Blood Moon Kennen and Blood Moon Yasuo Now Available

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"Their final moments approach." Blood Moon Kennen, Blood Moon Yasuo, and a trio of new Blood Moon themed summoner icons are now available for purchase!
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Release Announcement

From the official release announcement "The Blood Moon Calls" -

"She woke up screaming. 
Red. Everything had been so red. And in the center of the bloodbath, the masked warriors had danced, eyes aglow with murderous intent. Good night, their eyes had whispered. 
Her companions crowded around her, worried. Behind them, the fire burned low. Above them, thick clouds suffocated the sky. 
“What did you see?” 
She paused. Did she dare call on those apparitions? “Just.. a bad dream. It was only a dream.” 
They returned to their slumber, and she sighed, still shaken. “It was only a dream,” she repeated. 
A sudden wind shook the trees around the site. She shivered, closing her eyes and wishing for morning. 
As the clouds parted above, red moonlight bloodied the ground.

Slay them all with Blood Moon Yasuo and Blood Moon Kennen, now available in the League store for 975 RP. Transfer to the Japan server by March 15 at 6:59 a.m. PST (23:59 p.m. JST), and get Blood Moon Yasuo for free.
Blood Moon Icons 
These ghostly icons are also available to enhance your supernatural flair on the Rift: 
  • Blood Moon Yasuo Icon - 250 RP
  • Blood Moon Kennen Icon - 250 RP
  • Blood Seal Icon - 250 RP (or 1500 IP until March 7 at 23:59 PST)

Blood Moon Set - 2450 RP (4305 RP with champs)

Strike fear in your enemies’ souls with this bundle, and get the Blood Seal Icon for 1 RP. Available through March 7 at 23:59 PST
  • Blood Moon Yasuo
  • Yasuo
  • Blood Moon Kennen
  • Kennen
  • Blood Moon Yasuo Icon
  • Blood Moon Kennen Icon
  • Blood Seal Icon" 

New Champion Skins

Blood Moon Kennen

975 RP

Blood Moon Yasuo

975 RP

New Summoner icons

 Blood Moon KennenBlood Moon Yasuo, and the Blood Seal!
  • Blood Moon Kennen Icon - 250 RP
  • Blood Moon Yasuo Icon - 250 RP
  • Blood Seal Icon - 250 RP (or 1500 IP until March 7 at 23:59 PST)

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