Red Post Collection: ASK RIOT #5, Context on Leona, Lulu, and TK PBE Changes, LCU Q&A, and more!

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Tonight's red post collection includes a new edition of ASK RIOT, Meddler on the recent Leona, Tahm Kench, and Lulu PBE changes, a reminder that ONE FOR ALL returns in the rotating game mode queue this weekend, a LCU Q&A on profile and collection, and more!
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ASK RIOT: Urfwick wants a Loot Box and voice chat and better support 

First up we the fifth edition of Ask Riot where the team answers questions on the possibility of adding voice chat to LoL, upcoming changes to Supports, and why rare skins aren't in Hextech crafting.
"Welcome to Ask Riot. 
This is a space where we focus on your questions and give you answers. 
What’s happening with voice chat, how we’re improving the support experience, and why limited skins aren’t a part of loot (at least for now). All up this week! 
Have a question (or two...hundred) yourself? Head over Ask Riot and sign into your League account. Check out the Do’s, the Don'ts, and then ask us something. We’ll archive the answers once we’ve accumulated a few of them. 
We’re committed to reading every question but can’t guarantee we’ll answer them all. 
“Okay, why not?” 
Some questions may already be answered elsewhere or won’t be right for Ask Riot. For example, we won’t be launching new products here or talking about issues we’ve already gone into more depth elsewhere (but we can clarify individual points!). Even if your question isn’t the one being answered, we’re listening, and we’ll be sharing your questions with the Rioters who are working directly on the things you’re curious about. 
If you value competitive team play so much, why are you against voice chat? It would really make games more coordinated. 
In the past, our stance on voice comms emphasized the increased potential for negative behavior. We've since reconsidered our philosophy around voice chat and while there are some challenges we want to overcome (keeping it an opt-in experience, for example), we want to do it. 
We believe League as a team sport should reward coordination, and that voice chat is a valuable tool for getting teams (and strangers) aligned. We'll probably begin deeper investigations once the League Client update is in a stable release so we don't have to build the feature twice, but hopefully this is a clear update on our philosophy and where we stand. We'll also give you further updates when the time comes. 
– New001 
How is Riot moving to try and make the support role more fun? 
We want to address some key issues with support in patch 6.13. While we are not expecting to cover everything, we want to make changes in a few key areas. Here are some that could see changes: 
Experience gain: 
Supports often end up significantly behind on XP post laning phase and that reduces their ability to contribute, gets them killed more often and then results in even less XP. 
One of the problems is there are a number of items supports use that lack sufficient reward for building them, such as Ancient Coin, Ruby Sightstone or Forbidden Idol. As a result, we will be looking for buffs on these items in upcoming patches. Some other items also have “earflicks” associated that are irritating whether or not they’re powerful for specific situations. For example Spellthief’s gets disabled when you kill Zyra plants and Boots of Mobility are disabled on ward kills.
Support Balance: 
There are some supports that are pretty healthy for the game and fun to play are just a bit weak (Thresh), others are a bit too dominant, reducing the variety you can get from the role (Blitzcrank). 
Champion Mastery and Summoner Spells: 
We want to improving telegraphing of teleport to give duo lanes, in general, a bit more agency when most of the enemy team decides to turn up in their lane. We also want more accurate calculations of Champion Mastery grades for champions in the support position. 
– Meddler 
Why not add rare skins like Urfwick to Hextech Crafting? 
A: Short answer: We could, but don’t have plans to right now. 
For the full answer, let’s talk about our philosophies around rarity in Hextech Crafting and Limited skins. 
Regarding rarity let’s talk about Hextech Annie. For some, Hextech Annie is cool because she’s rare. For others, maybe it’s just the coolest thing to drop a magic robot bear on someone’s head and it sucks if there’s no way to do that. We try to strike a balance between many different groups and preferences, which led us to Gemstones. Hextech Annie is not immediately accessible to everyone, so she is rare, but if I want her that badly, there is always a path to get to her. 
We’d love to follow the same philosophy with Limited skins, but because they were not launched with those expectations, it’s not that easy. 
Before we can consider adding limited skins for Hextech Crafting, we should go through the variety of Limited skins in our catalog and which we’d consider bringing back in general. For these purposes, we’d bucket our limited skins into three categories: achievement-based, giveaway only, and previously sold skins. 
Achievement-based skins are things that were earned like Victorious skins. These will never be redistributed. If you didn’t earn them, you don’t get them. 
Giveaway only skins include things like PAX skins. They’ve only been distributed through giveaways. Previously sold skins are limited and have been sold in the store and include Urfwick, Championship Riven, Riot Squad Singed, and Rusty Blitzcrank. 
For giveaway only and previously sold skins, such as Urfwick, it’s possible that some version of those skins could return via Hextech Crafting or some other means. But before we could do that, we’d really need to understand how that would affect the players who currently own them and how we could make them feel best about their returned availability. It’s a decision we couldn’t take lightly. It’s much more likely we’d consider the previously sold skins first, but don’t yet have any plans that feel right at this time. 
Until we have a plan that follows both our rarity and Limited skins philosophies, you won’t be seeing skins like Urfwick in Hextech Crafting. If you have any ideas on how to balance these things, we’re listening. 
– WizardCrab 
Please feel free to hit us up in the comments. Each of the Rioters who answered will do their best to engage in a conversation with you."
Don't forget to submit your questions here.

Meddler on  Leona, Tahm Kench, and Lulu PBE Changes

Next up is Meddler with context on the recent PBE changes for Leona, Tahm Kench, and Lulu!
When asked what the goal of Leona's current PBE changes are, Meddler explained:
"We're looking to give her a bit more to do after her combo is on CD, hence the exploration into more ability to stick near a target, reward for AAing etc. Still somewhat experimental, doubt everything there will ship."
Meddler  continued:
They're neat ideas, but I don't think this will actually do much to help her. She's still going to have the issue of being good solely at diving in and locking people down and being incredibly weak while behind.
Diving hard's Leona's thing, we're not looking to change. As a melee support without an invulnerability button (hi Alistar) she's going to have problems when behind (though hopefully the coming XP changes make that a bit less common). We don't think those two things being true mean she necessarily needs quite as much downtime between her spell chain being up though, so we're testing mechanics that reward her for swording stuff repeatedly a bit more."
Meddler also commented on the current PBE changes for Lulu and Tahm Kench:
Lulu's getting a lot of buffs on the PBE, do you think the Q changes alone will prevent her solo lane from going crazy? Seems like a real risk with the amount of buffs she's getting.
As for Tahm Kench, people seem pretty split on if it's good or not (with most trending toward the latter). Are there any specific goals with those changes other than reducing frustration? I do think leveling his ult mightn't be quite so attractive on the PBE at present.
Buffing solo Lulu's something we want to avoid. The Q ratio buff was intended to partially offset the loss of damage from Q doing reduced damage on passthrough, current thinking is that that might be unnecessary though, so we might end up leaving the ratio unchanged. 
For TK we want to get some game health improvements around the E in particular. Long term we'd like to buff him, these changes might be more the foundation for that though that a raw increase in power themselves. There are also some further changes to him coming today or tomorrow (AA % health damage scaling over the game again in particular)."
Check out our 6.13 PBE cycle post for more information on these tentative changes and more!

RGMQ - One for All on Friday & Updated Schedule

ONE FOR ALL returns this weekend in the rotating game mode queue! As usual, look for things to start up around NOON (12:00 PM) server time!

The updated rotating game mode queue schedule is also out! Next weekend is a return to Ascension, followed by Hexakill: TT, and Definitely Not Dominion after that!
As you may have noticed, game modes are now listed as FOUR days instead of three! Here's a short post explaining they will about having an extra day of RGM, extending through Monday instead of  ending Sunday.

Remember that you CAN NOT earn mastery tokens (for level 6 and 7) in rotating game mode queue!

A follow-up on the "Offline Status" feature request 

Following his earlier comments regarding a potential "offline status" added to the LCU, CapnBranFlakes returned to the boards to elaborate on his response:
"Hey all, 
We've been seeing some passionate responses to our note yesterday about addressing requests for an "appear offline" or "invisible" mode on the friends list. We should reiterate that our main goal right now is getting the League client update to feature parity with the legacy client (aka NOT developing whole new features), but we wanted to talk about this more in depth. 
Our official line on an invisible mode boiled down to "we're researching it to learn more!" The community's response was "what's there to learn? We're telling you we want it, so why do you have to do research?" 
First of all, "research" can mean that we want to investigate impact of a feature on a global level. It's also sometimes just shorthand for "scoping out the work." To deliver a chat invisibility feature, we'd have to answer some nitty-gritty questions about how exactly an invisible mode would work in practice before we prototyped the feature. Questions like: 
  • Could invisible players see and chat with friends? What about in clubs?
  • Once a chat is initiated, would friends in a chat still see the invisible player as offline?
  • Could you be invisible on the League Friends mobile app?
  • Could invisible players receive mobile notifications (ex: messages, friend requests) while invisible?
  • Could invisible players selectively invite friends to lobbies? Can they be invited to lobbies by friends?
  • Friends can see your match history and that you were playing games—is that something we'd be cool with?
These are just a few things we wanted to think through. But we want to dig deeper into this to address the community discussion on this topic. So let's spitball for a minute here and talk about one potential solution we're considering: turning the "away" mode into a more reliable way to get some privacy when you want it. 
Currently, the "away" mode in the friends list isn't particularly reliable. Interacting with the client or other programs can easily knock you back into regular "online" status. If you play a game or spectate someone while in away mode, everyone on your friends list sees what you're doing and is free to chat with you. "You can't hide from me," your always-online friend says. "Why don't you want to duo anymore?" 
What if we changed that? What if switching to away mode meant that nobody could see when you were in game or spectating? You could still chat with friends or play with people as you wanted, but you'd have a layer of privacy to protect you when you want to go solo. 
Again, we're just spitballing here, not making promises (our focus is SERIOUSLY on feature parity in the client update). But we want to know what players would think about that as a possible stopgap solution. What potential problems would you foresee? What would you want us to avoid?"

Ghostcrawler and GentlemanGustaf Q&A livestream VOD

For those who may have missed the livestream, here's the VOD for the recent (6/16) Q&A stream with Ghostcrawler & GentlemanGustaf! Check out the duo as they talk about design, reworks, and more!

League client update Q&A: Profile and Collection

Last up for today's red post collection we have the LCU team on the boards for a Q&A on the profile and collection features that were recently pushed to the live LCU Alpha!

Here's CapnBranFlakes with an introduction to the Q&A:
"Hey, summoners! 
The client update team is back at it again as some of the crew is busting down the doors of the Dev Corner board for a brief Q&A. We're going to be hanging out in this thread now for the next couple hours, so feel free to ask questions about our current focus area (Profile and Collection) below! 
On hand for the Q&A, we have:
  • Andrew "sparkly unicorns" McVeigh - Tech Dev
  • Brandon "CapnBranFlakes" Felczer - Community
  • Brooks "RoboLions" Bouchard - UX Design
  • Dan "Riot Jules Fern" Glegg - Tech Dev
  • Doruk "cCc Grumbles cCc" Kadioglu - Publishing
  • Joe "Riot Hark" Korsmo - Publishing
  • Kevin "Sixblades" Kvalstad - Visual Design
  • Lindsey "ChocChipCookie" Boland - Friend's List Design
  • Nabil "AccuracyByVolume" Kassem - UX Design
  • Ricky “Rikipedia" Linn - Visual Design
  • Ryan "Cactopus" Rigney - Publishing
  • Ted “TheDeadlyBrain" Angelilli - Visual Design
Join the alpha construction crew and learn more about the League client update alpha here:

As usual, I've done my best to sort the various Q&A responses into similar categories!

Profile Page & Collections

When asked about the changing background on the profile page, RoboLions explained:
Why not just have the profile background be a choice? It seems like an obvious win.
We leaned toward making the default experience a dynamic one that changes with how you play to keep the profile feeling fresh. Ideally this page will become something you and others view more often because of all the cool stuff we can potentially add here."
RoboLions continued:
I had two questions regarding the profile page: 
-Will you implement a way for us to choose which champion is displayed in our profile page outside of the Ultimate Skin icons? I, for example, main Gnar and I would like to still have him in my profile background even if I go on a 10-game spree of playing Renekton to get him to mastery 7 or something. 
-Any chance of using the animated splash art of our champions instead of the static one for non-Ultimate Icon backgrounds? Why/why not? 
All in all, I have to say I love the way the new client is turning out!! Though I have noticed that champions like Rengar or Sivir whose splashes are quite zoomed in tend to have a lot of empty space in the corners and the profile looks somewhat empty, and Kindred's profile doesn't show Wolf, only Lamb.
The Champion displayed on your profile is based on an overly simple algorithm, we agree on that. We have a lot of ideas for how this page could choose a better champion but there are a lot of competing interests (different players want different things prioritized here). 
The good news is that though we haven't been able to prioritize this in the course of shipping an updated client, we have made it 1000x easier to upgrade once we commit to a solution that unlocks more expression for players. 
In regards to animated splashes in the profile a big shortcoming is that we don't currently have animated splashes for many of our champions. When we weighed the cost of bringing all of our champion splash animations up-to-date vs the myriad of other things our animators are working on we decided to focus elsewhere."

When asked about other tabs that are planned to be under the profile page, RoboLions commented:

what sub-tabs other than 'overview' are planned for the actual profile tab(considering a lot one would expect there went to the collection tab)?
We are currently working on the Ranked Leagues and Match History bits, those will be under profile :)"

When asked if it will be possible to rearrange the new mastery and rune pages, RoboLions noted:
Not sure if this has been mentioned anywhere else, but will we be able to reorder our Rune and Mastery pages without completely tearing them apart and putting them back together again?
Yes O_O 
This is one of those areas where we knew we had to make a quality of life change (we couldn't commit to as many as we wanted in our charge to deliver the updated client). 
Your rune and mastery pages will both appear in the form of a dropdown list that can be dragged and dropped in a reordery fashion!"

Upcoming or Requested Features

When asked about upcoming new LCU features being added, cCc Grumbles cCc  explained:
When the other features of the new client will be available?
As of yesterday, we have kicked off a new focus area for the new Collection and Profile sections of the updated client. We'll continue to gradually add chunks of features and ask for your feedback on these as well as any other feedback you may have. 
A good place to check for upcoming features is the latest updated section of the microsite. (the future is full of mysteries right now) 
Currently I can't give you an estimate on when the updated client will be feature-complete but I'm fairly certain that as we continue to add more features, we'll feel more confident in announcing a timeframe. "

When asked about having a better indicator to show champion's you have already earned hextech chests for this season, AccuracyByVolume  commented:
The current client has an indication of what champions have earned a chest for the season, but it's not shown during champion select.
Is this something that will be implemented in the new client, to allow people clear, visual understanding of what champions have earned a chest during champion select?
Yup, we'll be adding this in so that you'll be able to see that from the champions page!"
AccuracyByVolume  continued:
But not champion select?
Initially we won't have it in champ select since we're trying to reduce and balance the number of different things that display in champ select. Not to say that we won't look into adding it at some point."

When asked when we might see the new shop hit the LCU, cCc Grumbles cCc  commented:
When can we expect the new shop interface being implemented for alpha? Really excited cause everything else looks cool and minimalistic!
Minimalism ftw. Expect to see the store added to the alpha in the next few months. It won't all be there at once, for example the ability to purchase RP will likely come a little later (we want to make sure everything's stable before we're even ready to open up purchases) but gradually we'll add all of the store before the end of alpha."

As for when ranked queues will debut on the LCU client, Riot Hark explained:
"Why hello! 
Ranked will be one of the last major features we will enable -- we're being careful to ensure the client is as tested & stable as possible first, so we don't inadvertently cause issues that would hurt your Ranked record."

Riot Hark  also commented on Normal Draft on the LCU Alpha, noting:
When will Normal Draft be available in the Alpha Client?
We're working to get Draft (unranked) into the alpha client within the next couple of months, after we've added the full Profile and Collection sections."

Riot Hark  also noted that the champion profile will continue to show all owned and uowned skins:
Is it possible to show every skin (legacy and other rare skins) if you are on a champions profile? 
I think it is a little strange to go to an other webpage just to see them.
Yep, you will be able to see all the skins (owned and unowned) on the champion info pages in the client. We're looking to implement that within the next month or so -- you'll click a champ's icon in the Collection section to access it."
 AccuracyByVolume  added:
Is it possible to make a "Skins owned" feature in Collection?
You'll be able to see the skins owned for each individual champion when the champion detail pages get added into collection. Currently we aren't planning on adding just a skins only view since we think that a skin is tied pretty closely to an individual champion as an alternate expression of them."

As for the LCU displaying the honor badges in champion select, RoboLions commented:
Hi guys, 
I was wondering if new client update will allow us to see badges (honor badges) in champion selection again. That was nice feature, i dont know why that has been removed. Thanks for the respond :)
Yea this has slipped through the cracks for now but our sophisticated safety net has caught it and it is going to be added."
and on buying skins in champion select, RoboLions added:
Do you plan on reinstating the feature of being able to buy skins during champ select for the new client?
We do have such a plan, yes. I can't be sure when this will go live because it is dependent on implementing some other systems first, chiefly the store. :D"

When asked about hextech crafting's implementation into the LCU, CapnBranFlakes noted:
Will we be able to find out whether or not we received a key like in the old client?
When do you think implementation on that will be?
Once hextech crafting gets implemented later in the alpha, you'll see notifications. You're still earning them, but you'll just have to log into the current client to see and use 'em for now."
 RoboLions also commented on the idea of summoner Icons having descriptions in the new client:
Will Summoner Icons have descriptions when you are selecting them? (primarily owned ones, though in-shop wouldn't hurt) 
I say this because long time players may have a lot or new ones might be added, and you've got no idea what it was for. I don't have LCU Alpha access so can't check and I haven't heard anything about it.
Right now this is not planned, sorry. On the surface it seems simple but our icon strategy has grown and evolved a lot over the years making this a tough nut to crack. That said, there are many teams across the hall that are directly involved in this space. I suspect when they're ready to share more this will become a top priority."

When asked if there will be an option to disable the fancy client animations, Riot Jules Fern explained:
"Hello! The intent is to have an animations toggle so that we go easy on older or less powerful computers. If you flip that switch, you shouldn't see any animations that would give your computer any trouble - but you'll still see animations that are needed to convey information to you (like button highlights, timers, and so on)."

When asked about the "training" tab seen on the client,  RoboLions explained:
What is the "training" tab really about, is it the sandbox mode?
Training is where you will find the Tutorial and Battle Training. We chose "Training" because we know that Battle Training is just ok and the new player experience in general needs work so we wanted to keep it flexible for the future. Sorry if this was a false flag for the sandbox fans."
RoboLions added:
The training tab is meant to be for the tutorials, but the current tutorials seems to be a bit outdated. Are there gonna be (at some point) more and updated tutorials?
The client team has unlocked some things that will make tutorial development easier but another team is responsible for this area of the game. We know that there is a lot of untapped value in that space, we hear you :)"

As for being able to resize the client window in the LCU, sparkly unicorns  commented:
will resizing the client exist or not?
the legacy client doesnt resize the contents espcially the store when resizing the window, so will there be some considration to this or will it stay fixed?
I'm repeating an answer I gave on fullscreen support, but it's still relevant... 
Supporting different resolutions / sizes involves making sure that the assets are sampled at the correct level, and that the positioning is all relative rather than absolute. We've done all the good things to allow a level of resizing to occur and the screens to still look beautiful. 
Our current plans involve supporting small, medium and large window sizes, and testing all the asset fidelity and positioning against those."
sparkly unicorns continued:
Will there be a fullscreen mode? If no, why not?
Well, there's no technical reason per se... 
Supporting different resolutions / sizes involves making sure that the assets are sampled at the correct level, and that the positioning is all relative rather than absolute. 
Our current plans involve supporting small, medium and large window sizes, and testing all the asset fidelity and positioning against those."

When asked about the old unused achievement system from the season 1 client, Riot Hark explained that was eventually rolled into champion mastery and hextech crafting systems:
will we ever see a return of achievements? I remember then being a "work in progress" back when in season one, and then they disappeared. are you considering bringing them back with the new client?
We explored an achievement system for League back in Season 1 & 2, but when testing some ideas we saw that it changed players' individual goals in a game -- often to the detriment of their team. Everyone on the team should be working together toward the same goal (smash that nexus), and having individual achievements in a game can run counter to that. For example: if I had an achievement like "As Teemo, get 5 kills in 1 game with mushroom traps", I probably would be using mushrooms more often than I should be...and my team rightly be unhappy with me. :) 
Some elements of that early achievement system evolved into the Champion Mastery & Hextech Crafting systems, which don't interfere with your team's goals (smashin' that nexus) in a game. 
TL;DR: you won't see an achievements system coming with the updated client, but we may re-examine such a system in the future if it can avoid the above issues."

When asked about a potential random skin button, RoboLions commented:
Are you gonna add a 'Random' button for skin selection?
We don't currently have plans to add a random button. I haven't heard there was demand for this feature though so I'd like to know more about it and how it helps. I assume you have one or a few champions that you collect skins for and have a hard time picking? If you have more friends that feel the same way I'd like to know that too :D"

Live LCU Alpha

When ask if you are still able to earn key fragments and chest while using the live LCU alpha even though there are not notifications, Riot Hark   explained:
Can you get key fragments and chests from playing games on the alpha client? 
Yep, you do currently earn them in the alpha just can't see them yet. But rest assured you're getting them! Once we've fully implemented the Loot system, you'll be able to see your rewards as you get them."

When asked about the clipped Kindred art on the current LCU, TheDeadlyBrain  noted:
Trivial concern, but Kindred's splash in the profile section doesn't show Wolf (He's slightly blocked out) which really hurts the whole Lamb AND Wolf theme going on. (This was the case a while ago, unsure if fixed).
Not trivial at all - Wolf is best. 
In order to get those images cropped for profile had to go back and make adjustments to about 800 pieces of splash art. We got a technique down that worked for like 99% of them - but champs that are actually two characters came through without their buddies (Sejuani has the same problem - Bristle got cropped) 
It requires help from the artist who painted the original, but is possible. We'll get the ones we can fix, fixed."


When asked about a potential release date for the new LCU client, CapnBranFlakes commented:
Do you think you'll be able to release the client by the end of this year?
Mentioned this earlier elsewhere, but want to also put it here in case it was missed: We'll be able to share better estimates around full launch as more features go in for testing and stability is confirmed."

When asked about the feedback the team has received, CapnBranFlakes commented:
i assume you have not finished sifting through the feedback received via the in-client button for ptach .02 when you released your devblog where you touch on what feedback you received. 
will you never talk about older feedback again?
Yep, we'll be continuing to watch for feedback from alpha testers worldwide, and as more invites get sent out, we expect to see feedback on past focus areas. While the team will be most focused on the current focus area, we've got a ways to go before the updated client replaces the existing one so there will be more time to iterate.
will all feedback eventually at least be read by someone who actually matters like a feature-relevant dev or is some of it just going to disappear into some dark folder never to be seen again if not straight out deleted by a filter? 
do you have people whose job it is to just read all the feedback and filter out repeating things before reporting to the appropriate dev? 
if so, will they pass what was actually written by the testers or do they write up some kind of summary using their own words?
Definitely not deleted and there's no dark folder. We've got a team of folks dedicated to the feedback loop, compiling feedback that comes in around the world, and prioritizing what gets iterated on and when based on what we're hearing. Even after launch, we'll always be looking to how we can improve the experience, so updates and iteration will never stop."

As for the differences between what happens on the PBE LCU alpha vs the live LCU alpha, CapnBranFlakes commented:
i feel like it should be more obvious as to what is on the regular alpha and what needs pbe access. 
the dev blog post for the current testing patch on the regular alpha listed bugs with those features under the known bugs section. so i open my client, i read something that suggests i should be able to see more on other peoples profile, but in fact i should not be able to but i do not know that. this let to me actually submitting a bug report for that... so i think it would also lessen the workload for those who have to read all the bug reports if the communication on those things is clearer.
Fair point! We made the experience similar to what happens with PBE right now for gameplay changes: You'll see boards posts and articles with context as things hit PBE, and then patch notes when things are ready to hit live. 
For everything that's available for bug catching on the PBE alpha client, watch this thread. When changelogs (like this one from earlier in the week get posted, you know what will be coming up to test on the live alpha client."

As for a Lunx client, sparkly unicorns noted:
Will the new client be available for Linux now that you dropped the dependency on Adobe Air?
Although it's technically possible, we don't currently have any plans for a Linux client."

When asked about the champion search bar and improvements,AccuracyByVolume  shared:
I've always thought it would be cool if we were able to make custom champion lists that can be searched for through key words during champion select (just like when you type "marksman" in the search bar and all the marksmen are displayed). 
It would really help players like me that have a bad memory. Do you plan to do something like this?
We've overhauled the search in champ select to better help you find the champ you're looking for as well as adding in clickable role icons (which you used to have to type in). 
So you can select marksman, type A and get Ashe pretty quickly. Allowing you to quickly filter by role then search within. Search also is fuzzy now so if you type in A and U you'll get champions that have A and U sequentially, so Braum, Nautilus, Rammus. Or you can type T and F and get Twisted Fate."

RoboLions also answer a question regarding in-game changes such as HUD options, explaining:
Will the updated client allow for better implementation of changes in-game (such as new HUD options), or only changes to the client (such as Friend Request information)?
The client and the game are two different applications so the short answer is no. The longer answer is more encouraging as the code behind the game has actually been undergoing improvements for quite a while now! We haven't tracked down all the outstanding issues in the game of course but changes to how we code projectiles, VFX, etc have been made. 
Perhaps we've been too quiet about these, but they've been rolled out piecemeal rather than as a big product like the client update is being released."

As for improvements to the spectator system,  RoboLions commented:
Included with the League Client Update, it is possible that we may have a new spectator system? As far as I've noticed, in this new LCU patch it has been readded the option to spectate, but the option is always greyed out. If you wanted to keep the old spectator system, you would've hooked the actual system with the new client, as AFAIK the spectator system is independent from the old client, i guess. 
Thanks in advance for having a Q&A and keep on fire
The spectator system is independent of the client, yes. I know that we have other teams that are interested in improving spectator, just not the client update team. Hopefully there will be more to share at some point but us client folks aren't the best source, sorry."
Be sure to check out the League Client Update hub for the latest updates, alpha signups, and more!

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