the ticket price and is sending out  RP compensation for those who already purchased their tickets for a higher rate:

RiotWayfarer explained:
"Hey guys! I am Lukas from EU esports Events and wanted to confirm that we are sending this email out to everyone, who purchased tickets for the Krakow show so far. If you did not receive an email yet, don't worry it may take some time till you receive it. Please also make sure to check your spam folder. The prices are adjusted to 50 PLN instead of 93,50 PLN as of now. Thanks a lot for your understanding, we are looking forward to the EU Summer Finals in Krakow!"
The summer finals announced has also been updated to include:
"UPDATE: We have received lots of feedback about ticket pricing for the EU Summer Finals so we’ve decided to reduce the price to 50 PLN per ticket. If you purchased a ticket before August 5th then you should have received an email from us, sent to the address used when purchasing your ticket. We encourage everyone to get their tickets before the event as we cannot guarantee availability at the door. "

Live/Play: Be There 

Following Thursday's livestream premiere, the first episode of the Live/Play miniseries is up! 

"Hear from FoxDrop, visit Korean PC bangs, and watch friendship unfold in Brazil during the premiere episode of a new Live/Play documentary miniseries."

Cheap Cosplay Challenge: Rengar vs. Kha’zix

/ALL Chat is back with an introduction to cheap cosplay challenge - first up: Rengar vs Kha'zix!

"We have a new segment on ALL Chat: Cheap Cosplay Challenge! Jessica has thirty bucks worth of stuff from the dollar store to make both a Rengar and Kha’zix cosplay. Enter the cringetorium; let’s see how they do… 
Who do you think won the cosplay challenge? Vote for Rengar or Kha’zix in the comments below! 
We have an ALL Chat announcement – the show is moving to MONDAYS AND FRIDAYS. We heard you out and having only one episode of ALL Chat each week just was not working. So now, we will be bringing you two episodes a week, Monday and Friday, which focus on separate segments of the show. We would love your feedback to keep making the best show we can for you! "


Last up for today's red post collection we have a few reminders on current promotions and events!
  • 2016 Worlds Finals (Lost Angeles) tickets go on sale August 10th! 

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