Patch 6.12 Notes

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Patch 6.12 is on the way and the official patch notes have been posted!
Continue reading for the complete notes, including a look at upcoming content and balance changes!

Here's the full 6.12 patch notes with an introduction from Scarizard:
Greetings, Summoners.

Welcome the Patch 6.12, the ARAM patch. While there are a decent amount of non-Howling-Abyss changes here, we figured we'd take this opportunity to speak directly to the poro-lovers of Murder Bridge.

We don’t often make straight adjustments to ARAM as a mode, so let’s slap some context on that. While we don’t plan to ever fully balance a random mode given the obscure (and sometimes soul-crushing) compositions it can churn out, we’re confident we can make some pretty big wins by easing some of the more obvious outliers. That means addressing the dominance of healers and poke teams, as well as giving melee champions (and gold-starved classes of all shapes and sizes) a better shot at equal footing. You can read more on the changes below, but all-random players: Snowdown’s come early.

For those that prefer their maps a little less frozen, we’ve still got changes you can sink your teeth into. Much of this patch is focused on light tweaks (especially on the items and mastery side) to nudge certain classes and builds upwards or downwards in the hopes of letting those stuck in the middle shine through. Slap on some extra scalings here and there (and a whole 6 seconds off Corki’s rank 1 dash) and you’ll see that, ARAM or otherwise, this patch is all about the little guys.

And that’s all for us! Until next time - may all your Marks lead to Dashes, and your Dashes lead to sweet, sweet victory.

Good luck, have fun.
 Patrick "Scarizard" Scarborough



W cooldown adjusted. E deals more damage and stacks his shred faster.
Continuing our work from last patch, we're giving Corki some love to help reclaim the mid-game power he once possessed. As we progress on the (flight) path of Corki buffs, we're taking care to emphasize his unique traits rather than give him generic strength. This time around, smoother Gatling Gun shreddage and more ROFLcoptering should play up Corki’s fantasy of ‘yordle fighter pilot’.

W - Valkyrie

COOLDOWN26/23/20/17/14 seconds  20/19/18/17/16 seconds

E - Gatling Gun

DAMAGE80/128/176/224/312  80/140/200/260/320
TICKS PER SECOND2  4 (now 16 ticks over 4 seconds)
MAXIMUM SHRED-4/8/12/16/20 armor and magic resistance after 8 ticks(unchanged). At max shred, further ticks against the same target refresh the shred duration.


Fizz’s hitbox is larger. W base damage down, E cooldown up.
Stop us if you’ve heard this one before - a sticky assassin builds primarily defense and is hard to interact with. Snark aside, Fizz’s changes this patch are just another shade of Ekko’s from updates past - namely, cutting the amount of base damage he has access to and limiting his effectiveness with cooldown reduction. Expanding on that last point, cooldown reduction was previously a hard stat to come by - making things like ‘8 second cooldown on Playful/Trickster’ feel more acceptable, given the inherent sacrifices in Fizz’s build. Now that we’re embracing CDR heavy builds, limiting what Fizz (and other assassins like him) can do when capped is key to their long-term health. In the end, these changes should make Fizz less threatening when he’s not investing in the necessary offense.


HITBOX RADIUS30  55 (now matches Teemo)

W - Seastone Trident

DAMAGE OVER TIME4/5/6/7/8% target's missing health over 3 seconds 4/4.5/5/5.5/6% target's missing health over 3 seconds

E - Playful / Trickster

COOLDOWN16/14/12/10/8 seconds  18/16/14/12/10 seconds


Backstab displays a separate damage number.
When champions can turn front or back on a dime, knowing when someone’s facing towards or away from you can be a bit of a challenge. Cassiopeia’s Petrifying Gaze gets around this by showing you some pretty clear feedback - ‘are they stunned? Guess they were facing me.’ For Shaco, this isn’t always so simple. Factor in all the different ways that Shaco can amplify his basic attacks (critical strike, Deceive’s bonus damage, sheen, etc) and you can lose track of whether or not you’reactually backstabbing pretty quickly. This is a very long context to say something pretty simple: if you see more sets of numbers, you’re doing it right.

Passive - Backstab

STAB CLARITYNow shows the bonus damage from Backstab separately when applied


W and E ratios up.
Syndra’s fantasy as an all-powerful transcendent being has always been at odds with her power curve in-game. Traditionally, Syndra spikes hard mid-game, looking to ride a series of Scatter the Weak stuns to pick off stragglers, leading her team to a massive advantage. While that part of the bargain’s stayed constant post mid-season, Syndra’s now falling off harder than anticipated. Tossing power into Syndra’s scaling should give her a nice fall-back when struggling, as well as push her even further ahead when unleashing her power.

W - Force of Will

RATIO0.7 ability power  0.8 ability power

E - Scatter the Weak

RATIO0.4 ability power  0.5 ability power

Xin Zhao

Base health and health per level up.
Xin’s taken a hit in a post-Devourer world, but for most of the game we’re actually pretty happy with the pace of his damage after diving in. Pre-6.9, Devourer + Rageblade allowed Xin to kill enemies too quickly - they’d rarely have time to react. Rather than tune his damage up (and shorten that reaction window again), we’re upping Xin’s durability to keep him feeling happy about ramming his face into the back lines, especially given his lack of an exit-strategy once committed.




W and R now have indicators.
While our last round of changes to Zed in 6.11 have made him less powerful, fighting him can still be a daunting task. Even though some of Zed’s inherent frustration is intended (it’s his job to kill people and dying isn’t really fun), we’re always looking into addressing that frustration head-on without removing his ability to compete. To that end, we’ve added some shiny new indicators to Zed’s shadows to keep foes out of the dark when he starts his shifting-shenanigans. We like Zed’s skill-intensive plays, but getting the upper hand simply because your opponents can’t see what you’re doing isn’t fair.


THE SEEN BLADEShadows created by W - Living Shadow and R - Death Mark are now marked by a circular team indicator


Infinity Edge

+5 AD
Standard marksman itemization is centered around combining a B.F. Sword upgrade and a Zeal upgrade. This pairing is an engine of efficiency for basic attack strength: attack damage adds raw power, while crit chance and attack speed multiply it. Stats from subsequent items further fuel this engine, which is why most marksmen excel as late-game damage threats.

At present, the two-item threshold is slightly less impactful than it should be for the 6k+ gold investment it demands. Marksmen shouldn’t transform into unstoppable killing machines with just two items, but they should at least feel like they can contribute to their teams. We're adding a bit more bang for the buck to ensure a marksman’s initial gold investment feels like progress toward late game power, not just a prerequisite for it.

Essence Reaver

+5 AD
Essentially the same context as Infinity Edge above. Go read that.

Lord Dominik's Regards

+10 AD
Last Whisper's upgrades give marksmen options to pierce through defense-stacking foes, sacrificing generic damage for effectiveness against tanks. In their current state, however, these 'options' are only viable when their effects can be applied to multiple enemies. At 40 AD, Lord Dominik's and Mortal Reminder force an excessively high damage tradeoff versus, say, The Bloodthirster or Mercurial Scimitar. In other words, investing in them hamstrings a marksman's ability to kill anything that's not a tank. We're giving Lord Dominik’s and Mortal Reminder a bump so itemizing against the enemy frontline doesn't forfeit your ability to fight their backline.

Mortal Reminder

+10 AD
Reminder that we gave context for this change in the Lord Dominik’s section above!

Bilgewater Cutlass

Cost down.
The combine cost of Bilgewater Cutlass pays exclusively for its active effect - you gain no stats by upgrading it. 400 gold is a steep price for a small slow and a bit of damage, so we're dropping the cost to more reasonable levels.
COMBINE COST400 gold  250 gold
TOTAL COST1650 gold  1500 gold

Youmuu's Ghostblade

-5 AD
Just as marksmen scale with critical strike and attack speed, casters and assassins scale with cooldown reduction and flat armor penetration. Youmuu's Ghostblade fills this ‘core scaling item’ niche for casters and assassins, but also everyone who builds AD due to how much power it brings in raw stats. We want Ghostblade to stay useful for the classes it serves, so rather than reduce its secondary stats, we're shaving off a bit of attack damage. Combined with buffs to other AD items this patch, we're hoping the relative difference is sufficient to create a meaningful tradeoff for picking Youmuu's if CDR and flat pen aren’t your main stats.

Rod of Ages

Cost increased. Health restore on mana spend decreased.
There are two issues here, so let’s tackle them separately. First off, Rod itself is a little too efficient. We want to preserve the item’s appeal to its core users (i.e. mages that need the health for close-quarters brawling with large mana-sinks), but Rod’s statline is such a strong incentive at present that even non-Rod users are making the switch - so we’re taking it down a peg.

As for the other changes, that’s more to do with Catalyst’s upgrades at large than Rod specifically. Simply put, the sustain that Catalyst’s mana to health conversion gives seems fair for the stage of the game in which you initially pick it up, but gets out of line as users amass even larger mana pools to bolster their health bars. Considering ‘amassing larger mana pools’ is what catalyst users actually want to do, we’re cutting the sustain instead.
COMBINE COST650 gold  750 gold
TOTAL COST2600 gold  2700 gold

Hextech GLP-800

Health restore on mana spend decreased.
Like we said in the above section, Catalyst’s upgrades heal too much once you start getting a big mana pool. Context!

Righteous Glory

Health restore on mana spend decreased.
We’re not going to repeat ourselves. Scroll up to the other sections!


Grasp of the Undying

More damage, less sustain.
Despite our efforts earlier this season, Grasp of the Undying is still far too common in the top lane, crowding out other keystone masteries. Grasp is supposed to give tanks a little more oomph in combat, but its sustain is fairly excessive, cheapening the risk and reward of aggressive action. Grasp of the Undying should still be the go-to mastery for beefy solo lane champions, but combat from Grasp users will now mean something rather than immediately being sustained away.
DAMAGE ON-HIT2.5% of your maximum health  3% of your maximum health
HEALING ON-HIT2.5% of your maximum health  1.5% of your maximum health

Fervor of Battle

Abilities give fewer stacks.
Fervor of Battle is simply too good at what it does. It works great as an basic attacker’s best friend, letting those with attack speed quickly gain stacks. Currently, single target abilities grant stacks of Fervor as well - twice as many as a basic attack, to be precise. While abilities should count toward building Fervor, champions who work spellcasts into their attack cycles are overperforming in the race to full stacks. We’re maintaining Fervor of Battle as a great choice for attack speed lovers while leveling the playing field in the marksman mastery space.

Double Edged Sword

Same benefits for all, regardless of range.
For ranged champions, the risk/reward nature of Double Edged Sword doesn’t hold a candle to the power of Feast. The benefits Double Edged Sword offers to melee champions give them respectable value, so we’re bringing ranged champions up to speed.
REMOVEDA MASTERY DIVIDEDNo longer has split effectiveness for ranged or melee champions (now 3% damage increase / 1.5% increased damage taken for everyone)

Natural Talent

More ability power and attack damage early. Less ability power and attack damage per level.
In an effort to make Natural Talent more competitive with the sustain of Vampirism, we decided to shift its power forward towards the early game. Natural Talent still grows with champions who have the potential to deal mixed damage, but now the effects are felt a little earlier.
NEWATTACK DAMAGE AT LEVEL 1.4 per rank (+2 at rank 5)
NEWABILITY POWER AT LEVEL 1.6 per rank (+3 at rank 5)
ATTACK DAMAGE PER LEVEL0.11 per rank  0.09 per rank (+.45 at rank 5)
ABILITY POWER PER LEVEL0.16 per rank  0.13 (+.65 at rank 5)
TOTAL AMOUNT AT LEVEL 18+10 AD and +15 AP (unchanged)

Veteran's Scars

More health.
Veteran’s Scars is close to a good place but the wide range of situations in which Runic Armor can be helpful (healing, shields, etc.) means Veteran Scars needs a nudge if it wants to be a relevant alternative. Also, #cleannumbers are just better, it’s science.
TOTAL HEALTH9/18/27/36/45  10/20/30/40/50

Howling Abyss


Chimes now spawn faster on Howling Abyss.
In a lot of ways, ARAM is a fun-sized League of Legends experience, compressing many of the core elements of Summoner’s Rift (laning, teamfighting, killing towers) into a shorter, streamlined experience. To account for the shorter game duration, ARAM dishes out accelerated gold and experience. This appropriately compensates most champions: put in gold/experience and they get stronger at a pretty consistent rate. A few champions break that convention, drawing their scaling from some secondary source that correlates loosely with time spent in game. Those champions are currently missing out on a good deal of their identity, so we’re cleaning up their experience on The Howling Abyss.

Bard’s secondary scaling comes from his chimes, which spawn at a fixed duration. We’re giving more chimes to grab so that he can still get his meep on.

Passive - Traveler's Call

CHIME SPAWN RATEEvery 50 seconds  40 seconds (initial spawn unchanged at 50 seconds)


Q stacks per kill doubled on Howling Abyss.
With nine other people in his lane, Nasus doesn't have the luxury of waiting for the right minion to siphon, so we're giving him double value on all unit stacks, not just the cannon.

Q - Siphoning Strike



Souls count twice on Howling Abyss.
Bard needs his chimes, Nasus needs his stacks and Thresh needs his souls. It’s a two-for-one soul sale on The Howling Abyss! And yes, that means Nunu is worth four souls.

Passive - Damnation

SOUL EATEREach soul captured counts as two souls instead

Summoner Spell Cooldowns

Most summoner spell cooldowns reduced by 40% on Howling Abyss.
ARAM’s a fast-paced mode, so it stands to reason that the high-cooldown high-impact design of summoner spells don’t really mesh with the map’s identity. In the name of letting players use the spells they want instead of feeling locked into the ones they can use the most, we’re aggressively tuning their cadence to fit better with ARAM’s playstyle.

You’ll notice that Clarity and Mark / Dash are missing from the list. We’re taking the opportunity to tune their effects rather than just their cooldowns - more on that in a second.

Howling Abyss summoner spell cooldowns

FLASH300 seconds  180 seconds
HEAL240 seconds  144 seconds
CLEANSE210 seconds  126 seconds
EXHAUST210 seconds  126 seconds
IGNITE210 seconds  126 seconds
BARRIER180 seconds  108 seconds
GHOST180 seconds  108 seconds

Mark / Dash

Cooldown increased. Snowball width decreased.
We’re happy with the effect Mark/Dash has had on ARAM since its addition (i.e. letting Olaf and Udyr actually play), but widespread adoption of the spell has shown that it’s a little too warping on the average game.
COOLDOWN40 seconds  48 seconds
SNOWBALL WIDTH100  80 (better matching its visuals)
NEWGLOWBALLAdded a glow effect to make snowballs more visible


Cooldown reduced. Restores more mana to the caster but less to nearby allies.
With extra summoner spell cooldown coming to Howling Abyss, we’re looking to keep Clarity from going off the rails in terms of the mana that it provides to an entire team. These large infusions of mana disproportionately benefit already-powerful poke compositions, so we’re focusing Clarity on filling your own mana pool rather than your ally’s.
COOLDOWN180 seconds  144 seconds
SELF MANA RESTORE40% maximum mana  50% maximum mana
ALLY MANA RESTORE40% maximum mana  25% maximum mana


Like Homeguard, but at the beginning of Howling Abyss matches.
One of the core problems with ARAM is how quickly matches snowball out of control given a few early deaths. While we’re tackling that issue on multiple fronts this patch, part of this is due to how much experience you miss during the long walk from fountain to frontline. We’re happy with the game’s pacing beyond these formative moments, so we’re specifically targeting the early-game. This should help the more “courageous” combatants make it back without missing too much (as well as limit the impact an early AFK can have on a match).
NEWHOMESTARTFor the first 5 minutes of the game, leaving the fountain grants a 50% movement speed buff for 10 seconds

Experience Pacing

Experience requirement per level decreased. Experience per kill decreased. Both now match Summoner's Rift values.
Following our Homestart buff above, we’re tinkering with the overall flow of experience to further curb some of the early snowballing that tends to decide ARAM matches. Getting kills early on (or conversely, dying at the start) can create level discrepancies too wide for some teams to come back from. We’re not including numbers here (because experience tables are probably the most complicated and arcane systems in League), but the net result is that teams will see smoother level curves on their way to end-game, with kills making up less of that total. This means champions hit meaningful levels much closer to one another instead of ‘oh god they all hit 6 and we’re all level 4’.
EXPERIENCEDChampions now require less total experience to hit level 18
WHAT IS IT GOOD FORChampion kills grant less total experience

Gold Pacing

Ambient gold up. Base gold per kill increased. Minion gold no longer scales with time.
Rounding out our anti-snowballing changes, we’re cleaning up gold distribution between team members. Big purchases are coming along a little more slowly than we’d like, especially for champions who find it difficult to fight for their share of minion kills. The takeaway here is that you can totally still snipe your teammates’ last hits (it builds character), but everyone should get to their items a little sooner.
AMBIENT GOLD22 gold per 5 seconds  25 gold per 5 seconds
REMOVEDMINION GOLD SCALINGMinion gold rewards no longer increase over time

Health Packs

Mana restore down. Respawn time increased.
Health packs were designed as a fallback for getting poked out on a map that has only one lane. However, the amount of raw mana each pack gives usually worksagainst that goal, giving more ammunition to the artillery champions it was meant to defend against. Given the dominance of poke champions on ARAM, we’re limiting the mana sustain and raw uptime of Health Packs to give non-poke teams a chance to fight back.
MANA RESTORE120-315 (at levels 3-18)  60-158 (at levels 3-18)
RESPAWN TIME40 seconds  60 seconds

Terrain Changes

Space between center brushes increased. Bases are slightly larger.
Wrapping up our larger systemic changes to Howling Abyss is just some housekeeping (bridge-keeping?) to the map’s layout. Unlike some of our changes to Summoner’s Rift in the past (like removing some brush), these are actually incredibly minor nudges to give a little more space in places you’d expect to be able to path. It’s entirely possible that you may never perceive these changes directly, but we figured we’d let you know we made them anyways.
BRUSHING UPThe space between center brushes now extends further
BREATHING ROOMThe side areas of both Outer Turrets are now slightly larger
BASE JAMSlightly increased the size of both bases' side areas

Removed Items

Removed various starting, vision, and alternate-map-specific items.
This section's a bit of a grab bag, so we'll rapidfire a few explanations. First: we like the safe efficiency of Doran’s items, but not the inventory bloat of stacking them. We're replacing the Doran's series with the Guardian's items - see below. Next: Arcane Sweeper and Lightbringer were meant to balance out Howling Abyss's lack of wards, but ended up as permanent, mandatory counters to certain champs (even if their stats weren't desirable). We're retiring them and beefing up Oracle's Extract instead. Finally: Entropy and Wicked Hatchet were what we call 'trap' choices: theycould be cool, but never lived up to their potential and were usually just wastes of gold. Sometimes a 'trap' item’s niche is interesting enough to go back and fill properly, but that's not the case here.

Now, say one final farewell to our departing friends!
FROZEN AND ALONEThe following items have been removed from Howling Abyss:

Doran's Blade

Doran's Ring

Doran's Shield

Arcane Sweeper

The Lightbringer

Orb of Winter


Wicked Hatchet

Oracle's Extract

Persists through death. Now detects nearby hidden units, similar to Sweeping Lens.
On Summoner’s Rift, where you have trinkets, detecting hidden units is as easy as buying a Sweeping Lens. But ARAM doesn’t play by your rules, Summoner’s Rift! Right now, the two detection items - The Lightbringer and Arcane Sweeper - are pretty niche purchases that only some champions want. Rather than bloat the game with stealth items for everybody, we’re removing those two and giving Oracle’s Extract some much needed love. The duration prevents Oracle’s Extract from spelling disaster for stealth champions. But replenishing your Extracts every time you die is pretty harsh for a map where you can’t heal up.
COST250 gold  300 gold
NEWSOULBOUNDNow persists through death
NEWRADARNearby hidden units are indicated as untargetable red silhouettes, similar to Sweeping Lens

Guardian's Horn

Howling Abyss replacement for Doran's Shield.
The Doran’s line of items offers something very specific in Summoner’s Rift: cheap, efficient laning power. Given that ARAM often resembles an eternal 10-man laning phase, Doran’s items seem like a natural fit. However, with much higher starting gold, it’s often much more efficient to dive straight into mid-tier items and hasten your power spike. We’re replacing the Doran’s items with souped up and cost-appropriate versions that won't hog all of your inventory slots.

Doran’s Shield already feels made for ARAM, with damage reduction to weather the trade-heavy ARAM life, and health regeneration to sustain through it. While the new Guardian’s Horn is stronger in both aspects, we chose to lean harder into the sustain to make melee champions feel like they aren’t doomed once they take a little poke without in turn making them too tanky to burst down.

Reducing incoming damage
FLAT HEALTH REGEN20 health per 5 seconds
FLAT DAMAGE REDUCTIONDamage taken from champion basic attacks and spells reduced by 12

Guardian's Hammer

Howling Abyss replacement for Doran's Blade.
Much like Doran’s Shield, Doran’s Blade doesn’t require much tweaking to fit ARAM. While we are enhancing the the raw combat stats, the bulk of the gold value increase is coming from a good deal more lifesteal, so users have the sustain they need.
COST950 gold

Guardian's Orb

Howling Abyss replacement for Doran's Ring.
Doran’s Ring requires slightly more substantial tweaks than the other two Doran’s items, thanks to its passive. Without a lane of minions all to themselves, Doran’s Ring users feel a bit underwhelmed by the mana-on-kill. Instead, we’re replacing that power with flat mana regen, so you don’t have to steal every minion from your teammates just to have mana.
COST950 gold
MANA REGEN10 mana per 5 seconds

Refillable Potion

Now on Howling Abyss.
Holding on to our ARAM-as-extended-10-man-laning-phase metaphor, ARAM exacerbates the gold drain of potions. Having access to repeatable potions should make players feel better about their ability to withstand heavy poke.
REFILLABLE ABYSSRefillable Potion has been added to Howling Abyss

Corrupting Potion

CORRUPTING ABYSSCorrupting Potion has also been added to Howling Abyss


All proceeds will be donated toward fighting Noxian animal cruelty.
Right now, fattening up a Poro until it explodes takes a good deal of coordination, not just from your own team, but the opposing team as well. While we do want to see more glorious Poro explosions, we don’t want to just hand out free power. Instead, we hope to ensure that the team that is better able to control objectives will be rewarded with a faster Snaxplosion. We’ll check back in future patches to make sure this isn’t snowballing games too hard out of control.
NEWBACK FOR SECONDSOn first turret kill, all team members receive an additional Poro-Snax


/Remake launches this patch, testing in NA for around a week before revolving around the world.
If you don’t remember, /remake lets you immediately resolve a 4v5 game at the three-minute mark without taking a loss. The missing player tanks responsibility through Leaver Buster for making everyone else requeue.

Rules refresh:

MIAIf any player dc’s or is flagged afk for at least 90 seconds at the three minute mark, a /remake is available. Except in cases of the...
TILT EXCEPTIONA first blood against a player’s team before they leave/dc will prevent a remake vote
THAT’S WHY IT’S /REMAKEAt the three minute mark, all players on the shorthanded team receive a message to prompt the vote by typing /remake in chat
TIMEWINDERIf the vote passes all players in the game basically pretend the game never happened and experience no change in LP/IP/CM/XP, or W/L records
BOPPEDThe dc’d player takes the full LP loss (or drops a promo game), and is flagged by Leaver Buster
FOR DIAMOND ONLYTo prevent abuse of /Remake, Diamond V and above players will take a loss when the dc’d player is in their premade

Champion Mastery

Champ Mastery’s making its way to Howling Abyss and Twisted Treeline over the course of 6.12!
Champ Mastery’s now on all maps. Finally.
FRELJORD’S FINESTChamp Mastery points can be earned in matchmade Howling Abyss games
SPOOKYChamp Mastery points can be earned in matchmade Twisted Treeline games
NO 6 GODSMatchmade games on Howling Abyss, Twisted Treeline or any rotating game mode will not award Champ Mastery level 6 or 7 tokens


  • Fixed a bug where turrets on Howling Abyss and Twisted Treeline were dealing slightly more damage to champions than intended
  • Fixed a few interactions between Hextech Protobelt-01’s active and empowered attacks (ex. Ekko’s E - Phase Dive)
  • Fixed a bug where Elise’s E - Cocoon stun was cut short if, after casting Cocoon, Elise instantly switched to R - Spider Form and cast E - Rappel on the Cocoon’d target
  • When Xin Zhao attacks Jax during E - Counterstrike, the attacks Jax dodges no longer count as hits for Xin’s W - Battle Cry’s healing passive
  • Sion can no longer restart his Q - Decimating Smash in a different direction by pressing R+Q during Decimating Smash’s channel
  • Fixed a visual bug where Lux could sometimes appear to cast multiple R - Final Sparks in rapid succession. Only the final Final Spark was real! Ghost lasers should no longer appear.
  • The spectral riders of Headless Hecarim’s R - Onslaught of Shadows are once again visible. Still spooky, though.
  • Restored warning particles when Snow Day Gnar and Gentleman Gnar are about to transform
  • Snow Day Gnar’s E - Hop attack speed buff particles no longer cut off at certain angles
  • Shadowfire Kindred’s basic attack particles are now easier to see
  • Fixed a bug where Shadowfire Kindred’s Wolf would appear as two Wolves stacked on top of each other to everyone except Kindred
  • Omega Squad Teemo no longer copies Classic Teemo’s movement voiceover lines when both are in the same game
  • Pool Party Mundo’s busted ukelele no longer jitters on the ground at the end of his recall animation

Upcoming Skins

The following skins will be released during patch 6.12:

Points of Interest from the 6.12 PBE

Here's a brief look at a few of the new things included in patch 6.12 including things mentioned above in the patch notes and things discovered during the last PBE cycle! This coverage includes preview screen shots and video taken during the 6.12 PBE cycle and may vary slightly from what is pushed to live.

New Champion Skins

The 6.12 includes two new skins-  Dark Star Thresh (1820 RP) and Dark Star Varus (1350 RP)!

Dark Star Thresh

1820 RP


Dark Star Varus

1350 RP

New Ward Skin

We also have an upcoming Dark Star Ward skin to go with new Dark Star champion skins!

Dark Star Ward

640 RP

New Summoner Icons

Champion and ward skins now enough? We also have three new Dark Star summoner icons! 
KateyKhaos mentioned on twitter all of these will be 250 RP on launch and that the Oblivion Icon (the dark orb) will be 1500 IP for a short while!

We also have a few new esports summoner icons:

NA LCS: Phoenix1, Team Envy 

LMS: Team Mist


  • The Tab screen timers now uses the elemental/Elder dragon icons to show which spawned or spawning soon.
  • The chat call out when a dragon is slain now specifies which dragon was killed.
  • Joining the skin we also have a Dark Star Thresh Login theme: 

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