Red Post Collection: English Kled Poster 3, Ryze dev podcast, Astronaut Teemo Plush & 30% off Plush Sale, and more!

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Today's red post collection includes a new podcast on Ryze's development,  an English version of the third Kled poster, a new Astronaut Teemo plush in the merch store & 30% off plush sale, and more!
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English Kled Poster 3

While we saw a third poster pop up on social media Thursday,  SkinSpotlights has shared an English version of the third Kled poster that he discovered at the NA LCS venue!

While we've relied on fan translations in the past, this is the first poster to be found in English!



If you haven't been keeping up, there have been three posters so far - one, two, and the one above is three. The first two posters describe the mysterious creature as cowardly and scared while also offering a reward to bring back the creatures saddle, where poster three describes it as strong and deadly. Did this Kled have a change of heart?

While we don't have specifics yet, these all seem to be teasers tied to whoever or whatever the next champion is - right along side the 6.14 "Something in Brush" teaser.

Speaking of the next champion, we do know that Harrow is the gameplay designer. Look for more information soon!

Inside Ryze Dev with RiotRepertoir and more!

With Ryze's champion update hitting live in the recent 6.14 patch,  several Rioters have overloaded the latest League Podcast with discussion on Ryze's latest update!
"Welcome to the latest League Podcast, a series in which we take you behind-the- scenes with the people who help make League possible. Expect new guests and new stories every couple of weeks or so, and make sure to hit us with those comments and ratings so we can keep striving toward a Challenger-tier podcast. 
This week, designer David “RiotRepertoir” Capurro, writer John “O’Dyin” O’Bryan, and splash artist Josh “HUGEnFAST” Smith share the behind-the-scenes story on updating the Rune Mage.

[MERCH] Astronaut Teemo Plush & 30% off Plush Sale

A new ASTRONAUT TEEMO plush is now available in the Riot Games merch store!

In addition to the new Astronaut Teemo plush, all plush are currently 30% off through July 24th!
Here's all the LoL Store plush that are currently on sale!
Be sure to use the flag in the top right corner of the shop to switch to your appropriate region.

PBE Mikael's Crucible &  Ardent Censer Changes

Both Mikael's Crucible and Ardent Censer recently received PBE changes to make their 15% heal and shield power passives unique meaning folks can't buy multiples of the same item to stack the effect.

When asked about the change and why they didn't just have passive as unique to begin with, Xypherous  commented:
"Whenever I release an item paradigm like this - I tend to prefer on the initial letting things stack and letting players have as much freedom as possible within the item system until it is proven that it is problematic. It's kind of a 'Let's let something that might be problematic prove itself to be problematic before we solve it' - because if it's not problematic - it'd be a cool niche build that someone who really really likes healing could use. 
In this particular circumstance - I judged that it would be uncommon enough that it was probably safe to let it be part of unique and special fringe builds. However, it's actually more popular than we thought it would be. 
The power level of the build doesn't seem particularly problematic from what we can tell but the feeling that you need to stack it does seem to be more prevalent that we'd like - so we're making it unique next patch - but it doesn't seem like something that's actively hurting the game besides the item crunch perception."

/ALL Chat | Adagio, Summoner! 

Next up we have a new episode of /ALL Chat dedicated to Sona!

"It’s all Sona all the time on this episode of ALL Chat! Summoner Showcase has Sona art and cosplay, James tries to jungle Sona, and Jessica uses Jimmy as an ethwal – what more could you ask for?"


Last up for today's red post collection we have a few reminders on current promotions and events!
  • Ryze's champion update launched with 6.14! \A large bundle including Ryze and all of his legacy & normal skins  are available through July 20th.  Ryze's legacy skins - Zombie, Tribal, Professor, and Pirate Ryze - are also available individually through August 13th! 


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