Chroma for IP Sale [August 25 - September 8th]

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As previously announced, our first Chroma for IP sale is now live and a selection of previously released chroma are now available for 2000 IP each through September 8th!
Continue reading for previews of the various skin and champion recolors are on sale for IP!

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Here's the info from the Chroma PBE boards thread:
"Chromas will be priced at 290 RP each, and will also be available in discounted bundles for the collectors out there. For those of you who love a chance to spend IP, we’re alsointroducing recurring IP sales which will take place twice a year. The first IP sale goes from August 25, 2016 to September 8, 2016 and includes all chromas launched before August 2016. 
EDIT: Sorry for not mentioning this when I posted earlier, individual chromas will be available for 2000 IP each during the sale periods. All of the chromas released before this month will be in the first sale, so you can take a look now at which ones you want to save for!"
Additional details for these Chroma for IP sale can be found on the Chromas 1.1 promo page.
"New chromas are launching every month, and they’ll be eligible for an IP sale after being out for more than five months. Get in on these bi-annual IP sales and own the full spectrum for your favorite skin at 2000 IP per chroma"

As a part of the recent changes for chroma, you can now purchase them individually for 290 RP. If you are so included, they are also still available in RP bundles.

Below you'll find previews for all chroma that will on sale for 2000 IP through September 8th! Note this does not include the new chroma introduced in 6.17 that will be released at a later date!

Champion chroma included: Bard, Blitzcrank, Caitlyn, Cassiopeia, Darius, Fizz, Garen, Lucian, Morgana, Zac

Skin chroma included: Nemesis Jax, Grim Reaper Karthus, Dragonfist Lee Sin, Pool Party Leona, Headhunter Master Yi, Koi Nami, Dreadknight Nasus, Rocket Girl Tristana, Dragonslayer Vayne

Base Champion Chromas

To purchase these chroma, you must first own the associated champion!

Skin Chromas

To purchase these chroma, you must first own both the associated champion and the specific skin!

While not included in this Chroma for IP sale, several new chroma are now also available!

NOTE that future Chroma for IP sales (atm) will only include skins released in the months prior to the sale. FRiot Mulligan confirmed on reddit:
"IP sales will include only chromas that have come out in the several months preceding the sale. Once chromas have been out for a year we may consider doing repeat IP sales, but we don't currently have plans to."

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