Aurelion Sol: The Star Forger Returns

Posted on at 11:02 AM by Moobeat
Check out Aurelion Sol: The Star Forger Returns, a teaser for our upcoming champion Aurelion Sol!

 “Cower. Worship. Marvel. All appropriate responses, really.”
Continue reading for more information and a recap of the teaser!

Here's the speech and a set of screen grabs from the Aurelion Sol: The Star Forger Returns:
"No matter what planet...
No matter what galaxy...
They always look up in wonder.
Some fall to their knees in worship.
Others hide behind walls and towers.
But the thing they do best... is beg for mercy.
It's just... adorable."

This video follows both the "He Has Returned" teaser and the Look To The Stars ARAM announcer VO teaser seen on the PBE - both are in reference to the mighty dragon Aurelion Sol!

While information is still slim, we do know that Rabid Llama, who worked on Bard's gameplay , is the gameplay designer for Aurelion Sol!

We also have a small VO clip shared by LoL BR Twitter! The clip is in Portuguese and translates to roughly: "The stars cry for you... Lie! I can't even remember your name."

Stay tuned for more information on AURELION SOL! According to the usual schedule of things, I'd expect his reveal and debut during the 6.6 PBE cycle next week!

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